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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My goodness its already Wednesday and I haven't even told you about my weekend yet...

here is a quick recap...

Friday night I went to New City with some friends to see The Mahones... who cancelled... how lovely. We were there already so we went inside anyway and watched some bands.... had some drinks... and such. My man- friend came around midnight... or 1ish... I don't know. We had a drink then were off to Filthys for yet more drinks... and then when the bar was closing we hoped in a cab with some of his friends to continue the fun elsewhere.

6 am...a very drunk bed time.... a few shirt hours later it was time to get up and start a very tired Saturday.... we went to the new york bagel cafe, by my house, for breakfast then departed our ways for a bit. Some errands were ran, a nap was had... which was much too short. My friend came over later in the evening and we watched a film... I was way too tired to do anything... let alone even attempt to make myself presentable to go out.

Sunday... we slept in... ohh sleep, how I have been missing you as of late. We went to breakfast/lunch... and then off I was to get a manicure! A lovely surprise from a certain someone. After that we met up and made dinner together. *sigh*

Monday, as you know, I had boot camp in the snow.
Tuesday.... I went for a tattoo! Oh how it hurts!! It took about 5 hours to finish... on my thigh. I may post pictures once its healed and lookin good. Today, I am in so much pain. My thigh is so swollen, and its leaking shit, and my pants are getting stuck to it... not sexy at all. Needless to say I don't think I will be going to pole dancing tonight... it replace of it however, I'm making my man friend dinner, and getting some much needed cuddles!

Its Halloween this weekend! I just got my costume.. its not too original but Ive never been it... a zombie nurse. I got a little PVC nurse costume.... fishnet stockings... a PVC doctors mask... high heels... you best watch out for this night nurse!


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