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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Night, be my baby

Saturday night I feel the air is getting hot
Like you baby
Ill make you mine you know ill take you to the top
Ill drive you crazy
Saturday night dance i like the way you move
Pretty baby
Its party time and not a minute we can lose
Be my baby

-Ta Gana

Saturday night, why arnt you like this song? Why, instead, are you filled with veggie pizza, Crank 2 ( although i have zero complainants with Jason Statham... yum), leg warmers, self tanner, and water... what! did I say water? yes, yes I did. My vodka is getting a wee bit jealous ( maybe tomorrow... it is a long weekend, after all)
I suppose one night in, and free of drinking is acceptable, but lets not make it a habit!! There is dancing that needs to get done and shoes to be worn, and glitter, and fake eyelashes, and hairspray to be used!

Saturday, when you return next week, I promise we will have more fun!

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