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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Lemon Gets A Roomate

Yesterday my new room mate moved in... Angel... no she's not a stripper... in fact, shes just a fluffy cat! She is actaully my boyfriends cat... but he is moving to a place where he can't have her and so now she lives with me. The problem is... she only likes my boyfriend... like, she will claw your eyes out if you are not her! Okay, maybe not really... but she will attack you at any given moment if the mood strikes her. But for now, she is hiding under the bed, in the furthest corner, so that no one can get her. She hasn't even come out to eat or use the kitty litter!

The thing is...shes so cute and cuddly looking... but not in actuality... so its basically like she is just teasing me. I love animals! And i love to cuddle them! Even if I'm allergic to them and they make my eyes itch like mad.

My boyfriend says she will eventually warm up to me... especially when he is gone to Europe for a month ( with out me! ). Here's hoping!! Maybe, just maybe, she will, one day, crawl up onto my bed and into my arms and give me my well deserved kisses and cuddles! After all, we had to clear off half of the bathroom counter just for her, and make my shoe closet ( which is really a giant storage closet ) more compact for her kitty litter box and mess up my well devised living room colour scheme- here scratch post simply does not match!

I wanted to post a picture of her so you could see how cute she is, but like I said, she is in hiding for the time being.


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