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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lusting Over Lately...a day early

This weeks Lust Haves are coming to you one day early, as I have tomorrow off... and I didn't want to skip out because this is one of my favorite weekly features!

1. Designer sale websites like http://www.hautelook.com/events#all which have fantastic shoes ( and other things ) at amazing prices. My new love- shoes ( well, Ive always loved shoes... but now... expensive shoes!)

2. A colourful wig... my hair is naturally red... and very hard to dye, that is if I would even decide to dye it ever... My mom always preached: If I dye it, it will never grown back the same... and I'm scared she's right!


3. A rad wall decal from Beepart on Esty. I can picture one of these decal right above my bed... I think I will just have to get one


4. A wedding... thanks to RuffledBlog. A fabulous wedding blog showcasing real people's gorgeous weddings.

5. French Macarons... from Duchess.

California Dreamin- Vacation!

Happy Long Weekend!! Here in Canada we have tomorrow off, and our friends in the Sates have Monday off... so everybody wins!!!

Also, I am finally getting out of here!! Well.. next week I am... next Thursday actually... in one week, I will be in heaven... ie... Victoria... with no work!! Just play!!

In celebration of my long over due (mini) vacation... some pictures of the oh so pretty Victoria, BCthe beach

areal view

Beach Hill Park
The Butchard GardensThe Parliament Building, downtown

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Shoes!!

Squeee.... I love new shoes... They were an impulse buy on my walk home from work yesterday... but they are oh so pretty so I allow it. I got them from C'est Sera... and they were on sale... well, all their shoes are on sale... 30% off... go check them out if you live near by


Picture Perfect

Picture perfect, indeed... head to For The Love of Blogs and "like" my photo, if you may.

Workout Wednesday- Gear

Ahhh, Wednesday... beloved hump day... have you been keeping up with your workouts? I know I have!

I dont usually use equipment when I work out... but I am trying to incorporate resistance bands, etc, as they are easy to take along on my outdoor workout. Well, on my hunt for resistance bands... which i had a specific type in mind that I could'nt find anywhere... I went to Superstore...a Canadian supermarket...

Well, they have a workout gear line called... Jogi... tee hee... Anyway... Jogi has yoga and workout gear... in pink!I love pretty much anything that is pink... and I especially love that this equipment is pink! Its all priced very reasonable and well, gets the job done. Some equipment is basically the same no matter how much you pay for it. Most weights are the same, skipping ropes, ankle and wrist weights (?...people still use those?), stability balls, etc.

Now, what I really wanted was a resistance band with the fabric covering over the tubing... Jogi has a bunch of different resistance bands...and hallelujah... they had one with fabric covering! The only unbfortunate part was it was a "light" band...meaning the easiest to use... I got it anyway... Im going to play around with it to see how effective it can be... I wanted a "heavy" resistance, but the heavy ones consisted of three bare tubes braided together... which doesn't seem like a very good idea to me...Anyway, my "light" resistance band cost just $13... I plan on incorporating it into my workout tonight.... Ill let you know how it goes.http://joefreshlife.com/2011/01/29/meet-jogi/

Where do you get your workout gear/equipment? Whats your favorite piece and exercise? I love love love resistance bands, especially for tricep extensions, bicep curls, shoulder press, etc

Zombie Mode

Today I feel... like a zombie... perhaps.... just going through the motions emotionless. Get up, get dressed, go to work...
I went to bed very early yet am still exhausted. My damn hip is hurting and is making me feel like an 80 year old. My body is not performing quite how I would like it to. And, I'm back at work... the last place I want to be, especially when the sun is shinning and Id never know.... my office has no windows and is always freezing... I prefer being warm over cold any day.
I'm wearing a new pair of shoes, which hurt one foot, but not the other, which causes some irritation. I know I can walk just fine in heels and wedges, but like I said my body is not behaving optimally and so, I am having difficulty walking today... I suppose its a good thing I sit at a desk all day, only ever getting up to go to the bathroom... yah, that's a good thing... right?

I guess its just one of those days.... one of those days we're you'd rather be at the beach soaking up the sun... or at an amusement park with a smile plastered on your face... and talking a stroll or hike or run through a forest where the sun jets in and out of the trees... yah, its one of those days.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much...people I work with like to misinterpret my blog and run off to my boss to inform him how miserable I am and how much I hate my job... yes, its true. it happens... petty I know... but hey,work is unfortunately a part of my life and until I find a job that is satisfying and fun and joyful I have the right to complain every now and again... especially when no one respects me at my job anyway... what really is there to be praised? Anyways... work is not the only thing that effects my mood, believe it or not guys...

Besides, who would'nt rather be in bed at 8:30 in the morning? And who wouldn't rather spend the day outside enjoying the weather? And who wouldnt rather be their own boss or win the lottery and never have to work again? It seems to me I'm just the only one saying it... hmmm...

Well, back to zombie mode.... work, type, work, eat, work, email, file, work, eat, work, walk, drive, eat, sleep......

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Betsey Johnson BOGO

Hey Ladies... now I know Im not the only one who loves Betsey Johnson, so Im going to share a little secret with you...

Tonight for 3 hours ( 6-9), online only! BOGO!!

use the code IMAVIP when checking out. If you sign up to recieve Betsey's emails you'll find out about these sales too!

The sale includes everything but shoes... which means even the sale stuff is buy one, get one free!

Flavour of the Week- Root Beer Float

Well, it's that time again... time for the new flavour of the week...and seeing as Im oh so tired and woke up half an hour late this morning, resulting in much rushing to get to work on time ( which I did!)... today's recipe will reflect my current state of mind... which is somewhat groggy, and wanting to be elsewhere...

Todays recipe: Root Beer Float
yes, that's actually what it is!

what you will need:
ice cream- preferably vanilla
root bear- if you can get your hands on a&w rootbeer, well thats even better
a large mug
a strawWhat to do ( in case you don't already know )
Fill your mug about half full of root beer
Add two ( or more ) scoops of ice cream
Watch it fizz up

Monday, June 27, 2011

Miss Lemon & The City

"In New York, they say, you're always looking for a job, a boyfriend or an apartment. So, let's say you have two out of three and they're fabulous. Why do we let the thing we don't have affect how we feel about all the things we do have? Why does one minus a plus one feel like it adds up to zero?"
Carrie Bradshaw

hmmm.. I have an apartment, and a boyfriend that I am satisfied with... now... what was that third thing again?

Weekend Update

Its Monday, which means back to work... but more importantly...your weekend update!

Friday: I picked up some oh so yummy Crave Cupcakes for the book club at my house later that night
After our meeting, we headed to Devlin's for cocktails and then to another shitty bar for dancing.

Saturday: Twas a lazy day... I'm sure you can understand... what with all the vodka from the night before.

Sunday: I ran errands and cleaned up my apartment. I bought a handy over the door shoe rack, as I am trying to organize my storage closet, which really is just a room for my shoes... Then I got bored... and went for a run, as the sun was still shinning and I could use some vit d. I went to bed early but could not fall asleep for the life of me, thus resulting in one tired Lemon today.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Buttons & Blogs

A couple lovely buttons and blogs for you to check out, because, well I know your not really working, your just pretending to because its almost quitting time...
Dead City Press- a local ( Edmonton) blog and zine... featuring local talent and happenings, among other things

Vixen Von Vintage- My lovely Vintage blog... just trying to make its way in the world...

Lolita Lemon is in!

What's that I see? Why, it's Lolita Lemon on sale at 4 Stroke Custom Culture (9925- 82 ave).


Lusiting Over Lately

This weeks Lust Haves...

1.A long weekend... this weekend... oh to be in bed and then spend the day doing useful things...

2. A new tattoo... now if only I had some excess money...

3. This dress!

4. Some new workout clothes... damn lulu lemon are extortionist, but they're clothes are so nice... and I rarely have luck at sport check... suggestions?! I'm in Canada remember....

5. An orange kitten!!! squeeee I want one so bad!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

California Deamin-

California Dreamin' indeed.... or paradise dreamin'... and most definetly not office dreamin'...

Lolita Lemon Hits the Town

Did you know this little lemon makes jewelry and hair accessories? Well, my Etsy link is on the side of my blog page...although my wee Etsy store needs some new products!


My lovely boyfriend made me these awesome cards to put my products on! Aren't they nice... and pink!! I am now selling Lolita Lemon at 4 Stroke Custom Culture on Whyte Ave, as of, well yesterday! If you fancy going to check them and Lolita Lemon out, I highly encourage it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Workout

Why its Wednesday already!! Have you been working out?! I sure have, why everyday this week!

Now that its officially summer, you have no excuse not to get outside and get a little sweaty! During the week I have my regular daily workout routines... but sometimes on the weekend I falter... I think the trick is to do more fun activities which tricks you into working out

Such things could be:
bike riding, swimming... oh to live near a beach... playing Frisbee or soccer, walking places instead of driving... and you save on gas too! going on a hike or adventure walk. roller blading or roller skating even! Maybe there is a yoga in the park or on the beach where you live. Taking your dog... or the neighbors dog... for a walk or run. Okay, really, you can do almost anything now that its summer! Just remember to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.

Speaking of sunscreen... Sephora has plenty of options, including makeup with sunscreen... just be weary of the ones above spf 50 and say waterproof... they arn't waterproof, I guarantee it, so reapply after getting wet or sweating it off. Back to Sephora... they even sell nice sunscreen sticks with shimmer, mineral makeup with an spf, smudge proof eyeliners, face and body sunscreens... well pretty much everything you need. Oh, and don't think just because it costs $80 its better than the $10 one... so long as it has a high enough spf and uvb/uva protection and your applying it properly you'll be good to go!