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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Shoes!!

Squeee.... I love new shoes... They were an impulse buy on my walk home from work yesterday... but they are oh so pretty so I allow it. I got them from C'est Sera... and they were on sale... well, all their shoes are on sale... 30% off... go check them out if you live near by



  1. OH those are so pretty!!! I am such a sucker for wedges!!!
    Karma Kristin

  2. Love those shoes!

    I found you through the Love of Blogs blog hop. Can't wait to read more of your exercise adventures. How have your resistance bands been going?

  3. Wedges are my favorite!!

    ...well the resistance band has proven to be too "light" aka to easy... so I will have to get a "heavier" one...