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Monday, August 9, 2010

Tupper what...? Tupperware!

Yet again, I find myself at a tired Monday morning. At least the sun is shining... even if I don't really get to enjoy it...

Okay... so here is what happened this past weekend.

Friday started off not looking too good. I had no prospects for going out... that is until dear Amber invited me out with her and her husband. And thus, the night began.
We met at Accent for some food and delicious drinks- I recommend the key lime martini.
Then we hoped in a cab, down to the Trap and Gill, where it was dead as fuck. So we had, i believe two drinks, and then left for whyte ave. Off to Devlin's we were for even more delicious drinks... and a shot of patron...? hmmm....

Then to Filthys, as per my request... where there was too many drinks and shots to recall. I don't suppose I remember too much after this point. There was some dancing- and the only time I will dance at Filthys is when I am absolutely trashed, and thus, I must have been. We'll, eventually Amber & Co. decided to go home, and I insisted on staying... yet another sign of how drunk I was...This only got me in trouble... which I will not be describing here...but if you don't really remember it, did it actually happen....?

Saturday morning my mother called me at 9 o'clock, I was honest to god still drunk. I dragged myself out of bed and get ready, as I had told her Id accompany her to the farmers market that morning. It was hot as hell out, and soon my drunken state just turned into a hung over state, but I was a trooper, and so on I went, with only a few complaints and moans of potential throwing up.... which, I proudly did not. The farmers market was worth the getting up early, as was the car show happening ( in St Albert). A few hours later, off home we went, but not before stopping for ice cream... wonderful, hang over curing ice cream. I then crawled into bed and had a little nap, where after I made myself get up and be semi productive. I then stayed up way, way too late... maybe until 5 am... doing what you may ask? Well, giggling and talking with a friend, is what!

Sunday was fairly uneventful. I did a little shopping, some yoga, and best of all, went to my first Tupperware party. And now I am in love with Tupperware. Go ahead and laugh, but you have no idea the wonders of Tupperware, and perhaps if you are so lucky I will invite you to my Tupperware party I intend on having shortly.

I am now tired of typing and must search for other ways to entertain my time.



  1. Oh man, a key lime martini sounds delicious! And I totally wish I was in Edmonton so that I could go to your tupperware party. I've never been to a real tupperware party before!

  2. ohhh it was the most delicios martini ive ever had!
    i also wish you were here to attend my real live tupperware party!