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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Your facebook status... is not cool

can we take a minute and discuss the "facebook status"? I don't understand why people use to make jabs at other people, to put them down or make fun of them. They way I see it its childish and shows weakness. Also, people use to go get other people to pity them. Why else are you posting it for everyone to see unless you are trying to get a reactions and a comment from someone, anyone who will give you their attention. Facebook is not a place to ridicule others, or to post how your boyfriend slept with 5 hookers in one and spent all the rent money on blow and strippers. Or that your best friend gave your boyfriend of five years a blow job while you were in night class at the local community college. Guess what? It makes you look bad too? Why are you airing your dirty laundry for everyone to see and judge? Possibly, like I said, to get some pity. But honestly, grow up. No one actually cares about your problems, especially when you post them on facebook.

I was going to post some examples for you, but didn't want to alienated anyone, so instead here are some facebook groups/pages, with people who think the same way as me



Sorry if this offends anyone. But for real, get a diary or a psychiatrist or something... just stop posting pathetic, woe is me, and backstabbing statuses



  1. omg so true and i do see that alot on my facebook... its like why would u put that on here some of them are completely horrible... thats why on mine i just post a quick comment to someone but never too personal..i have their number just text them or call them....and also was is completely stupid is when they are posting back and forth on facebook and they are in the same room..WTF! really just put your phones down and talk!

  2. haha no kidding.I agree, people should just talk or message privatly to a friend, especailly if they need or want to vent.