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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday evening I spent cleaning up, making a custom hair flower ( oh la la ), spilling coke on my laptop, having a mini freak out, and packing for Montreal- I had to pick out which dresses I want to bring. That right, Miss Lemon is off to Montreal in a few short days. Although I am of course looking forward to going, I will be missing out on things going on here. Now, usually I cant wait to get outta this town... interesting, indeed.

But I am going nonethe less. And am staying is avery stylish, modern -esq hotel. Check it out for yourself: http://www.innbetween.ca/index_eng.html.

There is a rockabilly music festival happening all weekend, and thus the reason why I wanted to go.

Still lots to do this week: go to the doctors, go to MAC and Sephora, finish packing, go to Value Village, and on the list goes. Oh what a busy Lemon I am this week!!

I am also very much looking forward to next week. Its a long weekend! My favorite type, Im sure you all rememeber. And, I have a date... yah yah yah, another date you say... but this date is one I actaully am looking forward to! And not making myself go on to be social and outside my box. There will be so much to tell

in the next week or two! You are going to be very busy busy readers....Your still reading this right?!


ps. spell check does not want to work... please excuse my errors, woe is me and my spelling mistakes....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Gaga for Tupperware

It truly is a gloomy Monday out there today. I actually had to wear pants and a sweater!! That's it, summer is gone. How very sad indeed. So its time to start planning a vacation somewhere hot and sunny.

But before I do that, I should tell you about my very tiring weekend.

Friday night, me and my gal pal got all dolled up for the Lady Gaga after party at New City. But before we went we were sure to enjoy some Vodka, blueberry vodka at that! mmm mmm delicious! Then of course, once at New City we had many shots and other alcoholic beverages, and proceeded to dance the night away. At about 3 am we feel into a cab, and headed home. We then stumbled won the gravel alley to Steel Wheels where we had some shit pizza, and some random loser tried to hit on us. Im certain i gave him a piece of my mind and then we left for home.

Saturday morning... oh heinous Saturday morning. I woke up at 10 for some horrible reason... I feel back asleep after many text from a very cute boy... and woke up again at 2:30!I decided i should really waste my whole day so i made myself get up and run some errands. After which, I came home put on my pjs and watched telly. And chatted with the same said cute boy *sigh*. I forced myself to stay up and finish watching Fido- go watch it, all of you. And then tucked myself into bed at 11.

Sunday, I woke up hangover free and had many a things to do so up I got at 10:30. Off to the grocery store, and craft store, and liquor store. Then finally back home to set up for our book club meeting and Tupperware Party!!! That's right my friends, I had my every own Tupperware Party. Oh lovely Tupperware, I love you almost as much as I love Fridays... well, maybe not, but I do indeed love it! I had a handful of attendees and got me some free Tupperware. It went until about 9ish. A little tipsy and a lot tired, I hauled myself into the shower and washed my hair. I then stayed up talking... on the phone!! Like real talking, not texting... until 12:30! But it was with a cute boy, so that cancels out any tiredness.

And now, here we are again, at Monday. Oh Monday, you give me the 'mean reds'. If only there was a Tiffany's around the block to take them away...


Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Game Plan

Guess what today is? I'm sure you know... its Friday. Oh glorious Friday. But I don't have any plans for tonight!! I had best get on that! This girl ain't stayin in tonight, not if I can help it!

Nothing new or exciting to report.
But here is what is to be expected in the next few days....

Sex toy party tomorrow... perhaps, yes. Ive been wanting to have one myself for quite some time now, but just going to one will have to do the trick. I am single you know! And single gals have needs to!!

On Sunday, Im hosting not only out book club meeting, but even bigger and better... a Tupperware party!! That's right! At which, I plan on making delicious bloody mary's. Oh, my favorite! Well, one of favorites anyway!

So, yes it seems like its going to be a fun filled weekend, so long as I find myself some entertainment for tonight!

I wish you all as successful a weekend as mine looks to be ;)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Business

Yesterday I was too hungover to tell all about my night at The Business. And as such, I will tell you about it now.

Well, I made sure I looked super cute, and my friends friend helped do my hair, and there was lots of drinking. Lots. Mostly shots... too many to remember how many!! But, I was getting shots for everyone! I don't remember much from the end of the night, I do however remember taking to a cute boy, and buying him a shot, which he responded with buying me a shot. We talked, but don't ask me about what... I really don't know. But we exchanged numbers. But, as I have learnt, boys can be quite evil indeed and as such, I must be careful not to get sucked in by the wrath of a cute boy.

Well, I got home safe... even though I don't remember doing it. I woke up a little late for work, and swear I was still drunk. I was a mess, and looked it. After getting sick at work, I slept on the disgusting futon, went for lunch, then got sick two more times. Was it worth it, you ask? But do you really need to ask, I'm sure you all know the answer... Indeed it was worth it.

Oh to be young, drunk, and full of piss and vinegar! I never want to grow up!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U

I love this song. So what if its corny...its also beautiful

Again with the boy confusion

Its already Tuesday, so I should probably tell you about my weekend.

Friday night some girlfriends and I went down to Dutchess Bakery, on 124st, and had delicious sweets and treats. I highly recommend everyone goes there! Afterwards, I got dolled up and went Devlen's and had fabulous martinis which then caused me to be drunk. My friends were heading home, so I hoped into a cab to go to Hoolaginz, to meet a very cute boy indeed! Luckily, he was also very drunk, and thus I did not look silly at all. I don't think we stayed for very long... but it was fun. We went back to his place, for cuddles... for real though, just cuddles. I met his cute as fuck dog, who cuddled in the morning. We lazed around for a few short hours, and he then drove me home. Now, here is the confusing part... he told me multiple times how cute I was and pretty, etc. He even asked me like 5 times if I wanted to hang out later, which I said I would. Well, later came, and he cancelled cause he wanted to hang out with some friends... understandable, and that not the confusing part...He tells me he doesn't think we will get along :( cause I told him I didn't like his job.... confusing, yes, like most boys. I mean, if you don't like me, than you can just straight up tell me.... but how am I actually so suppose to know if that's the case or not....? Well, I can only wait and see.

Damn boys, always making me like them!

Saturday, was very low key. I went to the craft store for, you guessed it.... craft supplies! I had a bath. Watched telly. And went to bed early, cause I couldn't stay up any longer.

Sunday, as I was not hungover, was a much better day. I braved the mall. Oh, how I hate the mall. But I managed to push through the crowd of idiots and find myself a cute little dress. Then off home I went, and later to the grocery store.

Not very exciting, I know. But what can a gal do, when she lives in a shitty little town, surrounded by a lot of shitty people?

On the bright side... I finally got the window in my truck fixed!! Oh and how beautiful it looks! I want to take pictures of it!!

Tonight I'm going to the Business... which will be interesting, as the one person I hate most in the world will be there.... being an old drunken asshole, as usual.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My not very datey date

Like mentioned, I had a date yesterday... which turned out to not so much be a date, rather....well, ill just recount it to you...

I was supose to go over, originally around 7, then it was 7:30, and finally he called and said he was running super behind and to just come at 8. Okay, whatever, that just gave me more time to do my hair... but still, it doesn't make me feel very high priority.
Also, as a side note, Ive known this person for quite some time already.

So I go over for 8. Its very casual. No telling me how nice I look, etc. I am some what awkward. My date has consumed a fair bit of pot... boy, does he know how to make a gal feel special. Well, he did make dinner, which was nice. We were suppose to go see a play at the Fringe.... this did not occur, as my oh so lovely date decided it was important to smoke a shit load more... and as I sat and watched, the effects of second hand smoke in a not large room, with no open windows, got to me. For the record, I don't do drugs... nope, don't even smoke pot.... or cigarettes for that matter.... i just like me a nice, strong drink....

Well, there was no play... and my date straight out told me, he was debating on weather going to a play or sleeping with me... well, neither happened, cause I just went home.

It was a strange date, I must admit. Nice that I had dinner made for me.... but that's about it.
I don't suppose dates with such complete opposites usually turn out that great. Although, I have told myself I'm going to step outside my box, date people who I normally wouldn't, because I have some foolish idea of the perfect guy in my head. My last relationship taught me that the maybe my "dream" guy isn't so dreamy after all; my ex was everything I ever wanted and turned out to be the worst person I have ever met. And as such, I am going to date people who are not exactly what I'm looking for. Then we will see what happens

It is Friday today, and we all know how I feel about Friday! I have a girly date at Duchess Bakery after work, which I have been looking forward to intensely. After that, I'm not so sure what will pursue... some drinking perhaps...?

enjoy your weekend


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinner Date For Two

There is only one more day, after today, until the weekend. I can hardy wait... or sit still. Weekend, how I love thee.

But for now, its a very gloomy, 15 degree Thursday. When it's cloudy, and gloomy, and rainy outside, it makes my office almost unbearable. As mentioned previous, I have lovely florescent lighting... well one light anyway, which gives off horrible, depressing light... and not very much of it either. As such, gloom outside, means extra gloom inside.

Lets think about happier things... like my girl date last night. Where did we go, you ask....?

We went to Padmanadis. Oh sweet, sweet Padmanadis. So delicious. Its like being in heaven.... almost... because if it really were heaven, Id be on a date with Marky Mark...
So, we had a very lovely dinner and conversation filled with tons of giggles and such.... you know how girls are.

That was the highlight of my day, and from there, well I just went home, had a shower, watched some shit telly, and went to bed... nothing too exciting.

As for this evening... I do have a date... although, how much I'm looking forward to it, I'm not sure. But nonetheless, a date is a date, which is better than no date at all. Ill be sure to fill all you eager readers in tomorrow....for all I know, no one reads my blog... well, that's not true, I know for certain at least one person reads it...

Enjoy your gloomy, windy, rainy, sad summer day

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Young and the Restless

Life is funny. Boys are even funnier.

Either, boys want me...but just for sex.... or boys who I'm not interested in, want to date me... or boys I like just don't like me what-so-ever. So what is a gal to do? Honestly, the story of my life.

I was so in love with my ex and he wanted nothing to do with me for the better part of 2 and a half years... he just used me and proclaimed, he was comfortable with me, and thus that is why we didn't break up, oh... 2 years prior.

Many a times, Ive had huge crushes on guys, who didn't even know I existed.... sign, just like a Hollywood teenage flick.

Often, little boys, develop crushed on me, and I'm sorry, but I refuse to date a guy who still lives at home, weighs 100 lbs and makes $300 a week.

And then... there are the guys who just want to sleep with me. Because they like how I look.... depressing and flattering....? Its nice knowing guys think your sexy, but not so nice knowing they just care about your ass, and not your personality.... or that they have no intention at all to get to know you outside the bedroom.

When will my boy troubles end?!

I told my mom I was going to die alone with a bunch of cats. And her only response was " Your allergic to cats". Hopeless. Even my own mother had no words of encouragement...

Well... that's just some thinking out loud.

At 24, things can only get better... right?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What A Weekend!

I was a wee bit hung over yesterday, and thus had not the energy to blog

Today, however my brain is functioning as normal, and thus I will relate this past weekends happenings.

Friday night.... oh Friday night. I drank a whole bottle of some 'lovely' smirmoff pre mixed cosmopolitan, and do not recommend it to anyone. Not only did I just drink that, but numerous shots, and double vodka and soda water's. And as such, I do not recall most of the evenings events. I do know I went to some horrible bars downtown, where I never go... The Druid... and On the Rocks....? Yah... I don't think Ill be going back there any time soon. Well, I wish I could tell you more... but I don't remember. My friend Doug however told me I was falling all over the place and because I was wearing lipstick, and did not want to get it on him, I tried to kiss him "porn star" like... what that is, I don't really know, that's just how he described it. Needless to say, I woke up a fucking mess Saturday morning.

Saturday, I went for lunch, then back to bed, then to whyte ave with my brother and his strange and horny friend, had a pint of cider, came home, went back to bed, and then got ready to go to a friends house party. Hungover, I put on some high heels, some thick black eyeliner and a little skirt, and no one could tell...
It was an interesting party, as there were people from high school who I hadn't seen, in, oh... 7 years....Also, for those who don't know, I was totally picked on in school and had few friends. Interestingly enough, these party goers, seemed to have no idea... and proclaimed how much they liked me... its strange the way the teenagers act.... and display friendships, or feelings of "like". Anyway, it was nice to show them how cute I am now ;)
I left for home around 11:30 and dear Doug came over and we chatted, and I got a massage, and all was well.
Sunday, i took a stroll down Whyte ave, did a little shopping and then went to a lovely little garden party. A horrible cow, aka Marissa, was there, with her pre-teen boyfriend, which made for awkward times until I got drunk and she left early for family time. Bitchy-ness aside, it was a very nice party and I got myself wasted on a bottle and half of white wine, and stumbled home around 10 o'clock.

Monday morning, I woke up feeling like death, with a lovely wine hangover. I got sick numerous times at work, and all that was coming up was flax. yum. flax.

Well, as the day went on my hangover faded....? A little. Then I had a nice little date and went to the movies. And ended the evening wit much needed cuddles, as cuddled surely are a great hang over cure

And now, it is Tuesday. A little cloudy and gloomy out, but whats new?
My week is full of (semi) exciting plans, and as such, will be told, as usual, to my lovely readers... I hope I have readers anyway....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday Occurances

Thursday night proved to the most exciting day of the week for Miss Lemon, thus far. What with a trip to Ikea to finally get that damned shelf, Ive been dreaming of for ages, how could it not be a good evening?!

My lovely friend Miss Lindsay M, helped me carry my new book shelf into my apartment, which I know I could have not done by myself, no not at all!

In the meantime... we procured some Famoso pizza, films, and lovely energy drinks, one of which exploded in my pursue some how....? It was funny at the time... but now Im not so impressed....

Back at my humble adobe... we had our delicious pizza and watched "Kick Ass", which was not quite what I expected. It was funny at first, but took some odd turns, what with all the merciless killing, beating, and being burnt to death....
Then came the assembling of said shelf, which was not hard at all. And looks fantastic, almost completing my living room!

Then it was time for me to drive my lovely friend home. I decided it was a good idea, at midnight, to wash my hair...? and cut my bangs....? well, my hair is silky soft this morning, and my fringe are looking somewhat straight...

Either way, I am one tired little lemon. The rain and gloom are only adding to my tired and hopeless manor today.

Dear Friday, please do make 4 o'clock come quickly, as my dreary office, only makes life feel even more lonesome and gloomy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miss Lemon needs some lemonade

Miss Lemon has had a rather dull week... my oh my. Whats a poor little lemon to do?
No dates... well, I had an Ikea date, with a strong man planned... but was kind of stood up. No vodka. No bar. No gigs. No fun!

hmmm... shall we look on the bright and sunny side?.... nope, nothing there either!!

well, there are a few updates to be shared...

Some of you may know that one of the back windows in my truck has been broken for some time ( maybe 9 months...). A certain dickhead ex of mine kept saying he was going to get it fixed, but that was about as true as " I never cheated on you!". Well, this Saturday Miss Lemon is finally getting that little window fixed. And there goes 250 bucks out the window.... tee hee

Also... Miss Lemon is going a boot camp. Indeed, you heard right! Time to get this booty in shape! I am quite looking forward to it, actually. Some good ol' quality time with a bunch of sweaty girls I don't know!

And the best of all...?.....
Miss Lemon is heading to Montreal! I have never been, and what with the long weekend coming up and a rockabilly festival, there seems no better time to go.

And so, this girl is a broke little lemon once again. I refuse to touch my tattoo money! And so, laundry will have to wait. And food will have to be rationed! But its all in the name of adventure! and dancing! and drinking! and maybe even shopping!

Ah, yes, on a final note. I have updated my esty shop: Lolita Lemon ( original, I know...)

so please do have a look for yourself. Don't judge too harshly on the photography. I tried, and its tedious. But i looks decent, I think.

Did you also know, you can find Lolita Lemon at such fabulous establishments as:
The Junque Cellar
Robes and Relics
and best of all, Rowena http://www.facebook.com/Rowenaedmonton

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For Hire!

My Monday was rather uneventful, and somewhat dull. I did however scrub the shit out of my bathroom floor. You can even see a hint of sparkle through the permanent grim that coats old apartment bathroom floors...

I then proceeded to scrub the kitchen floor, which proved to be much harder, due to its size, and the massive appliances it boasts. I decided it was time to spice it up, and i changed where the kitchen table is, which I should add, is very rarely used these days. And now, its like a whole new kitchen! How pleasant indeed.

Also, Miss Lemon is in search of a second job... perhaps in a bar... although she has no experience... but knows how to dress sexy.... that should count for something, don't you think? So, all you lads and lassies... so if you see any "hiring" signs out there, oh please do let me know!
Things in life cost money... and unfortunately we have to work for that damned money... oh what a wicked web this world spins.

Well, its quiting time! One of the most wonderful times of the day!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Tupper what...? Tupperware!

Yet again, I find myself at a tired Monday morning. At least the sun is shining... even if I don't really get to enjoy it...

Okay... so here is what happened this past weekend.

Friday started off not looking too good. I had no prospects for going out... that is until dear Amber invited me out with her and her husband. And thus, the night began.
We met at Accent for some food and delicious drinks- I recommend the key lime martini.
Then we hoped in a cab, down to the Trap and Gill, where it was dead as fuck. So we had, i believe two drinks, and then left for whyte ave. Off to Devlin's we were for even more delicious drinks... and a shot of patron...? hmmm....

Then to Filthys, as per my request... where there was too many drinks and shots to recall. I don't suppose I remember too much after this point. There was some dancing- and the only time I will dance at Filthys is when I am absolutely trashed, and thus, I must have been. We'll, eventually Amber & Co. decided to go home, and I insisted on staying... yet another sign of how drunk I was...This only got me in trouble... which I will not be describing here...but if you don't really remember it, did it actually happen....?

Saturday morning my mother called me at 9 o'clock, I was honest to god still drunk. I dragged myself out of bed and get ready, as I had told her Id accompany her to the farmers market that morning. It was hot as hell out, and soon my drunken state just turned into a hung over state, but I was a trooper, and so on I went, with only a few complaints and moans of potential throwing up.... which, I proudly did not. The farmers market was worth the getting up early, as was the car show happening ( in St Albert). A few hours later, off home we went, but not before stopping for ice cream... wonderful, hang over curing ice cream. I then crawled into bed and had a little nap, where after I made myself get up and be semi productive. I then stayed up way, way too late... maybe until 5 am... doing what you may ask? Well, giggling and talking with a friend, is what!

Sunday was fairly uneventful. I did a little shopping, some yoga, and best of all, went to my first Tupperware party. And now I am in love with Tupperware. Go ahead and laugh, but you have no idea the wonders of Tupperware, and perhaps if you are so lucky I will invite you to my Tupperware party I intend on having shortly.

I am now tired of typing and must search for other ways to entertain my time.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

mid week assessment

Half way through the week now... lets have a look back and see what Ive accomplished thus far...

hmmm.... I updated my etsy account

I exchanged a dress from forever xxi, and got a skirt and blouse instead; i traded in some empty containers at MAC and got an eyeshadow.
I dyed my hair.

Ive thought about doing laundry... but haven't yet... i desperately need to though, I'm running out of clean knickers

I bought some groceries; returned a pursue I decided was much to heavy by itself, let alone with all my shit in it!

Ive had a bath! A delicious, luscious bath.

I don't think I've actually done that much this week...
Oh summer, you are fading fast and I'm not getting things done! I'm just day dreaming about all the lovely things I want to be doing or places I want to be going...but here I remain, in Edmonton... horrible, boring Edmonton.

Okay, Ive got one, maybe two months of summer left. Its time to get crackin! Time to bring these damn day dreams to life! Even if that means going on vacation alone! And much less shopping and much more saving for future endeavors! And geez louise, I need to book a tattoo appointment!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long weekend shanagins

here's my weekend recap:

Friday: got home early and thus started to get ready for my night, which was to consists of a book club meeting... at Devlin's. I slipped on my favorite dress and a new pair of heels, which would turn out to be horribly uncomfortable,however look really good. Off to Devlin's I trotted, and found my two gal pals waiting for me on the oh so fabulous Patio. After one martini outside, it started to storm, so we brought the party inside, where we enjoyed several more 3oz martinis and discussed literature, boys, sex, and the like. A few hours later, we decided it was time to get some cheap drinks, so off we stumbled to Filthys, a few feet away.
The bar was rather on the empty side for a Friday and those patrons who were there where of the male... and rather icky, persuasion. None the less we has a few shots... don't ask me what of... and a few cocktails before we decided it was time to leave. So off we went to Squires, much, much more drunk than only an hour before. Same situation here, the bar was occupied mostly by males. I decided it was a good idea to order more shots, and more shots we had!! We then found the photo booth that was in the bar, and we piled in, and took various drunken shots, which turned out quite pleasantly. After Squires, we were two, instead of three, as dear Stephanie could no longer walk or function properly, so in a cab she went, and sped home...
Amber and I, then went to Lucky 13, as Amber was in the mood for dancing. Well, I must say, we were of the oldest, and best dressed there. The numerous 18 year olds wearing tiny, tiny clothes over took our class and grown up attire. I'm certain the dress I was wearing cost as much as one of them made in two weeks...thank goodness, no drinks were split on us. Eventually we decided it was time to go home... I think around 1....? We stumbled home, and went in our separate directions.

Saturday: I woke up, as one might expect... hungover... however not as hungover as I had anticipated! As I had a big date planned for that afternoon/evening, I lounged around for a bit, then had a fantastic shower in which I cleaned and scrubbed and made my skin oh so nice. I then took my time getting ready... approx 3 hours... and then the buzzer rang and up came my date, with roses in hand... very pretty roses in fact... they were orange!
Then off we went to the Art Gallery. This is the first time Ive been... ever, not even since they renovated it. The exhibits were satisfactory, but it was rather on the short side... it took maybe an hour and a half to do all three floors....My date, then took me to Padmanadi's, for some delectable vegan delights. After that, we went back to his place, where he surprised me yet again, with cupcakes. Oh how I love cupcakes!! We then watched a film, yadda yadda yadda... use your imagination....

Sunday: A rather boring day, I must say. I lazed around in my underthings... tidied up... make some hair clips and headbands... took pictures of jewelry to put on etsy... made some shitty dinner... had a shower... rented some films... watched said films... then much later went to my friend's house, to watch yet another film....cuddle... sleep

Monday: No work today! It was a holiday... heritage day? I think that's it... Anyway.... I met my friend Stephanie for some eats... we went to the Artisan Bakery... where everyone working seemed to be on the slow side, and it was a somewhat disappointing experience. We then strolled down Whyte ave, where I purchased a Parasol from Rowena, got drinks from Starbucks... stopped in a few more shops, tried to go to Flirt cupcakes, but they were closed, so had to go to Fuss, which is not as good. We then parted our ways, and went home. I decided I needed to get some groceries, and so, I did. I then made dinner with said groceries, watched a film and went to bed very early, where I proceeded to have very strange dreams all night.

This brings us to today... Tuesday....its a bit cloudy now, but promises to get better... and I have no plans for this evening, or this afternoon. I shall try to find some work to do at my office... or update my esty store...

Well, my dears.... Enjoy your short work week!