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Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Weekend!!

Friday has blessed us with its presence once again. Not only that, but it happens to be a long weekend, so no work on Monday! I think this weekend will be highly successful. Book Club at Devlin's tonight, which means oh so delicious martinis with some very lovely ladies.
I've got myself a date tomorrow, full of fun and surprises... I'm sure. I even have a new dress, and new leopard print Betsy Johnson shoes to wear! And, I got this fantastic new bra! Its double padded- so you know what that means ;)

Sunday... who knows... but I'm sure it will be satisfactory. And for Monday, I was invited to go to the river, however it will be with many strangers... so I have yet to decide if I shall go or not...

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. The rain has given way to, not so much tons of sunshine, but definitely to heat... summer is lookin up!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

life thoughts

I have decided I need to get the heck outta this place! and by this place, I mean Edmonton!
Not just for vacation, but for good...
But where would I go.... and after i decide where, what would I do?!

First off though, I'm going to go to Montreal in September for the Hot Red and Blue Rockabilly Festival.... even if I have to go alone. I have already learned not to rely on anyone, especially when travelling. But, who knows, maybe I will find an entertaining and cute boy to accompany me.

In the mean time, its time to focus on my future... what future....? oh my... life has a funny way about it....
You think you know what your going to do, you've got it all planned out, and it turns out the person you've loved for two years, never loved you back... then you've got to start all over again, all the while mending a broken hurt and re-learning to trust.

Well, I am only 24... but time goes by so quickly, i best get movin!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Office Space

Its a sunny Tuesday morning, as I sit in my lonely, dank, office. The sun is splintering through the wrangled blinds and music fills the dusty air....what really is this place I call work? The Storm Trooper coyly looks away, and the drywall laughs at me with its lack of colour and life. My pens are hanging onto their last breathe and know that sooner than later, they will met their end... in the garbage can, along with the other refuse, no longer wanted or needed. My fax machine blinks at me, asking why haven't I fixed him, why haven't I given him any attention... much needed attention... I have no answer for him. The post-it notes are all curling in at the edges, and the bursts of colour my eye periodically finds has nothing on the drab, white, grey and dirt that has taken over fort. My LG no longer exclaims that "Life's Good, but rather " Life is Good Elsewhere" and " There is no Life left in me". The single florescent light that rests above my head, clinging to the stained and troublesome ceiling, forces out an awkward, unwelcoming yellow light. The floor is bare cement, grey and cold, covered in a permanent layer of dirt. My drowning cactus is the only other life form, besides, myself of course, and the bugs that creep along the walls, and the mold that surely is growing somewhere in the nooks and crannies of this supposed office. The digital clock in the bottom of my computer screen slowing ticks along, teasing me, with every minute closer, but still hours away from quitting time. The electrical cords are tangled up among themselves and the various dust bunnies that hop along... always hopping along, proving impossible to exterminate. Pin holes pepper the dirty, lack lustre walls, which seem to scream in desperation " Love me, decorate me, please, I'm dying here". Aren't we all? The windows do not open, their is no fan, no air circulation. There is a pumping sound in the near distance; there is water in the vents, making the air humid and sticky- if only I was in an actual tropical destination, then I wouldn't mind. My desk chair has survived decades, and has arrived from the 80's to give me back-aches and frustration; its wheels are in their last trows of life, and debris of all kinds clings to its underneath, its sides, its everywhere. The screech of the telephone wakes me from a daze brought on by sheer boredom and the occasional thought of " how does a place such as this still exists, in this day and age...?" Yet, I am never woken from slumber to find it only a dream, instead I drag myself back, day in and out, flick on the grungy switch, and watch the light flicker on. I begrudging sit myself down on the stained and worn yellow wheelie chair, which somehow managed to escape its fate of necessary destruction and found its way, safely, to my office. I turn on my Life's not Good computer screen, which slowly blinks its way back to life... well, a sort of life. I check the emails, to find either nothing, or the same types of things I found the day before. And so starts my day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Finally, the summer sun has come out to play

This weekend was fairly eventful, although it lacked any partying or drinking! nonetheless, I shall recap for you...

Friday... not much happened...I met up with an old co-worker, we shared some stories and laughs over a drink... then home I went in the blistering and joyful heat, armed with a bag of oh so wonderful Lush goodies. I dropped off some products at Junque Cellar... I sell jewelry and hair accessories there... and then home I went, to wash my hair... I was suppose to go out, but as my friends prove unreliable, I did not, and ended up going to bed. Which was for the best, as I got up kind of early...? Saturday, and went to Capital Ex, with a co -worker and his little girls... A good time was had by all at the big city fair... then off to eat at Joeys on Jasper Ave. They have a great patio, one which I plan to re visit again, perhaps with a cute boy... We then went to a lake in Summer side, and had childish fun, and went on a paddle boat...
Then home again, where I rented a film or two and had an easy night, after a day filled with fun in the sun... i was tuckered out
Sunday I received a rather pleasant phone call, from my best friend, Leslee. You may remember here from my Vancouver tales. She was in town and headed to Padmanadi's... so delicious... so off we went to gorge ourselves in soy heaven. They have relocated and know are a bit more posh and stylish, but still have the same oh so fantastic menu... and I will be returning here again, very soon.
Sunday was also a very sunny hot day.... finally!
After Padmanadi's, we parted ways, and off I went to a cute boys house to watch a film, and cuddle... and maybe make out a bit...Well, midnight rolled around, and as I had to work in the morning, I decided I should probably head home, and as such, home I went...

and this brings us to Monday, which has been surprisingly busy... filled with actual work to do... and before I knew it, it was already noon.... oh happy noon, half way through the day!! how i love half way through the day, although not as much as 4, which the end of the day.

I hope you all had a fun filled weekend, and I do so look forward to next weekend, which happens to be a long weekend- my favorite type of weekend!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

i need a vacation...

The work week is coming to a happy end... today is Friday. Lovely, lovely Friday. My week has not been too exciting. Wednesday I watched a film with a cute boy... stayed up way too late, and was very tired yesterday, which resulted in a very early evening. No big plans for the weekend. I hear it is going to be sunny though, which always makes me happy.

Ill have to see what trouble I can get up to this weekend.... if any...hmmm.... what to do...

well, work is boring, as usual. I don't even have cherry with me today to keep me company...only 7 more hours to go....

have a pleasant weekend all....


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

pinch me if im dreaming...

hmm, its a sunny, yet tired, Wednesday morning. Why so tired Miss Lemon, you may be asking? Well, I was up later than usual because of my date! That's why! And here are the details I promised yesterday...
Well, he picked up at 7, and like the gentleman he is, he opened the car door for me... guys, take note, women like this.... I then gave him the scotch, which I couldn't tel if he liked it or not, but I think was pleasantly surprised either way. Off to dinner we went, to a Vietnamese place in Sherwood Park, where he pushed in my chair for me when I sat down... you may be asking, can he get any better? why yes, yes he can...
After dinner, we went for a drive and then back to his place, where we watched a ridiculous film... called Dr. Horrible... something, something. which was quite entertaining. He was very polite and gentlemen like, and did try any funny business... but then he kissed me, and it was very lovely indeed... and that is all the details you get... but we only kissed, that is all, because he is so nice!... now it was 11:30, yes!! on a week day! so, he drove me home and kissed me goodnight, and off to a smitten sleep I went...

Now, you may be saying to yourself, this seems to good to be true. And I agree....because I thought nice guys were extinct... time will tell.... and then I will tell you


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dream boy... do you really exist?

Ehm, also... I've got myself a date tonight, with a very nice guy indeed. I have regained all my lost hope that nice men exist.... I have found one, at last!
He's not old! or an alcoholic. He has his own place. Opens the door for ladies, and brings them flowers. He has a job and a car. And says the sweetest things. oh, yes, and wears cowboy boots... tee hee
I know he likes scotch, so I picked him up a bottle, even though I know nothing about scotch, and couldn't find the kind he drinks ( i looked in two liquor stores) so I got him something else, which the sales man says is better than what I was looking for. I hope he likes it. Of course he'll say he does, even if he doesn't....

Well, it was nice out, and now has gone cloudy, which is saddening... but I'm off work in an hour, and plan to have a lovely evening with my nice, sweet, handsome date. I suppose I will fill you in tomorrow...


just for you *

Well, i have finally got my laptop back, after being out of commission for over a month. so this means I can post some pictures, which you perhaps will enjoy....

such as cherry is her purple rain coat, to protect her from the horrible, non stop rain that has been going on for a month or so

And me and Little Lena, at Amber's wedding... I made my hat special for the wedding, and it matches my dress just right...
Me and my best pal, Leslee, drunk as fuck from all those shots she kept ordering us. Getting together and partying was well over due, so i accepted the disgusting shots, and had myself one great evening...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dreaming of cute boys and hot summer days

I had a very pleasant weekend, and am now going to share it with you...

Friday night I had a date with the same guy from Tuesday...
When he picked me up, he got out of his truck... and opened my door for me and once he got in he handed me a pink rose!! yes, that's right, a rose! I honestly haven't been given any sort of flower(s) in, oh, probably 5 years or so. We then went to the High Level Diner for dinner, then we went to check out the street performers downtown, but it was uneventful, so we went for a walk in the river valley, then got ice cream and went to his house to watch a film- Cool Hands Luke.
He was a perfect gentlemen, and didn't even try to put any moves on me! * sign* nice boys do exist after all!
He drove me home around 1:30, and off to bed I went, to dream lovely dreams

Saturday I met with my lovely friend Lindsay and we went to the farmers market, where I got so herbs- I'm going to try my darndest to keep them alive... I will update you on that later.Then off to Ikea, and finally her new house! which was very nice indeed

Then home for dinner, a bath and white wine spritzers. I then met said boy and friends for his birthday at the Empress. Seeing as how I was already drunk... after a bottle and a half of white wine, I was very friendly and giggly and had a great time.
Sunday....not so great. I had a massive hangover... damn wine. But the sun was shining so I forced myself to go outside, at least for a bit.
About an hour or so later, I came home to rest and eat, and then rent some films, and cuddle myself until it was time for bed. And that brings us to today... Monday. Still raining, still gloomy, but with thoughts of cute, oh so nice boys, Monday looks a lot better than it use to.


Friday, July 16, 2010

still raining...

well, it a dreary Friday morning... still, Friday, nonetheless, although I could do with out the rain, indeed I could.

Well, nothing much exciting has happened in the last day or so... I spent a shit load on groceries, but now I can actually nourish myself. I made a trip to Ikea... yet again... and got some lamp shades, and how convenient it was that one was missing a vital piece... not impressed!

Well,baby cherry is snoring away, and I have nothing else to listen to because I forget ,my ipod at home!! what a day!!

on the bright side... I have a date tonight, and after that a girly date with my dear friend Lindsay, at Filthys...

more to come latter

sun... please some back

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little less coversation...

Last night, I had a lovely little date at Block 1912 on Whyte Ave. It was a perfect excuse to wear the new dress I got from Betsey Johnson,while in Vancouver. I even got a compliment from an older man, who said "I just have to tell you, I love your style. You look like your from the early 40's.I love it"... why thank you kind gentlemen. *blush*

Yes, well, as I have said I was on a date. Mildly awkward... but that's due to my own shyness and awkwardness... but as time passed, it got a little more comfortable, and good conversation was had.

And of course,it was raining yesterday... all day. rain, rain, rain!!! Rain is no good for summer dates, where one could be out for a stroll in the park, and sharing ice cream...and other little romantic type things...

The date ended pleasantly enough and off home i went, trembling under my umbrella as the damn, cold rain continued on.

Half way through the week now... how lovely that is! and its pay day... which means grocery and Ikea shopping! then sleep.... I am oh so very tired this week, and have not a clue why, as I have been a very good girl, and have been getting myself to bed at a decent time! Maybe, I am restless and eager for the weekend... oh lovely weekend, how I miss you already...

hmmm... I would say Im ogg back to work... but really, there is no work to be done...so I suppose I'm off back to... nothing... or playing with baby cherry, who by the way is giving me allergies!

Enjoy your cloudy Wednesday afternoon


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

rain, rain, go away!

Its raining out today... go figure... summer where the heck have you gone? and when are you coming back?
I don't know how much of this fake summer I can take? no picnics, no bike rides, no strolls for ice cream, no sunbathing, no beach, no lake, no summer dresses, no drinks on a patio, no BBQ's, no, nothing summery, just umbrellas, pants, windshield wipers, hoods, and gloom...

well, this must mean its time for another vacation...somewhere nice, and sunny, and hot, even...

suggestions... for a 3-4 day semi-cheap vacation...?

Vegas, anyone?!

Monday, July 12, 2010

dreaming of a rock n roll wedding...

also, i know more than before, want to get married... which proves extra difficult when i have no one to get married to...

i sometimes go on wedding websites and look at all the lovely things. Ive even somewhat picked out my dress....

woe is me... haha

hola, monday

This weekend I headed down to Calgary for Amber's gorgeous wedding. The ceremony was at a church downtown and the reception was at The Ranche Restaurant, which was absolutely perfect.

Amber, of course, was stunning, in her mermaid cut white, lace gown, and vintage jewelry, veil less, but with a gorgeous white flower instead. Her bridesmaid were everything but tacky, in their BCBG black and cream tiered dresses, and teal high heels.

I stayed with lil Lena, one of the ladies who went to Vegas. I accompanied her and her boyfriend to the wedding, and much enjoyed myself. Despite being disappointed in some, Lena and Nick did not disappoint, and were fabulous hosts... I even had homemade pancakes the next morning!

I then drove home, Sunday afternoon, where i spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching films before retiring to bed around 10.

The upcoming week looks promising however, with a few dates here and there, the potential of a new laptop, not to mention its pay day on Wednesday... and I will have almost no bills to pay! How lovely!!

well, i know it wasn't that exciting or descriptive, but I did have a very enjoyable weekend, I spent very little money and got fairly drunk on Saturday, not to mention I got to dress up and I think I looked rather snazzy, if I do say so myself. Potentially pictures are to come... if I ever get my own laptop fixed!

well, if anything exciting happens tonight, you'll be sure yo hear about it tomorrow, but until then, have a very lovely Monday afternoon!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Lessons in Life

Its my favorite day of the week, Friday, and Ive been back from Vancouver since Wednesday night.

Here is a quick recap of the rest of my trip...
Well, I had gone there with tow friends, who decided to spend almost the whole time in Victoria, so I wondered about alone. Monday, I went shopping down Robson. I found the delightful Betsey Johnson store and bought a gorgeous jacket and beautiful silk dress. I had a delicious little cupcake, at the cutest cupcake store ( it was decorated like Alice In Wonderland). I had a peak in Tiffany's, stopped by Lush and wondered back to the hotel to change for dinner. Tuesday, I went to Stanley Park and the aquarium, hoped on the bus and went to the Art Gallery, then strolled through gas town and then back to the hotel to meet my mother, who then drove us to Granville Island where we enjoyed some dinner on the dock. Wednesday I went to the beach with my best friend Leslee. It was over 30 degrees out! Oh yes, and I also bought a giant sunhat, which of course I wore to the beach. We then went for ice cream, before departing ways. My mother and I dropped my bags at the airport, and went to the Elephant and Castle at the Delta and enjoyed a bite to eat on the patio, which overlooked the dock. All in all it was a good trip, one which I should have planned for alone, as I spent no time with the people I had gone with.
Well, I acquired one stunning black coat, one beautiful dress, one posh sun hat, a slight tan, and came to the realization that you can really, truly only depend on your self, as people are either genuinely selfish or too stupid to know any better.

Like I said it is Fridays, and Amber's wedding is this weekend. I have finally found a place to stay, and was able to switch tables, to avoid said people above. It should be a good time, one which I will report back in detail.

Have a good weekend

Monday, July 5, 2010

Update: Vancouver

Vancouver, Day 3

Just in my hotel home, getting ready to head out.

So here's whats happened so far...

On Saturday, as my comrades napped, I met with Leslee and we went shopping down Granville... We then went to The Tempelton, a cute little 50's diner, for dinner. We then went to Leslees house so she could get ready for our night on the town, back to the hotel so I could get ready, a few quick quick drinks, and off to catch the bus down to The Biltmore for much more drinking, and later, dancing. Drunk, we followed Miss Marissa's friend a million miles to his house, for some after "party" which was no so exciting, so we promptly left... and around 4:30, we finally crawled into bed...

Very, very hungover Sunday morning, I rolled of bed and groggily made my way to the living room where the other girls were up and giggling.

Oh yes, also there was an ants nest on out room... so we moved rooms...

Well, Leslee and I got ourselves ready, while Miss Marissa and Ceileigh got organized to head over to Victories. Leslee and I dragged ourselves back to... The Tempelton for some very delicious, but very hungover breakfast...well, it was back to the hotel for some much needed recovery. Some time later I emerged from the hotel and went for a little stroll. I then met up with Leslee and her boyfriend, and we went to the Chinese Night Market, where I got a kimono robe, a bunch of fans, some very cute, very cheap shoes, and a cute little green cherry necklace. We then went to Foundation for some very tasty vegetarian food.

This brings us to today... and its time to go out. The sun is trying oh so hard to shine, so I best go enjoy it


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Despicable Me - Official Trailer 4 [HD]


Well, its Day One in cloudy Vancouver.

we have successfully checked in, however did not have a successful breakfast. A horrible "dinner" was recommended to us... Rosie's, on Robson's St... which turned out to be an Elephant and Castle. We had the worst service... just awful!! And now, my lovely comrades are napping.... umm hmm, napping. And here I am waiting for my best friend to arrive, to go shopping! And not napping...

Well, hopefully the sun will pop its head out, even just for a bit, and my comrades will wake up a little sunnier shortly... and we will get all dolled up, drink some cherry whiskey and hit the town!

but we are not sure yet where to go... although anything that's not the Black Dog will be a nice change! Even though I do adore the black dog...

Maybe tomorrow Ill be having too much fun to post, so you best enjoy this one!

Have yourself a lovely little Saturday


Friday, July 2, 2010


well its almost time for bed, cause I have to up around... 4:30 am... but I thought Id give you a few little details of my day....

i left work early, and by the end of the day it felt like I hadn't even gone to work! which was nice. So after getting my pay check I as off to the ranch... i mean... my parents house in the country, to finish up the selling of my truck... then... it was off to the bank which my big stacks of hundreds! oh yeah. baller! Then off to future shop to buy a pretty new purple camera, and then next door to Shoppers to get some hair dye, so Id be all fresh and touched up for my trip. Finally, I was off home, knackered! But i made myself paint my toenails, dye my hair, and tidy up my flat and take out the remaining trash and recycle, so it would be so welcoming coming home late Wednesday night...

Also, if I do not post this weekend, or even Monday, do not fret!! Its only because I am having too much fun, to bother... oh, little blog, I kid, I kid, its only because I wont have time to spare, not like when I am at work...
Well, little lady Ceileigh should be here soon, and then its off to bed. The early bird gets the worm... or the plane to Vancouver...?

Have a lovely weekend without us


Lolita Lemon

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

Well, I'm sure you will all be happy to hear that...I did go out last night!! Right after my very painful, monthly waxing... I put on a cute outfit, put my hair in very appropriate pigtails, and headin on down to the ol baseball game! Although, I cant tell you who won... I wasn't really paying attention...there was just too much drinking to be done, boys to be looked at, and gossip to be told... what can I say? I'm a girl...
Needless to say, I got a wee drunk...
After the game, and the fireworks, we walked our fine selves... Miss Lemon, Ceileigh, Miss Jex, and my new friend, Angela....down to Whyte ave, where we walked into what seemed like an abandoned Black Dog...we were not impressed...so we skipped down to Fat Franks...and again were met with disappointment...Closed... so we settled for Pita Pit... and then off home I went, to hop into my cuddly bed, and drift off into a drunken slumber... only to wake up at 6:58...2 minute before my alarm clock was due to go off....

Well, my friends, to day we are greeted with....Friday!! I worked out a lovely deal with my boss, that if I worked yesterday, as I do not ever work on holidays, I could go home early today! I also am giving my beautiful truck to her new owners today... its a sad, yet celebratory day...as my bank account will be oh so happy...
Then perhaps I will dye my hair, finish packing, and go to bed early, as tomorrow will be another early morning for me....as I am off to Vancouver for five lovely, stress free days...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jump, Jive, and Wail - Brian Setzer vs. The Jetsons

Brian Setzer rockin out on the Jetsons

Rosie the Robot

July 1st... Canada Day... that is why the roads were so bare as I drove to work today...yes, I am working today, although I did ask to work... because I'm missing a few days next week.. and a girls gotta make some money!!

Last night I cleaned my flat oh so good!! I washed my sheets! and all my other laundry, i vacuumed, swept, moped, took out the garbage and recycle. I even almost finished packing for Vancouver. And on Tuesday, I organized all my lovely shoes, and the insane closet they are in.
So, needless to say, my apartment is all spic n span...
Like I said yesterday, I believe it was, what is happening to me?! I need to go out! Vodka misses me!
Well hopefully I make it out tonight... who knows though with the way things are going. But you best believe Saturday night I will be painting the town red, with my dear best friend Leslee, who I haven't seen in almost a year!

Well, one hour down, only 7 more to go... oh dear... what am I going to do... I mean, usually there's not much to do at work anyway, but no one else is working today, so really there is nothing to do! And I don't even have baby Cherry today to play with!

what to do, what to do....
Dream about cute boys, sunshine, and cocktails... done!!