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Friday, July 29, 2011

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This Weeks Lust Haves

Oh thank goodness its Friday! I had a very un-restful sleep, a rushed morning, and uncooperative hair... and, of course, am sitting at work instead of enjoying the summer. These are the day I wish I was still in school... just to get those 2-3 months off for summer vacation.
Well, its time to cheer up by looking at beautiful things I'm lusting over... and so commences Lust Haves- ultimate dream edition

1.Long pretty hair ( mine doesn't know what it wants right now, and isn't listening to me very well)

2 A fabulous retro pink kitchen

3. A gorgoeus pair of heels... and it wouldn't hurt it they we're Louboutins

4. A tea party...one day when I have a big house with a big yard, I will have many fabulous tea parties with all of my friends

5. A new pink bicyle

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Lemon Gets A Roomate

Yesterday my new room mate moved in... Angel... no she's not a stripper... in fact, shes just a fluffy cat! She is actaully my boyfriends cat... but he is moving to a place where he can't have her and so now she lives with me. The problem is... she only likes my boyfriend... like, she will claw your eyes out if you are not her! Okay, maybe not really... but she will attack you at any given moment if the mood strikes her. But for now, she is hiding under the bed, in the furthest corner, so that no one can get her. She hasn't even come out to eat or use the kitty litter!

The thing is...shes so cute and cuddly looking... but not in actuality... so its basically like she is just teasing me. I love animals! And i love to cuddle them! Even if I'm allergic to them and they make my eyes itch like mad.

My boyfriend says she will eventually warm up to me... especially when he is gone to Europe for a month ( with out me! ). Here's hoping!! Maybe, just maybe, she will, one day, crawl up onto my bed and into my arms and give me my well deserved kisses and cuddles! After all, we had to clear off half of the bathroom counter just for her, and make my shoe closet ( which is really a giant storage closet ) more compact for her kitty litter box and mess up my well devised living room colour scheme- here scratch post simply does not match!

I wanted to post a picture of her so you could see how cute she is, but like I said, she is in hiding for the time being.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunshine and Working Out

The rain has stopped... only briefly I'm sure... and the sun is out... and guess what? Im at work.. of course.
Ive been super good working out this week! Have you?!! There are tons of races, runs and marathons in the summer... Im thinking about doing one... or two... but Im not sure how far I can run... I need to get a pedometer... well what I really want is a heart rate monitor that also calculates how many steps Ive taken/ how far Ive run. The most Ive run at once is 4 miles... in about 50 minutes, so I know I could do a 5km...and probably a 10km... but Id really love to run a half marathon but that might have to wait until next summer. There are Disney runs/marathon at Disney Land... oh how Id love to run in one of those!!

Ive worked out every day so far this week...I know its only been three days, but hey, I almost never work out on Sundays! I worked outside twice and went to yoga once and am heading back outside today on account of the sunshine!

And remeber to drink tons of water and use sunscreen everyday! even if its overcast!

Miss Lemon joins the army... ( not really)

Ive got a special treat for ya'll today! A little while back I did a wee photo shoot... with some army tanks. Now, by no means am I a "model" but a gal can dream, cant she? Well, here are a few of my favorite shots. They haven't been photo shopped, so keep that in mind. The photographer also took some shots with an old school camera that uses film! Imagine that! You can tell which ones they are.
The photographer was Craig Janzen, a local guy, who I happened to go to high school with. Feel free to check out website: http://www.craigjanzen.com/. Ive done a couple of shoots with him now and have some gorgeous photos because of it.

Here you go, eat your heart out ( tee hee)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miss Lemon & the City

oops... I forgot yesterdays all important sex and the city quote!

"Everywhere I looked, people were standing in two's. It was like Noah's upper west side rent-controlled ark."
Carrie Bradshaw

I always go grocery shopping by myself, and sometimes I get sad when I see the couples happily grocery shopping together... even though I have a bf, he doesn't usually come with me.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Picture Extravaganza

Good Morning cats and kittens! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Except for the rain, my weekend was splendid. I have a bunch of pictures to share of it as well!! Yee haw!

Friday, it rained, go figure! So i baked some cookies... well, the best cookies Ive ever made to be exact! They were just regular chocolate chip cookies... which I got from Martha Stewart's website! There is atcaully tons of great recipes on her website and I highly recommend you check it out.

Then I made some nachos for dinner. nom nom
Saturday was a bit for lively! The Taste of Edmonton is on for a week and a half. A bunch of local restaurants set up a booth downtown at Churchill Square and offer you a taste of their best dishes for only a few bucks! My bf and I got some tasty snacks and sat under the cloudy sky to enjoy them.chicken penne & green onion cakes

The Indy was also on this past weekend! Not that I care that much for race cars...but there was an Indy Race Week festival...of sorts... A bunch of rockabilly bands were playing for free downtown! Now, I like that!
Hillbilly Casino, from Nashville, were there.

And a Mexican band Los StraitJackets

And the icing on the cake... Lee Rocker from the Stray Cats! Me-ow!
Me and Tara, rockin' the town.
Oh and a wee friend:Sunday, the sun finally came out!! My bf and I did some much needed organizing around the house, then went for a little drive to Duchess!

And a little later in the day I went for a well needed run/workout in the sunshine.

And so completed my very refreshing weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lusting over Lately

Well, its finally raining while Im at at work... instead of being sunny all day and then raining as soon as I get off work,which has been the case for the majority of the last two weeks. But seriously, there is so much rain! Good thing I have a big umbrella...although my bag, my feet and the bottom of legs still got fairly wet.

Well, I haven't been taking my iron supplement lately, which perhaps may be why Im so exhausted this week... I just haven't had time to go buy more... I actually have to buy a bottle every two weeks... it doesn't last very long... There is no where Id rather be right now that snuggled up in bed... well, except for maybe Vegas or a tropical beach...

And so begins another mundane day.... but to make it a little more cherry... here are my lust haves for this week
1. An unlimited yoga pass... Yoga is so expensive its basically extortion! It makes it hard to go because well, the average person cannot afford it...unless you spend your money on nothing else. It cost $17 to drop in! $17!!! And a 10 class pass is something like $130! There usually 20-50 people in a class... you do the math... extortion!

2 Willaim Rast Jeans... oh how they fit so good...one day this little lemon will have a nice black pair

3. A manicure and a pedicure! How nice would that be! But again, I really have no time whatsoever to sit and relax for a few hours...and well, I don't have the money right now either.

4. An vintage bed frame... how luxurious!

Check out the link above... its to a fabulous blog all about decadence and beautiful bridal pictures, etc

5. A pair of 1950's gloves... my hands are too big for genuine vintage gloves... and Im not sure where to find new ones which are actually nice. Id love some black ones or lace ones to wear with a pretty little dress. Oh how elegant!

The picture above is from Ruffled Blog...one of favorite blogs...mostly because its all about gorgeous weddings!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


well, I accomplished 3 of the 20 things I would rather be doing yesterday... three not so very exciting things... I got groceries, finished the laundry and went for a run...

There was a looming rain cloud which I thought would ruin my chance of a run last night, but alas, it passed and it was warm and sunny!

Again, Ive grown a little tired with my weekly features and so we are kind of in limbo, whilst I figure it all out. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thursdays I usually talk about travel... but as I can't travel right now, well, it makes me just the tiniest bit sad...

Well, that's all for now... Im sure Ill stop by later when something more exciting has come up. Its only 10 o'clock...nothing too monumental has happened yet...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A List...

Things I could be doing today, but instead am at work, literally sitting, staring at my computer doing nothing...

1. Sleeping In- I could still be asleep right now!
2. Buying groceries
3. Going for a run
4. Baking- i feel like baking cookies but have no time to do it :(
5. Going for a bike ride
6. Going to the craft store- I need new ribbon dammit!
7. Making things for Lolita Lemon- like jewelery and headbands and hair flowers and other lovely things
8. Organizing my giant storage closet- its not being used to its fullest potential
9. Finishing my laundry I started last night
10. Going to Yoga
11. Going Thrift Store shopping
12. Trying to sell some used books and cds- they have just been sitting there, but I have no time to take them to the used book store
13. Rolling all my change- it needs to be done sooner or later
14. Organize my clothing closet- its a wee bit messy
15. Getting my hair cut- well trimmed, rather, but either way, it needs to be done.
16. Take my sewing machine to get fixed
17. Actually enjoy summer, by sitting on a patio or having a picnic in the park- it always seems to start raining as soon as Im off work
18. Paint my apartment- boy, could it ever use a fresh coat, or two, of paint.
19. Visit with people who I never get to see because of our clashing schedules or because Im always so busy after work trying to jam in everything I need to get done.
20. Getting a manicure and pedicure- oh how I dream of the day I will have to time to go to the spa.

I'm sure there is even more things I could think of that I could be doing today... or tomorrow... or the next day... but 20 seems like a sufficient list of things I wont get to do today... well, maybe, if I'm lucky Ill cross off a few tonight... like getting groceries and going for a run...

What would you rather be doing today?!

Me "baking"


Hello wee blog readers! Hmmm... i haven't really been doing my features lately... but that's probably because I grew tired of them. Today is suppose to be workout wednesday... I hope you are all still working out!! I am!! I try to workout everyday... but the weekend gets the better of me... Im just too busy! What an excuse, right?! But I did go for a run on Monday and to yoga yesterday...so 2 out of 3 days this week aint so bad! Plus, I still have 4 more days to work out!

Anyways... remember to keep hydrated and wear sunscreen...and bug spray! Those damn mosquito's have made it so I cant wear bare legs... because they are covered in bites, which really is not sexy.

Any now...after only 1 hour and 21 mins of work... I'm exhausted! I'm still not sleeping very well. And it took over an hour to fall asleep last night! Well, only 7 more hours to go!

I found this picture a little while ago, and well, its just what we need today... something oh so irresistibly cute to put a smile on your face...even if just for a minute.

hot dog!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Perfect Day

Well, it's Tuesday, which means I'm working today... but if I weren't working, my oh my, what I would do... lets all close out eyes and imagine our perfect (non work ) day

I would sleep in until 9 or 10... get up and make some oh so yummy waffles with berries and syrup and whip cream and veggie bacon.

Id then get ready for a beautiful summer day.

Id hop on my bicycle and in my basket would go: one picnic. one boston terrier puppy. one Frisbee. one beach bag filled with all my beach necessities and one can of sunscreen ( just to be safe). This is only imaginary remember, so my basket can fit many things! tee hee

Id then go for a lovely little bike ride in the sunshine to get my bf. He would get his bike and off we would go to the beach, where we would find the perfect spot to set up. After lounging and playing and eating out picnic we would pack up and ride to a patio to enjoy ice gold lemonade or rum punch or sangria or something wonderful and fruity.

We would then find a fabulous flea market and buy the most wonderful vintage jewelry and other knick knacks and fudge and other treats.

Then we would finally ride home to get ready for dinner... and the carnival! We would have the most yummy dinner ever on a warm sunny patio. I would have something so good and vegetarian of course, which I could never make myself, with the best long island ice tea I've ever had.

Then off to the carnival we'd go, to ride the Ferris Wheel and bumper cars and play games and win silly stuffed animals and eat cotton candy. After we tired of the carnival, we would walk towards home and on the way come across a pool, where we would swim in the moon light! Ah, yes, how romantic! After giggles and swims and kisses, we would collect out clothes and head home.

At home, I would find my little puppy ( who I don't actually have) waiting for me to attack me with puppy kisses and cuddles. Id make a nice cup of delicious tea ( maybe chocolate or buttered rum or perhaps a little chamomile). We would snuggle up on my oh so big and comfy couch (which I also don't have) and talk about the lovely day we just had and how we cant wait for tomorrow to have another perfect day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Update

Time sure flies when your having fun... the weekend went by too quickly and now that its Monday, it appears time has stopped...
Anyway, heres your weekend update

Well, the weather was pretty good this weekend! And even though I didn't go to the beach or have a bbq or lounge around in my swim suit, I did have a good time!

Friday, I worked out... a very good workout, in fact... it was warm and kind of sunny... Then I went to the grocery store... where I got hit on by a creepy 50 year old man with broken english... This is what happened:
Me: Looking at can openers
Man: Oh, how much is tha pineapple ( i had a pineapple in my cart)
Me: I think 3.50 ( I return to looking at can openers)
Man: Did you know you can plant the top of the pineapple and it will grow into another pineapple? Ive done it before
Me: Oh really? Thats cool
Man: You look familiar, do you come here often?
Me: I do my grocery shopping here
Man: Me too, or I go to the North side
Man: The other day there was a man selling real Armani leather jackets outside. He said they were worth $300... I bought one for $40. You like leather?
Me ( wearing a faux leather vest): No, Im a vegetarian, this isnt real.
Man: Im kind of a vegetarian. I had a kidney problem and I read a book that told me to eat lots of vegetable's and it would help kidneys
Me: Interesting
Man: Im blah blah blah. ( puts his hand out to shake mine)
Me: ...Nice to meet you.
Man: So what are you doing later?
Me:... Meeting my boyfriend
Man: Oh... How long you dating?
Me:... A year and a half.
Man: Oh... we can be friends. Here, I give you my number
Me: No, I dont think so
Man: Oh... your boyfriend wouldnt like that? You can tell him we are just freinds
Me: No, thats not a good idea
Man: Oh, he might bite me
Me: Yah, probaby
Man: Oh, okay, goodbye then

WTF?! It was so creepy and inappropriate. That has never happened to me before and I didnt know what to do!

Saturday: I ran errands... Im always too busy for anything during the week, so my weekend usually consists of running errand... like getting yummy chocolate tea from Davids Tea's
Saturday night I went out with my friend Tara... we drank some vodka Tom Collins, then headed out to the bar...for cheap beers on the patio. Well, there was a line up to go up to the silly patio and while waiting in line a group of lame girls went in front. I told them there was a line and one girl said "Thats nice", I then to my friends said that girl was a 'bleep', to which she oh so cleverly replied " fuck you"... well the bouncer told them they couldnt go up... but!! one of the girls knew the bouncer so he said they could go... I made eye contact with him and said we had been waiting so he said we could go up to. Well, we proceeded to go up and one of the girls puts her hand on my shoulder and said "Your not with us" I replied " The bouncer said we could go up" then she said something... which made me reply " you don't work here" then!!! the stupid bouncer said to me " do you want to go home?!" huh?!!! so i just walked away. Girls are so lame!! Get over yourself, ladies!

Sunday: it was nice and warm and sunny!! so we went to the park to enjoy the sun and an ice cream. Then my lovely boyfriend took me out for dinner to my favorite restaurant. mmm nom nom nom. They we went to see Bridesmaids, which was very funny!!! And, well, thats it!

Which brings us to Monday... dreadful Monday


Friday, July 15, 2011

Lusting Over

Friday! Friday.... la la la la its Friday!

Well, Ive been so busy posting about my vacation I didn't do any of my weekly features... but that's okay, cause I was thinking of cutting back anyway... except for Fridays Lust Have's.

But before I get to my list...I have been having difficulty sleeping lately... I'm super tired, so I go to bed, but don't fall asleep for an hour or two... then I wake up through out the night to see what time it is...because I think Ive slept through my alarm or that it isn't on... but I never do and it always is! So.. my entire nights sleep is interrupted by my stupid brain having to check the time! And! I turned off my alarm in my sleep the other night... maybe I thought it was the weekend or that I didn't need it to get up... gahhh!!! Anyone have a solution?!

Alright, time for my weekly Lust Haves

1. A manicure with that fancy new gel nail polish that doesnt chip for weeks! Oh, and a pedicure would be nice too!!

2. A trip to Spain... Ive been there once and wouldn't mind going again...Id lounge at the beach and drink Sangria all day and night!

3. New Running Shoes... but specifically Nike ones...


4. A Dress from etsy shop Dainty Rascal... like this one

5. A Money Tree... those exsist right?

Have a good weekend wee bloggers!! I know Im going to have bust one... hopefully busy will also mean fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend update- Part 3

This week is just flying by...and I still have more to tell you about my weekend!

Day 4: Sunday. There was a market in China town, so we stopped there for a bit before making our way to Beacon Hill Park. There were some cool vendors... but I didnt buy anything...
Off to Beacon Hill Park!
It was a little cloudy and not as warm as I would have liked, but on we went. The park was in full bloom and there was music in the air... literally. There was an old time, swing jazz band playing in the park!

In case you didnt know... there is a petting zoo in the park... and also, if you didnt know, I love love love animals! Now, its not the worlds best petting zoo... but it had miniture piglets, so to me, it was pretty rad! I love anything miniature! And pigs are one of my favorite animals. I pretty much hoarded the pig to myself and prevented the other children from petting it... I say 'other' as if I'm a child... tee hee... I just love animals. Anyway, here are some pictures of me gleefully petting the pig.

And other baby animals...

There were tons of peacocks hanging about... and a few even had their feathers up!!!

After I had finished obssesing over the baby animals we headed down to the beach to seach for crabs and sea shells...both of which we did not find.

Well, we hadnt really eaten very much all day...and we had literally been walking for hours... so we made our way back in to town to find some food...

We went to a little pub...called garricks or something of the sort.

My bf got a burger and fries... looks petty tasty...especially that giant pickle!

And I had a falafel...not the best Ive ever had...but still fairly tasty... And the fries were pretty good too.

After eating and relaxing and wondering and enjoying the sun that finally decided to come out, we went to see a film... yup... Bad Teacher... which I actually thought was really funny!! Then we walked back to the hotel... with just enough time to go swimming for half an hour... We suited up and headed down...only to find the pool inhabited by a huge family...with many children...who splashed me when I went in the water... not to mention both my boyfriend and I have plenty tattoos and are not your average looking bears... when the huge family enjoying the pool was very traditional and covered pretty much head to toe... needless to say... we left the pool.

Day 5: Monday. Our last day in Victoria... spent doing last minute shopping and paroozing (?). We picked up some Rogers Chocolates...nom nom nom... went back to china town to get a coin purse and slippers, checked out the Parliament building and sat on the boardwalk.

We went to The Joint to get some pizza
And thats pretty much it! We caught our plan later than night and all went smoothly... and now here I am, back at work...