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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Afternoon Delight

Im having a very pleasent day so far and though I should share with you.

Well, I just went for lunch, which I rarely do. No, I usually sit in my window less office for 8.5 hours a day ( and only get paid for 8...) But today I decided I should go out for lunch, even if I have to go by myself, just so I can see the sunshine!

I had already decided where I was going to go, so off I went with my Shape Magazine and some paper to make todays workout plan. Well!! The place I intended on going no longer exists! But since when?! I swear it was there just last week! Well, I walked on until I decided on somewhere else to go. I picked The Pourhouse, a somewhat pretentious little bar, but in the day it was not busy and much much less pretentious. I had a sandwich and salad and Fruli, yum yum. The sandwich was an awkward size, too small to be cut in half, but still to long to be one piece. The bread was pretty hard, but it was still yummy.

On my walk back to my office, I saw two girls, each walking a French Bulldog, one of my favorites. And one was a baby!! Only 3 months old. My goodness, she was so cute, I almost couldn't contain myself.I actually asked if I could pet them, usually I don't, because I am a grown women, but the baby was just too cute! This isnt the one I saw... the one I saw was even cutter!! They have such big heads compared to their bodies!

I also though Id share some other elements of my day...with a pretty mediocre picture! My boyfriend stopped in momentarily and brought some some M&Ms, which I am currently obsessed with. Im also reading Winnie the Pooh, for book club ( its a childrens lit. theme)and I'm brushing up on my grammar ( which Im sure you can tell I need, as well, my grammar is not so good). And im drinking some yummy soda out of a glass bottle, which makes it even yummier.

Weekend Cont.

I remembered to bring my camera with me to work today! Which means a picture or two from my weekend!!

Recall how I went to 'prom'. Here are some pictures of the lovely corsages I made last minute, and a picture me and my friend looking pretty good, if I say so myself

That's me with the yellow flower!!

I literally remembered a few hours before prom that we needed corsages! So i went to the grocery store and bought some roses. I trimmed the stem and glue the leaves on where I wanted them. I then wrapped about 2" of the stem in ribbon. Mine had blue ribbon, and the red one had leopard print ribbon. I stuck on some "pearl" sticky things to make them look a little nicer. An viola... last minute corsages. We stuck them on with sewing needles...which was hard, and Id recommend an alternative way!

Flavour of the Week-Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Frozen Chocolate Bananas!!

Its finally summer over here!! It only took about 8 months, but its here!! I love, love, love ice cream and iced treats!! And, well, truth be told, they aren't always so good for me. So, why not make out own iced treats?! Like frozen chocolate bananas!

You will need:

Bananas- however many depending on how many you'd like to make
Chocolate- again, as much as depending on how much you are making. Either dark or milk chocolate will do.
Nuts- like peanuts, hazelnuts or pistachios- crushed into wee pieces.

And sticks... toothpicks, or larger.

Now, you can use the whole banana for one if you like... or you can cut the banana into 4 or 5 smaller pieces. Put a stick in the banana pieces. Place bananas in the freezer to get ahead start

Melt chocolate... your best bet would be with a double broiler, or some concoction of your own. If your feeling adventurous, add some vanilla, brandy or almond flavour to the chocolate.

Once melted coat the bananas in chocolate, entirely, then dip in nuts. Becuase the bananas are already cold, the chocolate will cool much quicker, so you have to move fast. Place banana pieces on a tray lined with wax paper. Pop back into the freezer, to set.

This picture isn't of my own frozen bananas but this is what they should look like when you make yours!!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Her Doll Face

I came across an awesome blog, which I think you all should follow

Her Doll Face


Its a rad beauty blog!!

She is also having a giveaway, with buxon lip glosses, forever XI jewelry, hard candy items and burts bees facial scrubs. If you become her follower, you can enter... but time is running out, the draw is on June 10st, so get goin, and check her blog out!!


A Slice of Sex & The City

“Think about it. If you are single, after graduation there isn’t one occasion where people celebrate you … Hallmark doesn’t make a “congratulations, you didn’t marry the wrong guy” card. And where’s the flatware for going on vacation alone?"
Carrie Bradshaw

Weekend Update

Mornings often prove to be a forgetful time for me... as I am buzzing around the house getting ready, deciding what shoes to wear, tidying up, packing my lunch, trying to make my hair look decent and, well, forgetting things....like this morning... I forgot my camera at home! I had a bunch of pictures I wanted for to put on my blogs... and by a bunch, I mean a few, but still, its a little upsetting.
So, without any pictures, ho hum... here is my weekend update
Well, it went by oh so quickly....way too quickly in fact!
Friday night was spent running a few errands and then curling up on the couch watching Bring It On...yah... it wasn't very eventful.
Saturday I went to a couple garage sales and found a really cool vintage chair for $5, which I plan to paint and reupholster....and at a different sale I found a gorgeous necklaces, a crocheted flower cameo for $3!
Then I had to go to the bar to help decorate for the Dead City Prom...which was a good night. There was a really rad zebra print cake, some good bands, and cheap, delicious punch.
I got to bed around 4, perhaps...
And finally sunday was filled with errands, shopping, making treates, funky pickly pizza and Blue Valentine.
Thats it...and it went by so quickly. Now its Monday, Im horribly tired, and cant wait for next weekend already!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rant Rant Rant

My goodness... I feel a rant of sorts coming... and again, its about facebook. Please, oh please, tell me Im not the only one who thinks... in fact KNOWS... facebook was not created to air dirty laundry, start drama, and gain pity from others?!
Okay... there is this person on my facebook, who always, always airs their dirty laundry...and her exs dirty laundry. She claims to have moved on, found love and light and happiness... okay... so why are you still bashing said ex? Anyone? Anyone? She continually talks about the person he cheated on her with and refer to her as "it" "home wrecker" etc etc. Does any one else think that maybe, just maybe, this person is a little bitter?
This is literally one of her status posts ( the name has been removed obviously):
" One more bastard child for blank blank....another littler boy that aint gonna call him dad eventually....hahahah....some people make me sick!!!"
Are you kidding me? who puts that as their status? someone who is bitter, immature,malicious and obviously not over her ex
To make it worse, she is friends with her exs pre-teen kid, on facebook. She then, on his wall and status, makes rude, inappropriate remarks about his father and his new girlfriend. Again, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this is wrong, just plain wrong?!
She can hate him all she wants, but she shouldn't be feeding his children propaganda to also hate him. Its their own choice how they want to feel about their father.
I really have a hard time understanding how people can be so petty and immature, especially when they have claimed to move on. Does anyone have a reasonable explanation.
This person is no better than her ex. She leaves her child, with who knows, while she leaves town to work for 2 months straight. She moves in with a guy she just met, thus forcing a new relationship on her him and her child, which everyone knows is not healthy when they are so young. She claims to have no money for medicine, etc, yet works all the time? Hmmm, where does all this money go? Okay okay, I shouldn't judge or make allegations. Just practice what you preach!
If I was a mother I would want to be an extra good role model for my children, especially if their father wasn't the best. I wouldn't be sitting on facebook all day or working out of town for weeks at a time and leaving my kid with whomever. Instead, I would be giving them love and educational experiences.
I guess not everyone can be an ideal mother....or person. But again... why put it on face book, so everyone can see how immature you are? and how you've failed at life?
Sorry, for the rant...but for some reason, it really gets to me!

Lusting Over Lately

This week, Ive kind of been lusting over:
- An ipad.... I totally made fun of them when they came out... but now I think they're kind cool. And now they have covers, that you can even get in pink!
-Bridesmaids... well, I just really want to go see it.
-Shape Magazine. A new one just came out... I may have to go buy it. I love this magazine! It has easy, accomplish-able workouts. Yummy recipes and tips, and even a fashion section.
-Marshmallow Confetti Bars. I posted the recipe for them in my vintage blog, and now I want them oh so bad. vixenvonvintage.blogspot.com/
- A boston terrier... oh I want one so bad. I use to get to baby sit the cutest boston terrier ever, Cherry. But now my boss wont let me bring her to work, so I don't get to see her anymore. I want one of my own though! This is Cherry, below. See how cute they are?!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

30 things to do before Im 30

Ive decided to make a list of 30 things to do before I'm 30... which is in 5 looming years! I'm just doing it for fun and not because haven't done anything with my current 25 years. Having a list will be a reminder to do the things I really want to or things that i think are important, life changing, necessary or just fun and interesting. Also, I enjoy making lists- it must be the organizer inside of me. Anyway here is what I have so far... I haven't really got too much yet, but its a start

1. Get another tattoo
2. Go to Japan
3. Go to Greece
4. Go back to school
5. Ride a Ferris Wheel ( really, I haven't, Im terrified of heights)
6. Pay of my credit card ( which surely will not take 5 years, or even 1 year, but Im keeping it on the list)
7. Run a half marathon ( which may eventually turn into a whole marathon)
8. Get published
9. Learn to swing dance ( now, if only I had a partner)
10. Buy an expensive, gorgeous pair of shoes

Thats all I have so far... but Im sure the other 20 will come to me shortly.

Any suggestions? Whats on your list?!!

California Dreamin- Victoria Ska Festival

This week, we're not going to far... just to Victoria, for the Ska Festival, held July 5-9, in downtown Victoria.

Edmonton has a pretty weak ska scene, well its almost non existant if we're gonna be serious. Montreal, Victoria and perhaps a few other cities have a more thriving ska scene, and therefore can put on festivals ( in Canada that is)
I've been to the Victoria Ska Festival twice... when I was 18 and 19... so a few years ago. They have some free gigs outside, with good bands. There are ska dj's playing at certain bars, and a few bigger bands playing, which cost to get in to. The outside gigs are nice because they are all ages, and you can just lounge... or dance... in the sunshine.

This year, The Planet Smashers are the big headliner, playing July 8 at Market Square (outside). Its all ages, but has a beer garden, and you'll need to buy a ticket for this one.
There are other local bands playing, as well as artists from Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Jamaica and more. There are three free concerts this year, which is a great if you just want to check it out.

Here's a link to the site so you can check it all out for yourself:

Air Canada and West Jet are still having sales every week on flights, so if you keep an eye out, you can get one for $300 return, which ain't too shabby.

When I went I stayed at the backpackers hostel, right down town. Its cheap and convientant so check that out too

Or check out Hot Wire. They sell discounted hotel rooms... the only catch is, they dont tell the name of the hotel, only the area its in, so you can find of figure out where it might be. They are sold at crazy discounted prices though, as the hotels are trying to fill up empty rooms... so its worth a shot, you might get an insane deal!

Besides the Ska Festival, Victoria has so much else in the way of tourism. The pier downtown is always booming, the museum is one of the best Ive been to, there is an underwater submarine garden, whale watching, beaches, a Beacon Hill park, right downtown, with a petting zoo and ducks to feed. They have an abundance of great restaurants and bars. You can rent scooters, go on a carriage ride, or one of those bicycle taxis. The buchard gardens are on the outskirts of town. They are tour buses downtown you can catch if you fancy checking out the sites that way. Really, there is just so much to do. And it is a beautiful city! So, what are you waiting for?!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dead City Prom

This Saturday is the Dead City Prom! squeee... Prom!!! Well, its not a 'real' prom... its better though! Because now I have better style, my own money and can hold my liquor better... well, for the most part! Its at The Mead Hall.. but it will tranformed from a dingy metal dungeon, to a rockin, glittery prom... with a giant skull disco ball, tinsel,streamers, balloons, dead city punch and treats... oh yah, and rockin live bands... not a shitty dj...

Lets take a look back at our own proms shall we....
I hated my dress... I felt pressured into getting it because I hadn't found one yet, and three other girls had the same style as me, my hair was horrible!!!! The stylist made me look like a gramma, and she pulled back my bands!! why oh why!?!! and my makeup was just boring... blah. I had the typical grad shoes... I really don't know why I wore anything I did... it wasn't my style, not at all.
I was late... my mom had surprised me and my high school boyfriend with a limo... oh and my borther came along for the ride too... I was the only one with a valid id, so I bought some cheap champagne and we went for a wee ride... then were late. The food was shit, of course, the awards were lame and went to all the same people... and well,. there was so much hype, for nothing... The after party was the best part, of course, and lasted all weekend at a friends acreage.

Now, this weekends Prom, will be much better!! Ill have a rad dress... although Im still not sure what I will wear... I can do my own hair and makeup very well now!! And I wont have to hang out with losers I don't care about! Instead, I'll have my perfect boyfriend... whose not so into the Prom thing, but he has to be there for work... so its almost like he's my date...

Anyways, if you have nothing to do on Saturdya, you should come!! Here is the facebook page, so you can read all about it!


Workout Wednesday- Boot Camp

Its Workout Wednesday!!!
Well, like Ive mentioned already a few times ( and continue to do so because I'm still so darn upset), the gym I was doing boot camp at for the lst four months closed all of a sudden with no warning! And while I enjoy working out and still have some work to do on my body, I didn't want to stop working out...and neither did my friend, who was also in the same boot camp. So... I made up some workout routines for her and I to do. I live by the river valley, which has numerous sets of stairs that are great to work out on. I thought I'd share with you the workout we did yesterday and perhaps you can try it out too! You don't need any equipment, just a set of stairs... preferably 100 steps or more.

For our warm up we walked to the stairs, which took about six minutes, then walked down the stairs. And then the workout began

- Run up and down the stairs 4 times... however you like, skipping a step in between or hitting every step
- The stairs we use have a platform in the middle with a railing... use whatever you can for this next part:
20 push ups- pushing off of the rail and landing back on.
20 tricep dips, keeping your legs straight for as many as you can
20 jump squats, as fast as you can, while still landing in a nice deep squat
- Back to the stairs, run up the stairs sideways, making sure you keep your hip turned towards the rail, as you get tired it will want to to turn forwards. Do this twice, switching sides the second time
- Repeat push ups, tricep dips and squats
- Run the stairs sideways again, like before
- Find a flat area then do the following:
30 mountain climbers, on each leg, so 60 in total
15 jump lunges- 15 on each side, so 30 in total. Try to jump up for as many as you can, and once you can't anymore, just lunge backwards, but try to keep a little jump in there, all the time making sure your knee does not go over your foot.
15 burpees, trying to keep your feet together when you jump back and jump as high as you can at the top
- Back to the stairs. Hoping up each stair with both feet. Hold on the rail if you have to.
-Repeat mountain climbers, jump lunges, and burpees
- Back to the stairs, this time hoping on one foot for 10 steps, then alternating feet and hoping with the other foot for 10 steps, etc
- Now for core!! Find a spot on the ground that is flat. Do each exercise for 30 seconds
-regular crunch, with knees bent and feet on the ground, trying to get your shoulder blades off the ground
- crunch with knees bent at a 90 degree angle
- crunch with legs straight up in the air
- hold plan position, trying to keep your body in a straight line, which means keeping your bum from sticking up in the air
- plank with toe touches ( step one foot out to the side, then back, stepping the other foot out to the side, then back...)
- side plank. 30 seconds on each side
- Then we ran the stairs two more times
- Stretch. Make sure to really stretch out your legs, hamstrings and calves
- Then we walked back to my house for our cool down
This took us about an hour and forty five minutes.
I'm not a personal trainer, nor have I taken any courses or anything on working out. Ive been doing boot camps for about 9 months and these are things I've learned there. Remember never to do anything if it hurts or if you really just cant do it! So, proceed with caution!!
I figure, why not get outside when you can?! Winter here literally lasts for about 9 months of the year, so I'm taking advantage of any nice weather we get!
Happy working out!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Body Health and Wellness- steals the show...

Recall how the gym I was going to for Boot Camp closed suddenly... did I mention they are refusing to refund anyone's money!! Did I also mention they withdrew my monthly few 9 days before they announced to the clients they were closing?! So they basically stole my money, and everyone else's, as they had to have known they were in trouble months ago. My one friend gave them $600 cash and they are not going to refund her! I posted a comment of their facebook page and when I went back to have a look half an hour later it was gone and so was the ability to post on their wall! The owner, Jason Newman, basically scammed everyone, stole their money and then filed for bankruptcy! Ive emailed him twice and he has yet to respond, after 5 days!!

Ive already contacted the better business bureau, although Im not sure what they can really do. Does anyone know anything else that can be done?!



Flavour of the week- Chickpea Sandwich Filling

This is a very easy recipe!!! Any one can make it! Its a chickpea sandwhich filling! Again chickpeas are great for us vegetarians!

I forget the recipe card at home... so here is the recipe from memory!!

1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
I celery stock, minced
1 table spoon of lemon juice
2 tables spoons of mayonnaise or veganaise.. or whatever you fancy best.
1 teaspoon of dill.
salt and pepper

  • crush chickpeas
  • add the remaining ingredients to chickpeas. mix well
  • add more or less of the ingredients to your taste
you can use this as sandwich filling as the name suggests, or as a topping on crusty bread, with pitas, crackers, tortilla chips, or even as a side!

Its so simple, but I absolutely love this recipe! You can add other things if you like as well, like grated carrots, mustard, cubes potatoes... the world is your oyster!

Belated Weekend Update

My laptop is broken and I had to wait until I got to work today to post!!! I know, i know, 4 days without a new post, you must be dying with anticipation!!
Well, I had a very busy and productive weekend!
Friday night I went out for a drink or two with a girlfriend after a very unsuccessful book club meeting....
Saturday was filled with errands, car rides, a 1950's drive in, cuddles on the couch and When Harry Met Sally.
Sunday, I went for a bike ride, and as promised last week, a picture of me and my bike. Its a boys bike, I know, but I got it for free, and it ain't too bad...
After my bike ride, I went to the Italian Market and got some supplies to make pasta. I rented the "Rite", which was pretty creepy, ate some Italian Lemon Cake, did tons of laundry, snuggled up to my boyfriend, and has a pleasant night.
Monday was a Holiday... a rainy holiday.... Off to the Mall I went to start shopping for a birthday gift for my boyfriend... I wont tell you what it is though, in case he reads this!! Then I got some groceries, at the busy grocery store!! And then!! I went to the Antique Mall in my neighbourhood, where they were having a sale!There was so much I wanted to buy, but I'm trying my hardest to save my money!! Anyway, if you want to see what I got, you'll have to check out my vintage blog!
I hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did!! I suppose its time to get back to work... it is a short week after all!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lusting Over Lately

Well, the week is over and its time to share what Ive been Lusting over Lately

  • This bicycle... oh how I love love love leopard print
  • A bosu ball... for working out!!
  • A trip to Greece...oh how Ive been longing to go to Greece, and fingers crossed, I`ll be going in December!

  • Wedges!! Especially from Iron Fist


  • And finally, Hello Kitty... anything! I saw a hello kitty bathtub and couch, which I would die to have... and well, probably will before I have money for such elaborate and non rational purchases

Friday Love

Ahhh, Friday has come at last...and its a long weekend... the best kind of weekend there is! And so the count down begins 7 more hours until the work day is over!
In the mean time, can we please discuss what happened on Americas Next Top Model?!
I was rooting for Kasha, and then Hanna, so I didn't really care too too much who won... although I did like Molly... her bad attitude was kind of funny. But their haircuts that took place right before 'panel'...?!!!! Why, oh why, would they do that! I feel so bad for Molly! Her hair looked so bad, and then she doesn't even win?!!! Brittani looked cute and won... but poor Molly, has to return home with hideous hair. Okay, that's all I wanted to say about that.
Also, the gym I was taking my boot camp at up and closed!!! Out of nowhere! And are saying they are not going to refund anyone who paid with cash or debit... which is unacceptable, so we shall see what happens there. So last night, when we would have had boot camp, my girlfriend and I worked out on our own. I made a workout for us... and now I am sore... which must mean I did a good job... so a pat on the back for me!!
And!! I see a vacation for Miss Lemon in the near future... West Jet and Air Canada have been having crazy sales lately, I think because less people are travelling as usual, so if you have future travel plans Id keep on eye out... especially on Wednesdays and Thursday which are their sale days.
Oh and if you live in Edmonton there is a daily deal at swarmjam for Funky Pickle today!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

California Dreamin- Hawaii

Good Morning!! As mentioned previously, Ive been working on creating weekly features and posts. Todays just so happens to be on travelling and vacations. I love traveling and any time away from work is a glorious time! However, latelty I have either been short on funds or travel companions to go anywhere... so Im left dreaming of trips I want to take...
So thursday feature is: California Dreamin ( Im still working on the title)
Ive been yearning to go to Hawaii as of late... and well, who wouldnt want to go to Hawaii?! Well, maybe those who are broke... Hawaii does not offer all inclusive packages like other popular vacation destinations like Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, etc. Therefore it can get a little expensive. However, there have been some amazing seat sales recently and with sites like travelocity, expedia and redflag, offering deals on hotels as well, if you search hard enough you can find a decent hotel at an affordable rate. A friend of mine went to Hawaii a few months ago with a group of 8-10 friends and rented a villa/ apartment... so if your planning on going with a group of friends, that is a great option!
Now, another and recent reason why I want to go to Hawaii is because they are opening a Disney Land there!!Disney Hawaii in Aulani is scheduled to open in late August... so I'm hoping maybe, just maybe, by the time by birthday comes in January I might be able to go... fingers crossed
I thought perhaps Id show you how much it would cost to go to Hawaii if I booked a trip today...
so here we go:
The sites I always check when looking for cheap flights are: westjet and aircanada( because sometimes they have insane sales, you wouldn't know about if you didn't check out their website) and expedia. But today I am also going to look at Travelocity.
Here are the details:
Flying out June 15 and Back June 20.
AirCanada for a flight only: $1116.83
West Jet for a flight only: $510.81
thats an insane difference in price!
For a hotel for 5 nights ( the dates listed above)
On Travelocity:
Aqua Waikki Pearl- $382 total. 2.5 star hotel
Aqua Waikki Wave- $592. 3 star hotel
On Expedia:
Makaha Resort:$ 435
Waikki Beach Side Hostel:
co ed dorm: $175
semi private: $375
For a package, including flight and hotel
Aqua Aloha Surf- $ 727 for 5 nights
Aqua Aloha Surf-$727 for 5 nights
West Jet:
ranges from $599-899 depending on the hotel you choose
so then... I would either choose a west jet package, or the flight from West Jet for $510 and a cheap hotel from Travelocity. Either way, you'd need to budget at least $1000 for flight and hotel.
Well that was kind of a rough look at pricing...
Know I wish I really where going!
here are the link for the sites I used:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Remember how excited I was to ride my bike everywhere?!! Well i was going to ride it to my weekly work meeting, but now cant :( I want to go to yoga at 530 and for some 'sane' reason, our 1.5 hour meeting got moved to 4:00...0.5 hours before quitting time... which means there is a chance it may go longer... meaning... not enough time to ride my bike and go to yoga. Sometimes its like life and everyone works against you and your pursuits ( of fun and bike riding).
woe. woe. woe
I was so looking forward to it... theres just not enough time now.

Mike Ness for PETA2

Did you know Mike Ness, singer from Social Distortion is a vegetarian!! Its true!!! Not only does he have a sexy voice, but he has sexy values!!
He is doing a campaign for PETA2 ( peta for teens). Check it out
Vegetarianism isn't just for hippies, no no, not anymore. Sexy punk and rockabilly girls and boys are vegetarians too!
If you want to read more about Mike Ness' campaign, or anything else PETA and animals rights related, check out the link below.

Workout Wednesday

Its Workout Wednesday!!
When i get to share with you new workouts or activities Ive been doing, new healthy recipes Ive found, fun health facts, new gear Ive come across and anything else workout and health related!!
In the past 8 months Ive really gotten into working out. In fact Ive never worked out or been so active before in my life. And now I'm wondering why its taken me so long!!?! After a rough breakup and a few extra pounds, I decided it was time to do something for myself, something that's going to make me feel better, inside and out... and that's when I found Bikini Bootcamp-
An all girl out doors Bootcamp. Since then Ive tried a bunch of different activities from Pole Dance lessons to Bikram Yoga! Ive toned up a bit, increased my stamina and endurance, and am now a much healthier person.
And so, for today's Wednesday Workout, I wanted to share with you my new found love for bike riding! Last week I took my bike out for the first time ( Ive had it for 2 years!!). I rode it downtown to my bootcamp class and added an extra hour to my regular Thursday workout and saved money otherwise spent on gas!!
Bike riding is a great way to workout because its fun! So its almost like your tricked into working out!
Here are some fun facts I found on bike riding:
  • Riding your bike for 10 miles, instead of driving, reduced your carbon emissions by 384 pounds!
  • Riding for one hour ( or 10 miles, depending on your speed) you can burn 400-500 calories!
  • Riding your bike = great cardio session!


  • to burn more calories on your bike ride vary your speed and resistance; by adding a few speed bursts and tyring your hardest to bike up steep hill you'll get your heart rate up, which means burning more fat!
  • bike riding for longer periods of time builds stamina
  • bike riding tones your butt, quadriceps, hamstring, lower legs and even your core!
  • getting your heart rate up, like when bike riding, can help lower your blood pressure and control cholesterol levels


Now that summer is finally here ( and gas prices have sky rocketed) why not get out that old bike of yours, lube up the chain, tighten the wheels, and go for a nice ride in the sunshine?!!

If you don't have a bike yet, check out United Cycle, Redbike, Kijiji, or even Canadian Tire, Walmart or SportCheck!

I'm going to get a picture of me and my bike to show you next week!

Happy Riding!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flavor of the Week

As you can see, I'm revamping the look of my blog too!!! Please let me know how you like it! Your thought and comments are important.
Alright, so today is Tuesday and its time for another new weekly feature!
Flavor of The Week... a new weekly recipe for us to try!! I love reading and trying out new recipes. Sometimes you don't realize how easy some things are to make, until you get a little motivation to make it and find out for yourself!
I'm a vegetarian, for 7 years now, so my recipes will almost always be vegetarian... but don't let that stop you from trying them out, or adding a little twist with chicken, or beef or whatever it is you like best!
Today's recipes is:
Mediterranean Chickpea Salad
8 ounces ( 1.5 cups) dried chickpeas, soaked, and liquid reserved
1 1/4 teaspoon course salt
1 garlic clove, minced
16 whole black peppercorns, crushed
3 tablespoons sherry vinegar
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
3/4 teaspoon dried oregano
2 cups ( 8 ounces) yellow or red cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 English cucumber, peeled and cut into 1/2" dice
1/2 green bell pepper, ribs and seeds removed cut into 1/2" dice ( 1 cup)
2 carrots ( 4 ounces)cut into 1/2" dice
3 scallions, sliced into 1/2" pieces
3 tablespoons coarsely chopped fresh flat leafed parsley
2 tablespoons shredded fresh basil
1. Place chickpeas, soaking liquid, and 3/4 teaspoon salt in a large pot. Liquid should cover by 2"; adjust as necessary. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer gently. Cook, stirring occasionally, until chickpeas are tender about 40 minutes. Drain and transfer to a bowl. This should make 3 cups of chickpeas.
2. Meanwhile, using a chefs knife, press flat side of the blade back and forth across garlic and remaining 1/2 teaspoon salty to make a paste. Transfer to a bowl and whisk in peppercorns, vinegar, oil and oregano. Pour dressing over chickpeas. Let stand stirring once or twice for 30 minutes. Toss in tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots, scallions, parley and basil.
This recipes uses non precooked chickpeas. To save time you can use canned chickpeas, if you really want.
Chickpeas are a good way for vegetarians to get much needed protein and fibre, as they are high in both.
This recipe is sourced from Martha Stewart online.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Miss Lemon's Sex & The City

Samantha, on men.

Weekend Update

I had a very busy weekend!!
It went a little something like this:
Friday was filled with last minute belated birthday and mothers day shopping...which meant running around, frantically trying to think of something to buy... it ended very well! Then to dinner, at The Mongolie Grill, which has a nice atmosphere... but somehow a piece of chicken ended up in my vegetarian stir fry... and so my meal was free.
Saturday, we were up bright and early... literally, at 7:30... for a surprise date, where I found myself at The Calgary Zoo!!! After 3.5 hours wondering the zoo I concluded my favorite animals were: the Giant Anteaters, the hippos sun bathing, and the oh so cute red pandas.
These are not the ones from the Calgary Zoo...but they are still very cute.
That evening I went out for some yummy cocktails and a bit of dancing with my girlfriends.
Sunday, I had to go my parents for dinner... so off we drove for some time to the country side. There, we acquired a bbq and a bike and basket! Now we're all set for the summer and bbqing in the sunshine!
And that's my first official weekend update. Ill be back later for a little sex and the city!

The revamp begins...

Its a brand new week, which means changes to my blog are beginning!!
For Mondays post, Ill start off with "Weekend Update", which seems to be self explanatory, but in case not... a little post about my weekend adventures, in case I didn't blog on the weekend, which is often the case...
Then its seems appropriate to start the week off, with a lovely, quote, fact or clip from Sex and The City...
So, we will see how the week goes and hopefully with your comments, Ill know how your liking it!So please, oh pretty please, comment! You don't know to be a "follower" or a member of blogger or anything to comment, so whats stopping you?!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bicycle, Bicyle...

I want to ride my Bicyle, I want to ride my bike...
Last night I rode my bicycle for the first time! Ive had this bike for almost two years! And I finally decided the time was now! All I need is a basket, a bell, and maybe a cute helmet. It was scary riding across the high level bridge when it was windy as hell yesterday! Oh and maybe a softer bike seat...
I know want to ride my bike everywhere!!! Especially since gas prices are so extreme and I could also use the extra exercise and time in the sunshine! We will see how it goes. Its a huge pain carrying it up and down three flights of stairs in a very narrow stairwell... I cant really leave it outside, because, well, people are untrustworthy for the most part.
Otherwise, its Friday, the most celebrated day of the week... by me anyway. And a lovely weekend is on its way!!
More later... maybe

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In relfection of my earlier post, I have decided Im going to focus my blog a bit more with weekly features... By this I mean, I will have a set theme/topic for specific days of the week... I have yet to decide exactly what they will be, but I have the rest of the week to think and hopefully produce something fabulous next week!! But not to worry, I still share some juicy life tales with you!!!

Woe Goes The World

Hump Day!! A good day indeed!!
In case you were wondering about bootcamp... this is my last month at New Body... after four months, and a heck load of money...I probably wont go back. Its nice to work out in a group, sometimes, and to meet new people, and learn new exercises, but I now feel as if I know the workouts and can do them myself... for free. The workouts are hard, but not hard enough I cant do it without a trainer. It shouldn't really be called bootcamp...cause you get to rest lots and not do things if you don't want and you don't get pushed as hard as you might think. But it was good.
Here is the link to the gyms website if you fancy a look. They offer a few other classes as well, like zumba and yoga.


Other wise... that's about it. Sorry my posts haven't been as fun as they use to be. Some people read my blogs and then make judgements about what I post or try to use info against me. Really though, its just meant to be a fun format to share my thoughts and going ons of my life. So now I feel like I need to sensor what I say, as a lot of people are scum and have no lives of their own, and therefore I feel a need to not share so much. Knowledge is power, as they say... Any type of knowledge, even tiny minuet knowledge and so my blog may be lacking lustre lately, but hey, thats the kind of world we live in... where sad little people dont know how to relax, have fun, stop making judgements and taking everything so seriously

hmmm, well have a good day... maybe Ill be back with a more fun and less harsh post.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pizza Pizza

Its 15 minutes to lunch time... and I'm craving pizza! I honestly love pizza so much... which I think is a fairly common occurrence...

I could eat it every day... if only it were a bit more healthy to do so...

Do you have any super tasty and perhaps healthy pizza recipes you'd like to share?! I really want to try making dough and everything... which again, I know, isn't some magical feat... Ive just never done it...and then put super yummy things in the dough and then on top of it! Like sundried tomatoes, bocconcini, maybe even some pinapple... nom nom... now I want pizza even more!! This day dreaming is not such good business for a hungry tummy... and imaginative mind. Any way here are some super yummy flavors from Funky Pickle

Roasted Garlic VeggieTM

Roasted Garlic & Feta & Spinach

The GreekTM

Feta, Kalmata Olives, Tomato, Spanish Onions, (Pinenuts on request)

Falafel PizzaTM

Hummus, Falafel, Veggies, Tahini Sauce - A true vegan delight! Our first cheeseless pizza with no dairy products

Did you know you can order take out from Funky Pickle? You probably did, but just in case you didn't, you now know!

Here is their website, so you can join me in salivating...nom nom nom....


Vixen Von Vintage

What are you waiting for! Follow my vintage blog already!!


The more followers I have, the more I will be encouraged to make every post rock so as to not let you down!!


Monday, May 9, 2011

the amazing race

I haven't mentioned that Ive been watching The Amazing Race... and well, it came to an end last night. The entire time I was rooting for Kent and Vyxen! I liked how Kent was so little and that they both wore pink all the time; and I especially loved how Kent would call Vyxen his little pink kitten! And then they lost. So I starting backing Zev and Justin... cause they are the cutest friends ever!!! And I think they deserved to win. But they lost...when it mattered most. So out of the three final teams, I wanted Mallory and Garry to win. Mallory is so cute and dorky! But Keisha and Jen won, so good for them, I suppose.

Anyway, now its over... and I want to be on the Amazing Race!!! Although, I don't think I can... so it remains in my dream box.

I just wanted to share my soft spot for the Amazing Race. This was the first season I had ever watched, and I thought it was quite good.

a potent lotion

As a person with fair skin and freckles, I am against tanning beds and going outside without sunscreen on... but! I do love a nice tan! Which leaves me with only a few options, all which include fake tanning.

I had bought a new dress and didnt want to wear any tights or stockings, because its practically summer... and so...everything looked so good... my hair, my dress, my booties... and then there were my pale white legs... and so I took matters into my own hands!

I bought some gradual tanning body lotion... which is not as messy or streaky or hard to mess up as straight up tanning lotion. Well, I was going out in about 5 hours, so in that time I reapplied my gradual tanner about 6 times... mostly just to my legs...cause I figured the more I add the more tanned I will actually look, and no other body parts were being exposed in any large amount...including my feet. By the time I left to go out, my legs had a nice bronze glow. The next morning... my legs were super tanned!! And my feet were super white! I didn't put any lotion on my feet!! Oh what a silly silly girl I had been. My chest had a nice tan as well, but the rest of my torso was white... woe is me...
I managed to even it out by today though. And it doesn't even look fake! Unless you know me and know how pale I usually am...

Anyway... Im all prepared for summer now... well almost... I still need some cute summer outfits and maybe some new wedges... and sun hats!!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Make Up. Make Over

Ive decided I need to freshen up my look!! I really want to experiment with makeup... I don't usually... I'm pretty basic and go for a classic look. But I know think it is a good time to start using new colours, etc. Also, gosh darn, my hair is driving me crazy! I just don't know what to do with it. I don't really fancy dying it, because, for those how don't know, its naturally red. But like, actually red, not brown "red" or strawberry blond, just red, real red. And I don't want to dye it... I know when I'm old and no longer red, Ill reminisce about it. Besides its too hard to dye any light colours... Ive tried blond before, and it doesn't work. And I just grew out the black and the "purple".... so now what? And!!! I simply cannot decide if I should grow out my fringe.. ho hum... decisions decisions!

As I was checking to see if anyone had commented on any of my posts, I found one by another girl who has a blog, and she posts pictures of her rad makeup... this is what has inspired me to experiment. Here is her blog if you want to check it out:


Well, if you have an suggestions or hidden gem makeup brands, please do tell!!! No point in keeping such valuable info all to your little self, now is there?!

Well my little cats and kittens, enjoy your weekend! There are some rockin shows this weekend, you should check out...



Well, well, the day is half way over and the weekend is looming.

I was going to write a post about gossiping and back stabbing 'friends' but thought better and decided not to. I suppose I should lean towards not offending my readers but embracing them, in all their differences.

I seem to be at a lose today... bloggers block, perhaps, has gotten me!

Ive noticed my post about facebook status has had little to not effect yet... time will tell.

I think today is just a boring, non challenging day, and despite it being early afternoon, my brain is yet to be in full functioning mode.... thus resulting in my block...

more later... maybe.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Your facebook status... is not cool

can we take a minute and discuss the "facebook status"? I don't understand why people use to make jabs at other people, to put them down or make fun of them. They way I see it its childish and shows weakness. Also, people use to go get other people to pity them. Why else are you posting it for everyone to see unless you are trying to get a reactions and a comment from someone, anyone who will give you their attention. Facebook is not a place to ridicule others, or to post how your boyfriend slept with 5 hookers in one and spent all the rent money on blow and strippers. Or that your best friend gave your boyfriend of five years a blow job while you were in night class at the local community college. Guess what? It makes you look bad too? Why are you airing your dirty laundry for everyone to see and judge? Possibly, like I said, to get some pity. But honestly, grow up. No one actually cares about your problems, especially when you post them on facebook.

I was going to post some examples for you, but didn't want to alienated anyone, so instead here are some facebook groups/pages, with people who think the same way as me



Sorry if this offends anyone. But for real, get a diary or a psychiatrist or something... just stop posting pathetic, woe is me, and backstabbing statuses


I scream, you scream, we all screen for...sunscreen?

Why good morning, Thursday!!
Hey have you guys been reading my lovely new blog all about vintage/retro decor. Well, in case you haven't, here's the link!

I can't believe its already May! It sneaked up on me for sure! But May means we are closer to warm, sunny weather.... and the beach... if I lived by the beach, which I don't. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to live in California... sun, sand, and surf.... ? rad gigs, shopping, bike rides, and tons of sunscreen... I don't want to get skin cancer, now do I? well, I suppose it doesn't really matter, because I don't live in California ( although I do wear sunscreen every day and recommend you do too).

Speaking of sunscreen... why not have a little lesson...
Sunscreen helps to block the suns ultraviolet radiation from your skin, which otherwise would cause damage in the form of a sunburn. Sunscreen should be applied 15-30 mins prior to sun exposure and an hour or two afterwards as well.... these are things I'm sure we all know, but just in case you didn't, you now do!
In regards to SPF- sun protection factor- the higher the SPF the more projection you will get. Note that the SPF is not related to the time of solar exposure, rather there are various other aspects to think about- skin pigment, time of day, location...
Basically, the higher the SPF the better and the more regularly it is applied is even better.
Here are some fancy sunscreens you may like to try:

1. Korres Watermelon Sunscreen Stick. SPF 30- Ive used this one and love it! It has some shimmer in it so its great for summer.You can easily apply it to the forehead, cheeks, nose and lips. It compact so you can take it wherever you go and reapply as needed

2. LaVanilla The Healthy Sunscreen SPF 40 face cream- a 100% natural, chemical free, moisturising sunscreen. Why not give it a a go?

3.Ultralight by Lush SPF 10-15- a body and face lotion with a light SPF, good for those days with a love UV index.

4.Neutorgena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 55- made with helioplex, which offers ultra protection from the suns rays.

5.La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL tinted cream SPF 50 - created for the face and has a high SPF ( did I mention that super ultra high SPF should not always be trusted as research doesn't prove them to be any better than 30-50 ). This guy goes on light and non greasy, and for the price, you better expect it not to!

All these sunscreens can be found at Sephora ( online or in store) and Shoppers Drug Mart. Certain ones can be found at the grocery store or other pharmacies, I just know for sure they can be found at either of the two mentioned.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Water for Elephants...and bull hooks too

Good Morning! Why, there are only two work days left after today... what a wonderful thought.

In other news, not only did I see the film, but I also read the novel.... Water for Elephants. I actually enjoyed both... even if it is a love,fantasy plot, made all the more romantic being set in the 1930's and with a circus. It broke my heart the way they treated the animals... and although standards have improved in the past 80 years... animals are still mistreated in the circus. They are still carted onto trains and subjected to very hot weather and not enough food and water. In fact, tigers still die of heart exhaustion, when the train is not on schedule and therefore doesn't stop to water them. Elephants are still taught to do the same tricks on balls, and can and do break there legs because of the strain and there fore are put down because the pain is just too much. When we will ever learn? And why cant we find enjoyment elsewhere... instead at the hands of animals forced to perform silly tricks for humans. The circus doesn't need to drag around exotic animals with it... animals who really belong in the jungle in Africa or elsewhere.

If you want to do some reading up on animal cruelty in the circus, here are some informative links. Perhaps next time the circus rolls into town you'll think twice about going. Once you discover how baby elephants are treated, by brute force and violence, to learn tricks to entertain, you wont ever want to go to the circus again... at least not one which has animals.


Well, I didn't plan to go on about circus animal cruelty...but it made me so sad how they treated poor Rosie ( in Water for Elephants). I think you should all read the book and perhaps see the film as well. Its quite sad, in many ways, but also a really good story.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And the winner is...

Yesterday was Election Day, and so here are the results, in case you were wondering:

Conservative won the majority vote :( They took 40%, the NDP took 31% and the Liberals took 19%

NDP won over 100 seats, which makes them the official opposition

Stephan Harper is the new conservative Prime Minister.

Jack Layton is the official opposition leader; he was also re-elected in the Toronto-Danforth riding. The NDP won most of its seats in Quebec with 58 and Ontario with 22.

Elizabeth May, of the green party, is the party's first ever elected Member of Parliament.

The majority vote in Alberta was conservative, no surprise there. They won 27 seats, while NDP won 1 and the liberal won zero. Alberta's Premier is Ed Stelmach.

Please do comment if Ive gotten any of this info wrong... and comment with your opinions, etc.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dream Jobs....

Well, its Monday, yet again. The day least looked forwarded to by many, Im sure. Monday is made so horrible by the sole reason of having to return to work after two lovely days off. Although, I have a suspicion that not every person dislikes their job... so here are some jobs I think would be enjoyable to return to on Mondays, or would be pleasant all around:

1. Yoga Instructor
2. Professional Blogger
3. Writer at a Fashion Magazine
4. Personal Shopper
5. Buyer... for a clothing store, or some where like Lush
6. Model ( Although it would be hard at times, you get to wear pretty clothes and have your hair/makeup done for you)
7.Wife to a wealthy man... yah, yah, whatever, you know you'd love it too
8. Ballroom Dancer
10.Boutique Owner

I'm sure there are tons of other fun and pleasant jobs but that all I can think of at the moment. So, then, what are some jobs you think you be lovely to have?!