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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My goodness its already Wednesday and I haven't even told you about my weekend yet...

here is a quick recap...

Friday night I went to New City with some friends to see The Mahones... who cancelled... how lovely. We were there already so we went inside anyway and watched some bands.... had some drinks... and such. My man- friend came around midnight... or 1ish... I don't know. We had a drink then were off to Filthys for yet more drinks... and then when the bar was closing we hoped in a cab with some of his friends to continue the fun elsewhere.

6 am...a very drunk bed time.... a few shirt hours later it was time to get up and start a very tired Saturday.... we went to the new york bagel cafe, by my house, for breakfast then departed our ways for a bit. Some errands were ran, a nap was had... which was much too short. My friend came over later in the evening and we watched a film... I was way too tired to do anything... let alone even attempt to make myself presentable to go out.

Sunday... we slept in... ohh sleep, how I have been missing you as of late. We went to breakfast/lunch... and then off I was to get a manicure! A lovely surprise from a certain someone. After that we met up and made dinner together. *sigh*

Monday, as you know, I had boot camp in the snow.
Tuesday.... I went for a tattoo! Oh how it hurts!! It took about 5 hours to finish... on my thigh. I may post pictures once its healed and lookin good. Today, I am in so much pain. My thigh is so swollen, and its leaking shit, and my pants are getting stuck to it... not sexy at all. Needless to say I don't think I will be going to pole dancing tonight... it replace of it however, I'm making my man friend dinner, and getting some much needed cuddles!

Its Halloween this weekend! I just got my costume.. its not too original but Ive never been it... a zombie nurse. I got a little PVC nurse costume.... fishnet stockings... a PVC doctors mask... high heels... you best watch out for this night nurse!


Boot Camp Day # 12

Monday was the first Boot Camp where there was for real snow on the ground!! So i bundled up as good as I could... and exercised the cold away! It wasn't as bad as I expected though

We used exercise balls... Ive never used one before... it was funny... if only you could have seen me.

Only 4 more classes of this boot camp to go

Friday, October 22, 2010

Boot Camp Day # 11

My goodness, I have had a busy week!!

Lets re-cap, shall we?!

Monday: I had boot camp of course, and the tiles were ripped out of my shower to reveal some very lovely black mould

Tuesday: I had an extra day of boot camp, and then a book club meeting; the tiles were replaced in the shower, the not quite finished

Wednesday: Pole dancing, class number 4. I had to shower at my friends house, because my shower was still out of commission. I then had a date... we went for dinner, then drinks, watched a film, and I didn't get to bed until around 2 am.

Thursday: Oh so tired! But I still had to go to boot camp... but before I did, I scrubbed my entire bathroom like no bodies business, and did 3 loads of laundry ( and one more after boot camp). When I got home, I had to dress my bed, vacuum, shower!! and wash my hair! fold my laundry, and tidy/clean the rest of my apartment. Luckily, I got to bed around 11:30.

Friday... Im so exhausted I almost have no energy to be excited for Friday... which includes a tedious day at work, and hour and a half of yoga after work and then getting ready to go out tonight... and stay up late so I can meet my new date once he gets off work.

I also need to make my damn Halloween costume! Miss Lemon, what a busy little bee you are!!

Hopefully I will get to relax sometime soonish... although I really don't see that happening quite yet...

Enjoy your weekends kiddies


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boot Camp Day #10

Boot camp is half way through as of this week... but it wont end there for me, my friends, oh no! Im enrolling my self for more lovely boot camp once this one is through.

Yesterday was pleasant... there were only 4 girls who showed up... we did some hard push up things... which I sucked at.... we did some resistance sprints which went something like this... you work in partners, one gal has the resistance band around her waste, and you hold the handles behind here... like a pony or something... and as she runs you pull back, so it makes it oh so difficult to run, and takes a shit load of energy... well, I was pulling really hard and not paying attention to when she stopped running, and because the resistance band is elastic like, i pulled myself right into her... and it was even more funny because I was tired and weak...

Tonight, Im having a book club meeting... the first one in awhile... and with two new members!! oh la la....Ive got myself a bottle of pinot grigio and some Perrier... I'm all set for a grand ol' time.

Tomorrow... Ive got pole dancing... and a date! Thats my kinda night!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

tales from a weekend had

I had such a good weekend and as such will retell it in detail for you... well... I may leave out some details....

Friday... I had a doctors appointment so I got to leave work early, which is always a bonus! I picked up some cherry whiskey, white wine and Sol, got ready and my friend came over for a little drinking. We then decided it would be a good idea to go to her friends house on the North side... ummmm hmmm.... well off we went on the train filled with obnoxious, idiots... We drank for a few hours... talked about boys, and the usually things girls talk about... then took a taxi home around 2ish....we departed our ways... and I met up with another friend and stayed up way too late... 4 hours of sleep later....

I got ready for a date! He picked me up at 1... and then took me for pie....? Then we went to the naughty but nice sex show... where I saw my parents!! ick!
It was somewhat educational and entertaining... A few hours later we went for dinner at The High Level Diner. He dropped me off at home, an I started getting ready for the night.

It was a friends birthday... at The Red Piano... I know Ive mentioned this place before.. and if you haven't gone yet... I suggest you best get on it! Its so fun... and filled with drunk middle aged women! My friends came over for some pre drinking. We were all dolled up... even the guys! Then off we went... where we were to have many cocktails and shots... and find ourselves singing along to the mish mash of songs they played. I think we left around 2am...? My oh so nice date from earlier... picked me and my two friends up and drove us home. hmmm, how nice. My friends went back to their place, and my date and I had another drink or two.

Sunday afternoon, my date took me for a late lunch and then to a film...

We saw Jackass 3D... well, it was funny... but also disgusting.... so disgusting... I gagged at some of the shit, and had to look away, it was so gross....

Well... I got home around 5:30. made dinner, and cuddles up on the couch... and went to bed early. The weekend definitely wore me out, but it was one of the best ones Ive had in awhile.

As for this week... Ive got to put together my Halloween costume... think of a tattoo I want to get done next week!! Work out lots... and sleep lots... hopefully


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cocktails and Cuddles

Its already Wednesday and I still haven't told you about my weekend! Well here is what happened...

Friday... i stayed in... boring I know, but I made up for it on Saturday! I got all dolled up and went to Devlin's.... for martinis of course... many delicious martinis. I went with a coworker and some of her friends came as well. After some time... well, I don't know really.... we went to Filthys for much cheaper drinks, and a more appropriate setting for some of those who came along. As the story goes.... many shots were had, and I guess we stayed after hours... and i was chatting away with a boy... whom which I will briefly tell you about momentarily.
Well, little sleep was had Saturday, and Sunday I got myself up outta bed and made myself some what presentable for dinner at my parents...

Later in the evening, said boy came over and we watch a film and I got some much needed cuddles.

Now you may be asking who this boy is....?

Well, remember the previous boy I had been talking about... well he lives in red deer, and well that just wasn't working for me... especially because I haven't seen him in a month, and that's not way to build a relationship yet alone even date someone...

So, I, of course, have a met a new guy... and we shall see what happens there... but all you who know me, would never expect me to be into said guy...
Its seems to me that I dated a guy already who dressed liked me, listened to the same music as me, had the same tastes and style as me, who had many similar interests, and well, was the guy you could really see me dating... expect he turned out to have no morals or values, lied to me every day, was a sociopath, and cheated every chance he got... and such, I have decided to look outside the box...
Hopefully there will be more to come... although, I may be keeping my adventures in boy land on the down low for a time... but not to fret... there will be plenty of enticing reads to come, im sure...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Boot Camp Day # 9

I had boot camp again last night. It was difficult as usual. And I didn't really fancy going last night, so that made it more difficult. But i got good and sweaty....

Well its finally Friday and what do you know...I have no plans for this evening what so ever :(

I may go to Devlin's tomorrow might however.... we will see how the day progresses... and then no work on Monday, which is lovely. Work it so horribly boring these past few days, I can hardly stand it... I wish some one would come rescue me... Ive been for 4 hours, and have only spoken to one person, on the phone, for about 5 minutes... woe is me

enjoy your weekend... have some tofurkey for me!!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Meet Your Sexy Side"

I had my second pole dance class last night... learned some new moves... "meet your sexy side" thats their motto... im not feelin to sexy as of yet...
now, if only I had a pole in my apartment....

Its Thursday... thank god. That means tomorrow is Friday! Ive been longing for Friday! And its a long weekend!! Even better. Who knows what trouble I will get up to... although, I'm running low on funds... so I might have to get crafty...


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boot Camo Day # 8

It was a nice night for boot camp... although it was a tad dark out. Our trainer now gets one person to wear a heart rate monitor and it tracks how many calories we burned... approximately, because everyone is different. In just over an hour, we burned about 580 calories. Impressed?!

As for the weekend... well, it was a good one. I went to yoga Friday, then for dinner, and for drinks at Devlins, and dancing at squires. And I even remember the whole night, which is a success!

Saturday I was a touch hungover, so went for a very late breakfast and stroll down whyte ave. Then to a girlfriends house for drinks. A tame night indeed.

Sunday.... had to go to my cousins baptism. It was an excuse to dress up pretty, but I also had to sit through a whole church services...

That pretty much sums it up.... perhaps one day soon I feel a bit like writing more again... but for now I can't be bothered...


Friday, October 1, 2010

Boot Camo Day # 7

Boot Camp was so hard last night! Every part of my body hurts today. This had better pay off in the end!!! The hurt will be worth it then... I hope

Its Friday!!! Hurrah!! Whats the plan, you ask? Well its a big girls night out! First yoga, then dinner, then pretty dresses... or maybe pretty dresses, the dinner... then pre drinks.... and then Martinis!!! and who knows what after a few of delicious martinis. All I know for sure, is I'm putting on a tight dress, high heels and maybe some red lipstick ;)
Oh to be young and single....

have a good weekend cats and kittens