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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pole Dancing 101

I had my first first pole dancing class night... it was fairly awkward... and odd.... most of the women in the class were middles aged... it was a weird crowd. Well, we learned some sexy moves and twirls on the pole... hopefully in the next few weeks the awkward level will go down... and Ill learn some useful things ;)

Boot Camp tonight... joy...


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cherry, is she a girl or a boy?

Saturday, cherry and I went for a job through the river valley... and this such anecdote occured on out run...

As we were jogging along, we came across two women and their little girls... maybe 4 and 5... who knows...
They were asking about her...her name, what kind of dog she was etc etc.
And then one of them says " I know how to tell if a dog is a girl or a boy. Boys have penis' " umm hmm, yah she said that! The adults were too far ahead to here this by the way.
The other little girl, who was younger says " What are penis' ?" The first little girl, giggles and says " Its what boys pee out of" WTF?! It made me laugh anyway....Even the the girl still had to ask if cherry was a girl or a boy....

I thought it was pretty funny....

Boot Camp Day # 6

Last night was boot camp. It was such a nice night out! So perfect for boot camp! Today, oh, I am so sore!! Well worth it indeed!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

Jimmy Eat World was just on David Letterman performing a new song... and it made me think of this older song... I loved this song in high school... and well, still do! Whenever it comes on the radio I turn it up super load and sing along like no ones business

Boot Camp Day # 5

I had an extra boot camp class tonight.... ugh, it was so hard! My stomach, and arms, and shoulders were killing me from yesterday.... but i persevered! I got good and sweaty!

Then i headed to a few stores... then home... to make dinner, bake a few cakes, tidy up, and pick out some cute outfits for a little photo shoot i have tomorrow...

Now Im just chillin, drinking a white wine spritzer, thinking about heading to bed pretty soon

Have a good weekend guys and dolls


Friday, September 24, 2010

Boot Camp Day # 4

I had my fourth boot camp day yesterday. It was actually kind of nice out, which was a bonus. We worked on our " guns", as the trainer called them! tee hee

Well, when I got home from the work out I could barley lift a thing! Today, oh, I'm sore!! But thats all good with me, because eventually I'm gonna be strong!... or strongish... and will be able to open jars with out any mans help!!

There is an extra boot camp day today... I'm going to be exhausted tonight!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Foofur Theme Song

Fourfur was my beloved childhood companion. I had... well still do have... a stuffed animal FouFur. The thing is, its not even cuddly, because he's so skinny and lanky... but I loved him none the less. Most people have no idea what the hell Im talking about when I mention FouFur... so here he is!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boot Camp Day # 3

Last night was day three of my bootcamp... and it was a hard one!! But fun... at the same time.... umm hmmm....

That is all....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cherry- The Wunder Dog

Cherry always makes me smile... well usually... I thought she might make you smile too. Here are some oh so cute pictures of Cherry... shes such a great model At work, chillin with her tongue out ^^^

And posing on my bed... so cute!

Further Seems Forever - "Snowbirds and Townies"

Feeling nostalgic today... another of my favorite songs from High School...

Something Corporate Live Ventura DvD Konstantine

This was one of my favorite songs in high school. I still love it. I know its long... but you should just listen/watch anyways. It makes me think of my best friend and my high school boyfriend... when we were full of teen angst and wanted to rebel and fall in love...

Kate Nash - Mouthwash - Official Music Video

Kate Nash.... *swoon*
I dont feel much like telling about my weekend this moring... and as such am just going to post other shit... like videos... hopefully to cheer us all up

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night In....

Ho Hum.... Friday night... watching sex and the city... oh faithful sex and the city!
This lemon is oh so tired! Too tired to go out! Yes, really! Miss Lemon is not going out on a Friday night. Boot Camp has kicked my butt!!
On the sunny side.... there is a special someone on their way over... which makes up for the lack lustre of the night thus far...

Tomorrow though... well let me tell you... tomorrow I am finally getting my hair cut by a professional for the first time in, oh... two years! Yah, I know! And then... maybe a stroll down whyte... a stop in at the farmers market... dinner for two cooked by Miss Lemon herself... and then drinks of course, to make up for the not going out tonight! And will be ending the night with some much needed cuddles.

This lemon is almost all squeezed out! Tired... as usual. Worried about money... yet again. And was way too busy this week, what with working out everyday, cleaning my whole flat, taking out loads of garbage and recycle, laundry, doctors appointments, this and that... And... feeling a wee bit lonely... as happens with single gals living alone... while all her friends have boyfriends and companions and best friends...But such is life, and well, I'm sure it wont last for long... well, at least I hope not...

hope your all enjoying your Friday night... have a drink... or two.. for me!!


Boot Camp Day # 2

Last night I was my second night at Boot Camp. It was a little chilly but I sweat up a storm!
We did a lot of bum and legs exercises, and then a bunch of ab ones. Its definitely hard work, but its gonna be so worth it in the end!!! Next Boot Camp is on Monday... well see how I am after the weekend...

Not much else, expect that its Friday! The most wonderful day of all! I even get to leave early today... to go to the doctors... but still, its leaving early!!

Work is the same... boring. Except my work laptop ( not the one I'm using right now) does not want to cooperate with me!! It wont let me type shit... although I kind of think that has to do with the fact that the trail run of word and excel has expired and I need the for real programs... hmmm... I really don't know if that's going to happen today.

Baby cherry is at work too. In her cuddly little green hoody!! Oh so cute! I really need to post more pictures of her! Perhaps I will do that next week

I'm not too sure what Ill be getting up to this weekend.... maybe new city tonight, hair cut tomorrow plus a date with a certain cute boy...

Dont do anything I wouldn't do!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall is here

Well, I think summer has abandoned us. I actually had to turn the heat on in my flat the other day. How depressing. It looks like a trip to Vegas may be in order!!

I went to yoga last night with Miss Amber. Mmmmm. It felt so good after wards, and I'm not so sore today...

Boot camp again tonight... I think it might snow a little. Great. I can't wait.
This week has been rather tame. I didn't even go shopping!!

Well, tomorrow is the beloved Friday, and who knows what I will get up to this weekend,

Enjoy your gloomy, cold, depressing Thursday


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (1957)

Jerry Lee Lewis... kinda a dream boat....

Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins - Mean Woman Blues/Blue Suede

Nothing New to Report

Its hump day!! Only 2 and a half days until the weekend!

Last night was uneventful. I did a bunch of laundry, moped my kitchen floor, made stir fry, did yoga, read.... yah... like I said... not too exciting.

My body is still so sore. That's a good thing, though, I suppose. I'm going to yoga class tonight with my girlfriend... I don't know if I'm going to make it through though!! And then I have Boot Camp again tomorrow.

Myself and Miss Brit enrolled in pole dance classes!! I'm super excited for that! I'm actually not very sexy, so could use a lesson or two in that area. Plus, work out at the same time!

Well, I guess I should get back to work...


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boot Camp Day # 1

I had my very first Boot Camp class last night, and you better believe I'm sore today!! It was about an hour and 15 mins long. There was warm up,of course, and then we did some...hmmm... activity stations....? That sounds like kindergarten class... Anyways, there was 9 stations... for example... push ups, full sit ups, running lines, one legged squats... etc etc. You had to see how many of the one thing you could do in a minute and then on the last day of the Boot Camp you do it all again and can see how much you have improved. Very smart idea!

Well, I was the youngest one there.... I thought maybe there would be some ladies around my age... but nope... I'm the odd one out! None the less, I'm super excited to get fit! Oh yah!!! By November, Ill be ready to go... to the beach!!!

I was exhausted afterwards, so I had a shower, washed my hair, watched the season premier of 90210, read a bit then, had a lovely sleep...

And woke up to the tune of my cell phone... which is a good thing because my damn alarm clock is broken and did not go off!!

No big plans for this evening... or much this week really. Need to get some rest, and do some cleaning... hmmm... not so exciting...


Monday, September 13, 2010

I got a feelin that tonights gonna be a good good night

Monday, Monday... theres no rest for the wicked... and as such, I got very little rest this weekend, and am oh so tired today! And to make it ever better, I start my bootcamp tonight! Woe is me...

Well, here is what happened this weekend...

Friday... got all dolled up had some delicious blueberry vodka.... yes, my dear friend Vodka came for a a visit. Then off I went to Miss Brit's new flat... a very nice flat it was too... and we had another drink or two. Then we went to.... filthys....? It gets a little foggy here...had some drinks... went to black dog...? Then, well, then I don't really recall. I know I ran into Miss Amber ( from book club and Vegas) and was told I ran off with her somewhere....Also, I we bumped into a coworker... and I may have teased him about living at home... you all know how I feel about guys who live at home... ;)
And would you believe who drove from Red Deer to get to Edmonton at 3am just to come for some cuddles... well its that darn cute boy Ive been talking about lately... oh how I love to cuddle.
Saturday, well, said cute boy was still at my place, and as such we stayed in bed until 2 in the afternoon! And we cuddled and made out and such goes the story...
We went to Route 99 for some...good....? breakfast... then took baby cherry for a walk in the river valley. As the cute boy was staying for the weekend, we got changed and headed out for a bit. First to DV8, then to the Elephant and Castle, and then back to DV8. We headed back to my place around 1am as I was almost too tired to stand! We put on a film and cuddled on the couch and both fell asleep... yes I know, not so exciting, but hey every night cant be wet and wild....?....

Sunday.... more cuddles of course... then lunch at Dadeos... then it was time for my cute boy to go home and for me to go grocery shopping and then to my physical assessment for my boot camp... and after that... oh yes, another Tupperware Party! You ask, can the third time really still be exciting? Oh you bet it can...

Then off home to bed... sweet sweet bed... and up too early today...

I will be sure to let you know how bootcamp goes today... that is if I make it through the night...


Friday, September 10, 2010

A first for Miss Lemon

This afternoon, I tried Sushi for the first time... yes, at 24 years old, today was the very first time I have ever had Sushi!! And what did I think of it, you ask? Well... I thought it was horrible, so much so I actually had to spit it out, like a 5 year old child...And no, it was not at a restaurant, Miss Lemon has more class than to spit out her food at a restaurant. It was at my office. A coworker was ordering Sushi and upon hearing I had never tried it ordered some avocado ones for me to try... it was a nice gesture indeed, if only I could have should my appreciation by enjoying it...

Im sippin on blueberry vodka and juice, in a very little tiger print dress, with my hair and makeup did, waitin to go out... also feelin a little bit smitten over a certain cute boy....

Have a good weekend guys and dolls xoxo

Time Bomb Baby....yes...

Well, fancy that! Its already Friday! My oh my how this week flew right by!

And there is plenty to tell:

Tuesday, as you would know if you read my last post, I had a date. A very nice date indeed. He picked me up at my flat, and we walked to Accent on Whyte Ave. A nice, little "European" lounge. We shared a bottle of wine, had some food, I was very awkward and shy... hmmmm... then we went to the Black dog for a pint, and strolled down to DV8... and what a gentleman my date was... he gave me his jacket because he knew i was cold! Why did we go to DV8 you ask? Well, simply because my date's band was playing... perhaps in time to come, I will let you know which band that is....
Well, he bought me a drink, we chatted, we mingled, he played... and even dedicated a song to me... but his mike was off... so I didn't hear it, but he told me he did!!
After, we didn't stay much longer, and we skipped home, holding hands, for some kissing and cuddling... oh yes! just cuddles...mmmm, how I love cuddles.
My dear boss....haha... let me come in late Wednesday, so I got a few more morning cuddles, and then had to say goodbye to a very good date indeed!
Wednesday... ahh, Wednesday was pay day! Hooray! So Miss Brit and myself went out for dinner, to the Blue Plate Diner. GO! If you haven't, you really should. Its fantastic. And they make such good long island ice teas! Then back home to try to organize my closet which was exploding in a mess of clothes.

Thursday... I made my first Lulu Lemon purchase... Miss Lemon... buying Lulu Lemon... how odd you may say... mmm, yes very odd, but this such purchase has a real purpose, which is to be worn while working out... not while out for dinner, or out shopping, or out on a date, or a picnic, or to the bar... no its for working out, just as it is meant to be. I start my Bootcamp on Monday!!!
Then back home I went for some Vampire Diaries... then late to bed... and up early... and am oh so tired!!
This weekend looks to be a good one... despite the complete lack of summer and utter dive in Fall... which will mean Winter soon enough... how depressing. Winter vacation.... you best get ready!

Rockabilly music tonight...high heels and tight dressess... possibly a cute boy tomorrow... oh weekend, how I love thee.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rockabilly Weekend Roundup!

After a nice 4 day long weekend, I am back to work. Oh, dreaded work...

Im sure you are all just dying to hear about my weekend in Montreal, and as such will tell you all about it.

Got in around 2am Thursday night and went right to the hotel. The beautiful, lovely hotel! I will put some pictures up later

Friday was super hot. Just what i needed. Some sunshine to go with my summer dress. We went down to St Catherine's Street and did a wee bit of shopping, and had a bite to eat. It wasnt that great though. There are a million restaurants and you really dont know which are shit and which are decent. We picked up a shit load of alcohol to make long island ice teas and then headed back to the hotel. We lounged in the sunshine on the patio and had out lovely cocktails. We then got ready and wondered over to the bar where the show was at around 9 or 10...? The bands were amazing! And everyone knew how to swing dance. It was a total time warp. I loved it. Except no one talked to me :( They didn't seem very friendly. But either way we had some very strong rum and cokes and enjoyed some good tunes. My travel partner got absolutely trashed and wandered back to the hotel without telling me. I had a mini panic attack thinking I wasn't going to be able to get into out room, cause he wasn't answering the door or his phone. And there is no front desk per say to go get another key. Thank god he forgot to lock the door, and I safely got inside, to find a very drunk travel partner asleep on my bed. After some arguing he finally went to his own bed. Blah Blah Blah.

Saturday. There was a street sale that went on for a million blocks so we checked that out. Ate at a very cute breakfast cafe, where everything was in french, and kind of had to guess at what you wanted to order. We continued on the sale, the went to St Laurent where there are some very nice vintage/antique stores. Had dinner at a little vegetarian restaurant, then went back to the hotel to get ready for the third night of the festival. Again, said travel partner got very intoxicated and had to leave. This time I had the keys... which makes me wonder how he got in... we must have forgot to lock the door. I stayed until the very end. The music was great. Oh and there was a jive contest!! Again I found my travel mate in my bed, but this time he left without a fight.

Sunday there was suppose to be a car show, but Id car 5 classic cars pathetic before Id call it a car show. So we left and went to Old Montreal for a bit before going back to the hotel to get ready for the last night of the festival. I wore my favorite Betsey Johnson dress, and off we were to the Tiki Garden, a Polynesian restaurant. It was all decked out in kitschy tiki decor and had super fancy cocktail.s I ordered one that came in a whole pineapple. Umm hmm. Delicious. Ill put pictures of that up too. Well, there was dinner and dancing, and live bands, and then back to the hotel, where I had the biggest bubble bath of my life! The suite had a giant jacuzzi!

Monday was a nice day, sunny and warm enough for lunch on a patio, a short stroll, then a film. The Americans- worst film ever. Do not go see it.

Then off to the airport, for the ever dreaded flight home. We arrived around 1am. At home I unpacked, had a shower, washed my hair, and off to bed for a short sleep.

Today. Tuesday. Oh so tired, but am very much looking forward to my date tonight. I wil have to tell you all about it tomorrow. I have a good feeling about this one.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tennessee Voodoo Coupe_East End Rockabilly

Rockabilly Weekend, Im on my way!

Miss Lemons weekend is kickin off early! That's right! With a trip to Montreal for the Red Hot and Blue Rockabilly Weekend


Ive packed my hottest dresses and my highest heels. I made sure to pack a fancy little fan, some hair flowers, and my favorite Betsy Johnson necklace- you know the one.

And am ready for some drinking, good tunes, and classic cars. Oh and maybe a little sightseeing ;)

If you haven't heard from me in awhile, do not be alarmed. I'm just too busy havin' fun, to blog! Or too bust shopping. Oh, shopping! I want to get nice new dress for a special lil date I have next week... so we'll see what this gal can find... I'm sure something... I am pretty good at shopping.

So, all you cats and kittens stuck in Edmonton, don't have to much fun without me!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rowena- A Gals best Pal

Rowena, a gals best friend. Honest, this store, truly can be your best friend if you'd like! How you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Rowena will never give you bad fashion advice. No, in fact, she will always make sure you look your best. Rowena wont let you leave not looking your best. And how can she make such promises you say? Because Rowena truly is a girls dream closet, with everything your heart could ever desire, in every colour and size.

Let me tell you a little about what you will find inside Rowena, a girls dream closet....
Dresses you could only dream of, poofy, pencil straight, flirty, sexy, tight, casual, elegant, extravagant, or simple. Ones for picnics. Ones for hot dates. Ones for making a boy fall for you, or ones for making your ex jealous. There are skirts- short, or long, skin tight, or circle, simple or detailed. There are beautiful cardigans, to make your heart melt. You will find corsets of all kinds, waist cinchers, and even pasties... don't know what those are? Look 'em up ;)
She has pants, t-shirts, hoodies, retro swimsuits, knickers, stockings... oh how the list goes on!
And the shoes! Oh the shoes! Heels you would die for... but don't have to , because your best friend has them for you!
She also has handbags, and jewelry galore... all waiting for you to come and try it on.
Rowena, shes the best friend a gal could ask for! She even has everything for your man too and always has what your looking for when you need a gift!
What a great pal. You should go meet her... today, tomorrow, this weekend. I just know your going to love her as much as I do

Join Rowena's Facebook group, to find out hours, location, and get in on sales!!