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Monday, May 31, 2010

boys, boys, boys

remember just the other day, when I was complaining about guys...? well i still think that most are jerks, and liars, and cheaters...

well, now I think that perhaps... perhaps... there are a few cute and nice ones... although they too have their little secrets and indiscretions...

that's all because the bath tub is waiting for me, filled with steamy water and gorgeous lush products...
I wanted to add a few links for all you interested cats and kittens.... just of a few things Ive been talking about...

http://www.theredpiano.ca/- this is the restaurant/bar I went to on Saturday for my girlfriends birthday bash!

www.abc.go.com/shows/cougar-town for what else, but to watch cougar town!!

I also watched a really great film last night call Uncertainty, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins...

www.N9negroup.com. Check out Ghost Bar at the Palms in Las Vegas

You should all also check out my girlfriends blog about her adventures in baking...

Also a little info on Vodka...
Because, well, you should all know by know, that Vodka is indeed my favorite beverage!

That's all Ive got for now! Its Monday morning and I'm way too tired to be up and functioning. Silly weekend, you were meant for not only partying, but for getting much needed sleep...


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend = complete

Well its Sunday afternoon, and boy what a weekend!

Lets start if with the new sofa party, because I know your all dying to hear how that went!!

Well, I must say it was very successful indeed! Imagine, 7 giggling girls, armed with wine, vodka, and beer. My lovely friends also brought over some munchies....as well, I spent all my money on my new sofa! We popped 'Dirty Love' in the DVD player and drank the night away...

Now I must say, this girly party turned out to what i think may be any guys dream girl party.... trying on little undies, comparing bras and what is held in them... we even busted out a whip, and well, whipped each other...? Too much fun, which will and must be duplicated over and over again!!
Around 3:30 the two remaining ladies stumbled home... and that's when the real party began...for me anyway ;) what does this mean? oh I'm sure you know!

It is now Saturday, at about 4 pm...and I decided perhaps it is time to get out of bed!! and get started on the day!
With a hop and a skip I was home....? and in the shower.Oh lovely, lovely hot shower!
I then got myself somewhat ready... for a date! Who doesn't love going on dates?! I actually never go on real dates, so I was pumped...except for the rain, which turned into giant snowflakes!!! wtf?! It was a good thing I brought my giant umbrella with me!!

Well, after maybe 7 hours, I came home, to get ready for a night on the town. I put on my favorite and most pretty dress, out my hair up, and curled my eyelashes one last time, before I busted out some winter aparrel I had put away for the summer.... summer? what summer?

And then!! then waited for the bus! Yes, the bus. FYI I never take the bus!! But I was headed to the west end, and was planning on drinking, and being the responsible adult I am... I didn't want to drive!
My girlfriend was having her birthday party at the Red Piano in West Edmonton Mall. Oh my gawd, if you haven't been there, you must go! I cant do justice with it with words, how fun and funny it is.... okay...Ill try... Imagine, red, white and black decor, low lights, martinis, cocktails, and tons and tons of middle aged women! Also circular platform in the middle of a small dance floor, and on the platform is two red pianos, and anywhere from 2-5 performers... And these performers are amazing! You can request anything you want... for a price.
They of course, also serve food, which does not cater to any sort of vegetarian needs, but specializes in Cajun and seafood dishes.
Well, I was insanely tired from getting very little sleep the night before, and couldn't drink for the life of me, but I sure looked cute, and the stares from the older men reassured me of this!
I managed to stay out until 2, and with Miss Marissa by my side and a very drunk birthday girl, we quite enjoyed ourselves!
I even got a very nice ride home from Miss Marissa!
I slipped off my high heels and fishnets, checked my phone for messages, and my date from earlier wanted to hang out! But I was so tired! Well he came over for a chat anyway... even though I was useless....because I was so tired. I just thought everything was funny, and so I laughed a lot...

And now its Sunday! The last day of the weekend! And it always seems to go by so quickly! Its already 6 o'clock!! Where has my day gone...? Oh yah... i stayed in bed almost all day. mmm bed! but now my back it sore!! Massage fairy, where are you when I need you? and do you even exist?Also, can you bring me some food, my fridge and cupboards are so very very bare, and my tummy is growling!This is why I need a big strong man...who also has very good intuition... to carry my heavy furniture, give me massages and bring me food, cause he knows Ill be hungry at 6 o'clock on a sunday evening!

So tired! And the intro to confessions of a shopaholic has been playing on loop for about half an hour now... must stop it!!

There we go... problem fixed, with a little Social Distortion... I have been listening to them none stop for like two weeks now!!

Alright... lets see what we can mange to do with what little is left on Sunday...
Oh and didn't I tell you this Saturday was going to be oh so much better than last? Yes, I believe I did! The only thing that made last weekend better than this, was that it was a long weekend... why cant every weekend be a long weekend... just imagine how much happier the work force would be.... I know Id be so very much happier

Well then that was the weekend... drinking, a little dancing, a lot of giggles, lovely girlfriends, a couple cute dates, even a little cuddling.... umm mmm, even cuddles! weekend = complete!
Oh i even got my laundry done... it had been over 3 weeks!!! and i was pretty much out of regular knickers and was making my through my most comfortable of my uncomfortable/ fancy knickers

Also, as a little extra for you... Vegas boy... did I tell you about him...? well he finally contacted me! well i suppose he did once before... but he has forgot his phone in the hotel in Vegas... and some how through the use of magic and Internet sent me a message...but of course I couldn't send one back... well he texted me yesterday morning! so sweet!! and so we have been texting back and forth... too bad he lives in Saskatoon! whats that you say, people actually live in Saskatoon!? why yes, apparently they do!! don't ask me why, all I know, is that they do!
well this has turned out to be a very long...slightly informative, and always entertaining post!!
off to the grocery store I go, as I have had no knocks on my door from a big, strong man holding massage oil in one hand and Cesar salad in the other

Friday, May 28, 2010

Its Party Time

get crazy, get wild
lets party, get loud

Its almost time!!!! for my party!! I've lived in the same apartment for almost two years and have not had one party. Well all that's about to change, with the new and improved single Miss Lemon!!!


get crazy, get wild
lets party, get loud

I think I might be the one who has the most fun, and gets the most drunk at my lovely little party!! But I don't suppose that really matters too much.


Its time to get serious!

that last post was so boring!! Blog, what is happening to us??!! Time to spice things up! But how?! Think, think, think

Boys... alcohol...tight dresses...dancing... shots. shots. shots. shots. shots....more boys....

but at 10am in the morning.... this seems highly improbable...expect for the alcohol part...and i don't fancy dancing by myself....

Time to get with it!! Whats the point of being young, fit, attractive, and capable of forgetting our morals and values after a few drinks, if we don't do anything with said characteristics!
That's it, no more lonely nights for me... well maybe... but no maybe lame nights. No way!

Look out world here I come...again... just once I get off work

Couch Party Tonight. Be there or be.... Square!!

Well friends...nothing exciting to report. Last night very chill indeed. Although I did have to work late...but only half an hour... which may seem like nothing, but an extra half an hour in the dungeon I call work in excruciating. So I got home late... to an empty house... the only thing welcoming me was my new couch.... *sigh*

I did however find the motivation to make some new hair pieces, which I haven't done in over 2 months... You can find my lovely hair pieces, and jewelry, at Rowena, the Junque Cellar, and Robes and Relics, on whyte...
Who doesn't love self promotion?!

So I spent a good few hours doing that, and about half way through I shamelessly put on Cher's greatest hits...again! And sang along, sitting on the floor, with a glue gun in one hand and ribbon in the other... and a glass of coke and vodka by my side. Vodka, shes always there for me!

Like I said...no excitement, no frills, well maybe some frills...on my hair pieces... tee hee

Well, like Ive mentioned...tonight is my 'new couch party'. I don't believe I have mentioned where I got this fantastic idea from... Cougar Town.... watch it!! you'll fall in love!

So despite the the gloomy sky, and sad rain... tonight will be fantastic and fancy free....!
Dirty Love, which I also blogged about previous, will be playing, wine will be flowing (and vodka), laughter will be heard all the way down my not sound proof apartment, and such good times will be had by all. The debut of my new, oh so grown up sofa.... will be fantastic!
And then, I promise I will stop blogging about it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Morning, Miss Lemon!

I cant believe I forgot about this is my post this morning, becuase really it started off my whole day!

For those who don't know... I'm an office administrator, but not just any office administrator, no I'm an office administrator in the back room of a very dirty metal bar, The Mead Hall. Now, Ive come accustomed... as much as possible...? to the bugs crawling on the walls, and having no windows that actually open, and unpainted drywalled walls. This morning however, on my grungy keyboard, in my dingy office, there was a pair of knickers...waiting for me....?
Yes, just laying flat across my keyboard, screaming "Good Morning, Miss Lemon!"...they didn't actually scream it....but you know what I mean...
Little black knickers, with a skull on one side... I politely put them on a book shelf until their appearance could be explained.

Why, they were left there for me, by the bar managers friend who does screen printing...

Wednesday night was very good and sweaty...

I went to yoga at the Lotus Soul on Whyte, with my date of the week and Miss Marissa... Stephanie, however, was MIA ( i think she got too caught up in cougar town and lost track of time... which is a fabulous excuse).

It was the best and sweatiest yoga class I have ever been too. Sweat was beading down my face and dripping on to my mat. You could see the imprints of our hands and bodies on our mats- imprints made by mere sweat. Oh god, did it ever feel good! If you haven't tried yoga yet... who hasn't tried yoga?...anyway... if you happen to not have done so, please do! please, please, do. It is amazing, in so many ways. You can rent the mats at the studio, you can go at your own pace, and there's no pressure to be as good as anyone else, just be as good as you can be.... be all that you can be!....
Okay, so after very very sweaty yoga, we peeled off our yoga gear....literally peeled it off, it had adhered to us from the mass amount of sweat....
hmm....this doesn't sound very attractive, or sexy... but I must admit, you cant be sexy all the time, that would be impossible...
So, yes after yoga, we trotted across the street, yoga mats in tow, to Filthys! Where we enjoyed refreshing pints of grasshopper's for only $2.75!! Just the price a poor girl loves! Although, free is always best, especially when it comes from a cute boy...
To accompany our refreshments, we had some lovely pub food... and by lovely I mean greasy... what a way to compliment all the hard work we had just done at yoga...
After nosh and drink were gone, so were we....

Off home I went, to my new sofa, no TV and non cooperative Internet...
I decided that a bath was in order.... so i dug through my drawer of scattered Lush products and successfully pulled out a cherry blossom bath melt, and the remains of some Dorothy bubble bath... If you have also yet to try Lush, what is wrong with you? Do you live in a cave? Under a rock? In complete and utter seclusion! Go down to Lush right this instance! and buy everything! you wont regret it, and your skin and hair will love you forever, just like mine do!!

So,after my indulgent bath, it was off to bed... at 10:30!! I seem to remember, I had told myself to sleep more!! Mission accomplished...for one night anyway... who knows what surprises Thursday night has in store...probably none...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We are the Champions...kind of...

Last night, like I had mentioned, was Kickball night! Armed with my spandex shorts, pig tails, and my 'date of the week' ( Ceiliegh), I made my way out to the middle of no where- ie. the North Side.
As it happened to turn out, the other team didn't have enough players! So we counted everyone off, and mixed the teams together. And I must say this game has been the most fun yet, and I just happened to be an all star on the field last night! That's right, as first base-men...women... I succeeded in getting a handful of players out, including the lovely Miss Marissa... umm hmm!

Because we automatically won, we just played for fun , didn't keep score, and just kind of ended it whenever...but definitely not after the ninth inning, no...definitely a few innings before.
Off to Hudson's we went, kickball champions... well default champions...for the night anyway...

Then...off to bed I went... I know, boring!! But I'm saving Vodka for the weekend, and all the fabulous festivities I have planned...

Oh, and every time I walk into my apartment, the smell of new couch fills my nostrils with pleasure

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On my "break", and i say it with quotations, because, well, my job is basically like a huge break, except for that the fact that for most of it I'm stuck inside my horrible, dingy office, but not so much working, as doing anything else I might like to do. So, on my actual break, I went to find some curtains... and had no success :(

However, I did have a much bigger success than finding curtains! I found a gorgeous mirror that has Elvis etched into it!! How amazing it will look behind my lovely new sofa! Now, I must admit, this is not the first time I have seen this mirror. No, I saw it a few weeks ago... and oh how I wanted it, but I was saving my money for Vegas. So, I turned and walked away from it.
Well, today on my hunt for curtains, there it was, my Elvis mirror, yet again, only this time on sale! Well, you know what that means! I just had to buy it! And boy is it ever going to look so good in my new adult living room!

Tuesday, looks like your not so bad after all!

got a case of the mean reds

Oh Tuesday, what mean reds you bring me today...

Boys are horrible. But you knew that already. But grown men are horrible as well. In fact, males in general are horrible. Whats that you say? I'm making a generalization? Yes! Yes, I am

However, if you happen to be the lone man out there, reading my blog....? who happens to be genuine, and sweet and here's the kicker... single!! oh please, please, do come find me!

Okay, back to horrible men...now I know I'm not the only one who continually stumbles upon these awful creatures, but right now I feel like I am...so here it goes... why oh why, does it always happen to me?!

Okay maybe not always! Because there was that one cute boy, who was very nice indeed, but was rather scattered...and that did not impress me much... but boy, was he cute...

Tuesday morning why cant you be more like any other morning for the past 3 days?

Well onto happier times... the sun is shinning! And I had a lovely date on my new sofa last night, with my oh so gorgeous friend Kly. The film we watched though was not so good though. Kiss Kiss, Bang, Bang- I do not recommend.

Oh, and I don't believe I have told you that I'm part of a community kickball team... yes, you read right, kickball. Okay, it may sound a little nerdy, but its actually really fun and super cool!! So yes, kickball is tonight! I missed it last week, because, as you are aware, my flight home from Vegas was very much delayed and I was way too exhausted to kick a ball!!

My work day is half over! And I still need to go shopping for new curtains, so my neighbours will no longer be able to see me wondering carelessly naked around my apartment. You should see how grown up my living room looks now! I changed it all around and made it less cluttered. Now I only need: purple curtains, yes they must be purple, a book shelf, maybe two, something to put on the walls, a new coffee table ( because i broke one of the legs so its not as functional as it use to be), and more pillows, preferably purple zebra, for my lovely new sofa...
Okay Ill stop talking about my sofa shortly... as I am proudly presenting it to my friends Friday evening, so of course I will have to tell all about that

And I still need to get started on my other blog, but I do love this one so much right now....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Funday

Oh sweet sweet Sunday night, you treated me so much better than Saturday night did.
Vodka and strawberry at home, while listening to Social Distortion, whom I currently lust for. My lovely girlfriend showed up with out warning, so a quick dash to put pants on was required...

We then giggled and gossiped our way down to the Black dog, where we enjoyed some pints on the patio, curled up under the heat lamp.

With a few high school encounters, a shot or two and much needed catching up, Sunday you were such a success!

Now, as for today....
Why is it that people oh so love to text me early when its my day to sleep in? And yes, my phone is on vibrate! but even the vibrate wakes me up! Not to mention the pointless phone call from my boss at 9! Why oh why can I just not have peace?! You may ask, well Miss Lemon, why don't you turn your phone off? Well I keep it on for emergencies of course!!!

well with a few flirtatious text back and forth to a certain gentleman, who gave a certain lemon a few goodnight kisses Friday night, I eventually had to get up to go pick up my new sofa!!!

As I have no big strong man in my life, it was up to me and my mom to get my gorgeous new purchase up four flights of stairs, and my sad old futon, back down those same four flights! And my goodness did I ever work up a sweat, for real!! Maybe I need to put an ad our for a big, strong, sexy... man to be at my beckon call... I think that sounds reasonable!

Well, here I am now, on this holiday Monday, with Clueless in the DVD player, and my new sofa looming over me, wrapped up tight in plastic... time to get on it!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cher - Gypsys Tramps And Thieves

Gypsys, Tramps and Theives

Guess what I just stumbled upon?? Cher's Greatest Hits!! Oh yah, that's right. And not only that, but its my cd player at this very moment!!

Oh man, did I ever use to love Cher. I use to play this CD over and over and over again. I read her autobiography, The First Time, in one day. I just thought she was the shit! She still is, I mean, when I was in Vegas, she was preforming!! Damn me for spending copious amounts of money at Betsey Johnson. Although I wasn't going to go rock out to Cher on my own or with all the middle aged women who would also be there... cause gawd knows no one else I know, let alone the girls i was with, actually like Cher. Only moms do, maybe an aunt or two... a younger grandmother perhaps... Who woulda thought a gal like me would have a sweet spot for Cher?

For your viewing pleasure... see above....


New Sofa!

I'm sure you all don't know this, but Ive been longing for a new couch for a few months now... and today, oh glorious Sunday, my dream has come true. I have purchased a gorgeous new black sofa!
Yes, I do remember that I told myself to spend less and save more... thus far, it has not been working out too well. Despite my efforts... hmmm efforts... okay i haven't made much of an effort...but i thought about saving... does that count?

Well back to my lovely new sofa. It was on sale! So I had to buy it! And oh how grown up my apartment will look now. No more frumpy old futon! No, now I have an adult couch! Because... I am an adult!!

Tomorrow it will be all mine, it will be the gorgeous centre piece in my average apartment living room, that is until I find a new centre piece... like a fancy new rug! or beautiful picture to hang on the wall behind my lovely new sofa!

I was thinking I may have a 'new sofa' party, to show off how grown up I am!
Does buying a new sofa make me grown up....? Well it makes me feel like it!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

PS.... i make numerous spelling mistake... and I'm an English major if you can believe it....

Saturday Night, be my baby

Saturday night I feel the air is getting hot
Like you baby
Ill make you mine you know ill take you to the top
Ill drive you crazy
Saturday night dance i like the way you move
Pretty baby
Its party time and not a minute we can lose
Be my baby

-Ta Gana

Saturday night, why arnt you like this song? Why, instead, are you filled with veggie pizza, Crank 2 ( although i have zero complainants with Jason Statham... yum), leg warmers, self tanner, and water... what! did I say water? yes, yes I did. My vodka is getting a wee bit jealous ( maybe tomorrow... it is a long weekend, after all)
I suppose one night in, and free of drinking is acceptable, but lets not make it a habit!! There is dancing that needs to get done and shoes to be worn, and glitter, and fake eyelashes, and hairspray to be used!

Saturday, when you return next week, I promise we will have more fun!

Friday night success

Well last night was a success, minus the awkward avoiding and text from my ex...
Vodka and I got along quite well, and had bucket loads of fun. Free drinks, girl friends, getting hit on, a kiss good night...or several kisses...

Thus morning however was not such a success. My sleep was disturbed from about a hundred texts, which I hazily tried to answer...which only brought more text!! And then....the cable guy came, and took my much loved cable away :(
Now what!!!?!
Good thing its summer, well its suppose to be summer anyway. I guess Ill have to sit on my patio and sip wine all day.... well maybe not all day...

Now, what to do tonight?! I don't fancy staying in, alone...with no TV and copious amounts of vodka...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Alright Lolita Lemon, time to get serious!

I was thinking accessories may be a plausible direction to lead this here blog into. Jewelry, handbags, shoes, accessories of all sorts, shapes and sizes. I thought, seeing how my last few posts, minus the Vegas ones were about accessories, i should blog about that, or.... make all together new blog and only focus on the gorgeous things we hang from on neck, ears, and wrists, the lovely shoes we adorn our feet with, the eye catching glasses, the luxurious scarfs, belts, and handbags...

That's it then, I'm going to start a new blog, Lolita Lemon's little, or big... sister.

hmm, what shall I call it...... think, think, think...

In the mean time....

The long weekend is here! i have no plans, and its raining outside...doesn't look too promising. Boys also don't look too promising either. They say girls are confusing, oh no no, well maybe a bit...but boys! Boys are oh so confusing!! And flaky, and often lie.... or forget, or are 'busy' or... are just too darn cute to let slip by! Whats a gal to do? Sip wine at home and stare longingly into the moon...? No!
A girls to put on her highest shoes, her favorite dress....perhaps her new Betsey Johnson necklace, have some shots, and dance away all her anguish...with her girlfriends of course! and voila! boy troubles are momentarily whisked away, and only smiles grace her face, as giggles come pouring out....
Too bad I live in Edmonton... such a boring place, with tired bars, and all the same faces! Well a girl must make the best of it, and such is what I intend to do...if my lady friends get back to me about going out tonight!

Well I should get going on my fabulous new blog, dont worry, Lolita Lemon, I wont forget about it you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goegeous Miu Miu

I would just die to have these gorgeous Miu Miu shoes, which also come in blue and white. I love the pattern and the chunky heel, and you can never go wrong with a mary jane

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, after a gruelling 4 hour wait and a very bumpy 3 hour flight, next to a rather cute boy...I am finally home! Did I mention I was the lucky gal who got to sleep on the coach in the hotel? So bed, when I actually got into it, was just lovely.

Well, like I said before, time for some direction...

first off, for life- spend less, save more... oh this is going to be hard
second- get more sleep. much more sleep! Two hours just does not cut it!
thirdly- put a little more effort in to: making new friends, making myself happy, being active, drinking less.... really drinking less? yes! it can be done

Now how about some direction for this little blog here....
too tired to think...its only 1 in the after noon, and I'm already gone...

Okay, direction... suggestions?
or can it really just be a jumble... or maybe it will all just fall into place...only time will tell....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jersey Shore Theme Song

day 5 continued....? flight potentially cancelled!!! please, gawd, no. im alone, im tired, and im broke... three things not to be when in vegas.

maybe this will cheer me up....

Get crazy, get wild
Lets party, get loud
If you wanna have fun and do something
If you wanna have fun and do something
Get crazy, get wild
Lets party, get loud
If you wanna have fun and do something
If you wanna have fun and do something

why do I enjoy this? becuase I love Jersey Shore, its my gulity pleasure

Betsey Johnson Octopus Ring

This is the super cute ring I bought from Betsy Johnson!! I love it! She had so many nautical themed pieces, I had such hard time deciding what to get. You should check out her website and have a peek at all the goodies!

Vegas- Day 5

After 4 very fun and oh so very drunk nights in Vegas, day 5 has arrived and its time to go home.

So it turns out I was either too drunk, too tired, or too busy to blog at all after my initial day 1 post...so here it all is now

Night 1: Had Mexican food across the street from out gorgeous hotel, Encore at the Wynn. Had a little sangria to start off the night. We ended up at Blush, a smallish club in the hotel, and danced the night away....

http://www.wynnlasvegas.com/ Check it out, its beautiful

Day 2. A very hung over day as we stumbled in at 5 am. But by about 2 we were at the Outlet mall ready and very willing to make many purchases. I found some great Joe's jeans for a very respectable price, among other things. Our crew of eight all got cute Marc Jacobs necklaces watches shaped as hearts, stars, dice, apples- very delightful, and at a fabulous outlet price... Four hours later, shopping bags lined up out arms, we headed to Strip Burger for, you guessed it, burgers! And beer of course. I definitely recommend this place. The deep fried pickles are great and so was the service!
After dinner, we all got dolled up and made our way to XS ( also in our hotel), which is said to be Vegas' top night club. It was much bigger than Blush and opened up onto the pool. Besides the numerous creepy guys, which are to be expected, it was a very successful evening.

Day 3.Maybe the most hungover day... we walked the strip. We started at Ceasers palace, as we were hunting done Marc Jabobs. We of course watched the fountain of the Bellagio, got some drinks to go and ate at Serendipity iii, outside Ceasers palace. Very cute, kind of like a dinner. Decked out in yummy decor- bushes shaped as ice cream cones, with a cherry on top, a bigger than life sized gumball machine, lots of pink, and specializing in ice cream! I loved it! Although, I didn't order an ice cream because the portions are very respectable, I was too full but maybe next time!
After shopping and strolling we got ready to head to..... Ludacris! haha. I must admit, Im not necessarily a fan, but still...
He was playing at Pure, another top night club. The line up was insane and inside, the club was jam packed. Once he had finished and after a failed attempt to find the bride, we went out side to decide were to go next, when....a group of young gentleman approached. Well turns out they were Canadians and very nice, so we accompanied them across the street to O'Sheas. A not so classy and very unpretentious bar, were, I might say, we had the most fun! The non creepy boys bought us drinks, made us laugh, and a good time was had by all. After stumbling is at 9:30 in the morning!!! yes, 9:30! I crawled into bed, or rather, onto the coach, had a little nap and it was time to start all over again

Day 4 Despite getting no sleep, I surprisingly had quite a bit of energy and we headed over the Fashion Show mall, were Besty Johnson was waiting for me! After trying on many necklaces I finally found the one... the perfect piece for me. Leopard hearts, weighing a pound or two for sure, had my name written all over it. Oh you bet I will be posting some pictures! I also found a darling orange octopus ring to purchase as well.
After shopping we put on out high heels and headed out to dinner at Stratta in the hotel.
We then made our way over to Ghost bar, an outside club on the 53rd floor of the Palms. A rather subdued night, as it was Sunday, but still a blast. Once done with ghost bar, we went to XS and danced our last Las Vegas dance. 5 am came, and we went...to bed.

Day 5. The final day, ready to go home and rest but not ready for the vacation to end, and go back to the real world...
We took another stroll done the strip and ate at Wabo Cabo...?Not very vegetarian friendly, but I was starving.
Then it was time to go....we hoped in a cab, waved goodbye to the Encore and made our way to the airport.
Again, I'm on a different flight, and so....am waiting...again. Very tired, feelin rough, although hopefully not looking it.... ;)

Pictures, suggestions, tips, and more to come later, as its time to check in!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas [Movie Music Video]

Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas [Movie Music Video]

Viva Las Vegas

Vegas: Day One

Im at the airport in Vegas, oh 2 and half hours earlier than everyone else, cause I got a different flight.... but no complaints really, was a relatively shirt flight and I picked up some Mandarin Vodka and some Ruby Red Vodka, all for the low low price of 33 bux! So im good to go, although I could use a fresh coat f makeup, maybe some deodorant and few brushes of the teeth and hair, and maybe some decent food...

Oh what excitement awaits us tonight!!?!!
Hopin' in a limo soon, with a bottle of bubbly, my lovely best friend, and a whole gaggle of other lovely girls.

Im sure a much more exciting most will follow...and hopefully a few encounters with Elvis...Viva Elvis, Elvis Museum, and maybe even Elvis impersonators...? we will see!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cougar Town

I have just discovered Cougar Town, and you have yet to do so I suggest you get on it. This show is amazing, and absolutely amazing. It makes you think, when you get to be middle aged, divorced, with a teenage child,in suburbia that maybe, just maybe, you can be as hilarious as Jules and her friends

Okay so maybe its not so sophisticated or high fashion, but it definitely makes me laugh when I'm bored at the office

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

gorgoues zebra print blazer commin my way ;)
Dear Blog...
I think we need some direction, both you and life!Time to focus! Focus on going to Vegas!

And then, we will figure something out!
In the mean time, there will be five lovely days of sunshine, cocktails, high heels, and best friends

Kate Nash - Nicest Thing (Live at Freshly Squeezed)

Kate Nash is absolutely amazing. Her lyrics are so identifiable. This song is just gorgeous, and it how every girl feels, and how much they wish they could be loved

Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bettie Page

One of the first pin up and fetish models, the lovely Bettie Page. Style icon to all the gorgeous rockabilly girls of today...

live fast, die pretty

Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut

The Stray Cats, a rockabilly band from New York, circa 1980, are one of my favorite bands. The Stray Cat Strut is probably one of their most well known songs

live fast, die pretty


Lolita Lemon

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live fast, die pretty