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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey lovely ladies... have you had a chance to check out my new blog Danger De Lux. If you like Lolita Lemon, I know your going to love Danger De Lux...so what are you waiting for?!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing all my lovely readers a Happy Valentine's Day!! Dont forget to follow my new blog Danger De Lux

Monday, February 13, 2012

LinkHave you check out my new blog yet? Danger De Lux. Click the link below for my latest post and don't forget to follow!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Danger De Lux

I have started up a new blog. I will slowly be phasing this one out...If you liked Lolita Lemon, you will love Danger De Lux. Iwill stillbe talking about my love of vintage fashion and life style( in more detail) but also about local shopping and events,as well as over all fashions, music, and (rockabilly) lifestyle.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Almost 2 weeks ago I turned 26! Most of the time I don't feel my age or think I even look the part (although I'm not quite certain what 26 is suppose to feel like). I could be completely wrong, but I feel like everyone around me is accomplishing their dreams and goals; they are getting married, dressing fabulous, going on vacations, adventures, and trips around the world, they have successful jobs ( or blogs), they are moving from here to elsewhere, getting houses, condos, big apartments...surely you know what I'm talking about. Meanwhile, I still live in the very first apartment Ive rented, I'm at the same job ( which isn't going to get me anywhere), I'm still living in the same city ( even though I swore after University I would move), marriage is not anywhere in the near future, and well, I'm too busy paying off my credit card to go on any fabulous trips. These things and others are what make me think and feel not my age... but rather someone simply letting the years pass by, while being stuck in every other way at age 22.

So, what gives?! Wheres my big break, huh?! I keep hearing and reading that only 'you' can change your future, create your own destiny, break out of the ordinary into the extraordinary, etc, etc, etc. I guess it is time... to manifest my own destiny... okay... but I'm not even certain I know what my destiny should be- win the lottery, move to Europe, travel, shop, basque in the sun.

Well, here's hoping 26 will be the year I make my dreams ( at least some of them) come true

Friday, February 3, 2012

Parisienne by YSL

Last month, in my fabulous Glymm box, I received a generous sample of Parisienne by YSL. For some reason, I didn't even smell it, let alone use it, until a few weeks ago. I instantly fell in love. Parisienne is the exact scent I live and die for. Sweet, yet sophisticated, and it comes in a lovely iridescent pink bottle. While it boasts of being a floral scent, I am not over powered by the scent of rose like so many other heavy floral perfumes. Instead the blend of blackberry, sandalwood, and damask rose mix perfectly to create a scent which is sensual, sweet, and light.

I highly recommend you try out this beauty- I'm certain your going to love it just as much as I do. Be warned, YSL is not the cheapest perfume on the market- the being said, its not the cheapest perfume and with quality comes a price.

Parisienee and other YSL perfumes can be found at Sephora , Holt Renfrew, The Bay, and YSL online.


I have been having mixed feelings about blogging lately... Again, I still feel as if no one reads this, so whats the point. But then I think maybe its the content that needs to be spiced up... When I first started blogging I revealed all, and I thought it was quite humorous, then I started doing weekly and daily features which, got old. Then I tried to make it more fashion centered, which I am still working on... But like all the blogs I love, I can never find anyone to take photos of me in my best outfits so I can share them with you. By the time I get home on the week days, I'm all sweaty in my yoga or gym clothes...and that's not really blog worthy! But, like I've said many times before... I'm working on making changes in my life to be more productive, to feed my creativity, and be over all happier.

But to tie you over until I can get some good pics of some of the outfits I put together, here are a couple photos from last month

New Years Eve ( check out my rad fish tail braid)

My Birthday last week

Also on the news front, my friend and I are organizing a boot camp for the Spring! We are still thinking of a name though and I figured I'd through it out there to see if any of you had suggestions... Its an all girls, outdoor boot camp.