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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...The Monster Mash

Playboy Bunny

As promised, here I am all dolled up as a Playboy Bunny... I tried my best to make it look 60's.

What do you think?

I wish I had gotten a picture of the tail too... it was very cute, if I do say so myself

My friend as a "day of the dead" skull.

We went out to a bar on Saturday and that's all I did to celebrate. But now I want to wear my costume all the time or become a real bunny!

What did you dress as?

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween & Playboy Bunnies

Halloween weekend is here! Usually I'm excited for any old weekend, so this weekend will be that much more exciting because I get to dress up and dance and enjoy Halloween tricks and treats!

I've decided to dress up as a 1960's Playboy Bunny! Which, I admit, was inspired by The Playboy Club, which sadly came its end after only 3 episodes, due to low viewer ratings...I guess I was the only one watching. If I could go back to the 60's, I'd definitely want to be a Playboy Bunny... they seem much classier and more glamorous than today's Bunnies and sex symbols. What do you think?

I promise to post pictures on Monday of my costume, but in lieu, here are some authentic, real deal, oh so glamorous vintage Playboy Bunnies.

I don't have quit the exact costume, as well, I don't really know where to get a hold of a one piece, body suit, satin corset... so I've had to make due with separates. Well, you can be the judge on Monday

What are you dressing up as?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Halloween is fast approaching, and to get into the spirit, my boyfriend and I carved some bad ass pumpkins... well... kind of bad ass...? He had said he had only carved a pumpkin maybe 2 or 3 times before, so that made it even more fun! I laid out some newspaper and got out the knives and let the good times roll. I was all into ripping out the guts and getting right in there, boyfriend, however, was a little less into it. Although, he was determined to carve a rad pumpkin and spent much more time and care on his than I did...

These are our masterpieces:

Mine, of course, is the kitty, complete with leopard ears and tail, and a very distinguished bow. Boyfriends, is the other one... the "scary"one...When lit up, Kitty looks a little sad, don't you think?
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vintage Ads

Some (highly) inappropriate retro advertisements. Enjoy!

For a few others check out the link below:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wedge Heaven

I'm addicted to shoes, as are, I'm sure, many other gals. I am running out of room to house them, yet continue to buy more and more. I really think you can never have too many pairs of shoes. When I travel, I struggle with which and how many pairs to bring. For a weekend away, I've been known to bring 5 pairs of shoes... for 3 days. Even longer vacations call for even more shoes... as variety is the spice of life. Well, despite my lack of money and my need to save and hold on to what little I have of it left, I have purchased two new pairs of shoes. But in my defense they were on sale, and therefore had to be bought.

One pair in particular, Ive had my eye on for quite some time...and when I went into the store on the weekend, there they were, with that red sale sticker on them. I have many, many wedges, but not a single pair of all black ones, that is, until now!
Lovely matte and shiny black wedges

The second pair I bought are also wedges... I'm a sucker for a wedge. I reasoned that they would be good for colder weather as they expose less skin than the rest of my heels.
How sophisticated

And here they both are, side by side, sitting lovingly on my dresser.

Do you have your eye on any shoes in particular this season?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dream Job....

Who has their dream job...right now? Oh how I wish I was working my dream job, or even working towards it. I would love to own a vintage/antique store... in another city, as opposed to the one I am currently in.

I'm getting a little tired of this 9-5 ( or in my case 8-4:30), working for the man, getting no slack, and making someone else money stuff. Oh how I wish on my way home today I would find an envelope stuffed with hundreds of thousands of dollars... or that I'd win the lottery... although, I fund thus very unlikely to happen.

I think by now, you may all know how I feel about my job...less than ecstatic... and the same goes for my co-workers... who, well, are jerks, plain and simple...

Now, if only I worked for myself and there would be no one to treat me like trash or talk down to me or act like they are better than me ( when really, they are not)...then I'd be one happy kitten.

A gal can dream... and boy, am I ever dreaming... what, with my bills and debt and lack of getting paid on time... my poor little vintage shop won't be opening any time soon.

What's your dream job?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dermablend Go Beyond The Cover Commercial with Zombie Boy

A friend on facebook posted this video and I wanted to share it. Watch it. Its insane.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Versace for H&M

A lot of high end designers have been doing lines with/for H&M as of late, and the most resent to jump on the band wagon is Versace.

Here is a (not so) sneak peek of some of the amazing pieces to arrive November 19th. The collection includes jewelry, handbags, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts, and tops, the whole kit and caboodle. With prices ranging from 29.99 up to 399.99, there is surely something for everyone... so long as you to the shop on time! Here's hoping Versace for H&M comes to an H&M near you ( and me)


Have you heard of Glymm? Its this fabulous website/company where you pay them a mere $10 a month and they send, right to your door (or in my case the post office) a box of beauty products! It sounds too good to be true... but it is true. I received my very first Glymm Box yesterday, and for $10 I got three full sized beauty products worth over $40, a trial sized sample and on oh so cute Halloween themed jar of jelly beans!

what was inside my October Glymm Box: 1. jar of yummy jelly beans 2. sample of premier cru creme by Caudalie. 3.micronized silky shadow in Tokyo by Vasanti. 4.Bacio Lip Balm by Principessa. 5 Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss my Lise Watier

For each month you purchase a glymm box you get 10 points; when your friends sign up to get a glymm box and use your reference code you get 50 points. These lovely points can be redeemed on the Glymm website to buy full sized beauty products like those found in your box

Interested? Use the link below to get your box... but Glymm is only for Canadians...

If your American, you can get the same sort of deal from Birch Box and if your lucky enough to be British, you too can get a beauty box, from Glossy Box.

So, what are you waiting for? This is an amazing way to try out and discover new beauty products on the cheap. I mean, $10 a month? There is no way I'm going to pass up a deal like that, especially when I love, love, love makeup!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Easy Messy Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

Fish Tail Tutorial... this is actually the one I watched to learn myself

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fish Tail

Just last week, I finally learned how to braid my hair a la fish tail...I know Im a little late in the game, but nonetheless, am very proud and satisfied that I finally learned how do to it. Usually, I am all for big hair... Im a pro at back combing. Yet, I like this fish tail thing, which is neither big not involves back combing ( expect for where I have to put my clip on extensions in). The fish tail is much much easier than I suspected and thus, it will now do one of my go to hair styles.

Do you fish tail braid your hair? Whats your fav. easy peasy, go-to hair style?

I should really snap a picture of my own fish tail to show you as well...

I love this braid down the back with the teal- its gorgeous!

Kelly Osbourne, lookin fly!
This model is too cute


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fur or Faux...

I have a secret obsession with fur... of the faux variety. Being a vegetarian ( for 8 years ) and an avid animal lover, I, naturally do not agree with the use of fur for fashion.... But I do love me some faux fur. Why, just this past weekend, I finally got a fabulous jackets with even more fabulous faux fur trim... which I promise to snap a picture of for you in due time.

Fur has always been as luxurious and glamorous... mainly because it is expensive and made of cute animals...like fox, rabbit, minx, etc. But faux
fur can be just as glamorous...maybe even more so, because morals and values are sexy too!

But, what about vintage fur? It has been around for some time, and there was nothing you or I could have done to prevent it from happening? Personally, I can not stand the touch of real fur; it gives me the shivers. But, I still wonder if wearing vintage fur is unethical. Of course, in some ways it is... but in some ways is it not?

I associate fur with old school Hollywood glamor of the 50's and 60's...my favorite eras. Yet, I wonder if I had been alive then ( wishful thinking) would I have worn real fur? Or better yet, would I have a rich, handsome man to buy it for me?

What do you think? And do you wear real fur?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lolita Lemon gets a face lift

“I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. To cut yourself out of stone.”

Henry Rollins

As you can see, my blog has been revamped again...and thus will reflect accordingly... enjoy!!

disgruntled employee

Good Morning World...if your even listening....

Well, well here I am back at work... and by 'back' I mean, I haven't been here for 15 hours or so... yah, yah, work sucks... most of us know it. Those who don't are either in denial or actually have an awesome job. Hmm, lets recap why my job sucks... a) I am talked down to by people who know and do less than me b) I get paid less than some people who don't even know what a pdf file is or how to alter a word document c) I am also expected to help said people with no complaints and happily except my lesser paying wage d) I am given 50 things to do all at once and get in shit when I haven't completed than all in an hour e) I am not allowed to leave even 2 minutes early... yes, I actually get in trouble if and when I do f) I get paid less than the stupid people... oh wait, did I already mention that... hmm, yes, I think so... well there you have it...in my company the stupid are rewarded and then made to feel more smart than the actual smart people! Oh, the joys of office work... wait, there are no joys! what am I talking about! well, one joy comes at 4:30 each day when I get to go home! You would think I would have done something to alter the situation by now... well, I kind of tried with no prevail....and thus am stuck being treated like trash by people who barley passed high school....does that sound too mean. Lets just say, when I asked someone to do a favor for me, they simply said they "don't want to", yet when they continually ask me to do their work for them, I have to say yes or face the wrath of my boss ( yet, they face no wrath... and are just given more money). Ahhh, life, you work in mysterious ways...

Okay, okay... that's it, I promise... well for today anyway... but who else am I to tell... certainly not the people I work with...then I would look like the bad employee... and I am trying very hard to be the 'good' employee... for some reason... anyway...only 2 more days until the weekend (after today) so there is always that to look forward to and motivate me!

Do you have any co workers who simply drive you mad? Or have you ever been treated like less than you deserve? Whats a gal to do?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Back! maybe...

Good Morning! I'm back... but maybe just for a little while... I have yet to decide on what to do with my blog... but I thought Id give you a wee update of whats been going on...

Well, its October, as I'm sure you are all aware...this means summer is gone for sure and that it is dark out when I wake up... this is never a good thing.

I haven't been up to much of anything in the past while- working out, planning a birthday party, cleaning my apartment, working the same dreadful job, shopping too much, trying out new recipes, you know, the usual.

My boyfriend has been away... in Europe... with his band... for a month!! Well, it will be a month when he gets back next week. This is exciting... his return. I missed him more than expected... I think because I spend a lot of time with him and tell him my secrets, or daily happenings, or confide in him. Without him, I haven't really had anyone to do those things with. Oh sure, I complained to my friends about stupid work stuff... being treated unfair, yada yada...more on that later. But, I have been struggling lately with life in the sense that I'm not sure what to do with mine... I sometimes feel weighed down by bills and catching up... mind you I don't have many bills, but can never seen to catch up! I also don't know what career path to take, as certainly the one I am on now caused me nothing but stress and often a teary eye. And I really don't fancy living in the city I live in... I'm done with it, the people in it, and everything it lacks ( ie. warm weather, beaches, friendly people, new opportunities, etc). So, whats a gal to do... move, I know... but I can't right now!!! You need money for that! And i have none! None!

So that's whats been happening as of late... a lot of nothing... boring, same as always, nothing. I need to shake things up a bit... for here's hoping this winter will bring some great things with it!