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Monday, January 31, 2011

"monday, monday, can't trust that day..."

here is my weekend recap...

Friday, I went to the mall like I said I would... it was a somewhat successful trip... well, not really, I guess... sometimes shopping makes me sad... cause then I want to shop even more, but I can't... then I went home... oh so tired, and had a bath and went to bed... boring.

Saturday, was my birthday, so my boyfriend made me breakfast and took me out for dinner, see betsey sue's reviews.
Later on Miss Amber came over with cupcakes and prezzies! Then off we went, in the cold, to Devlin's, of course, for yummy cocktails. Then we went to Squires for some dancing, although its a little off putting, when there are very drunk 18yr olds grinding, and being repulsive just a few feet away... and who now and then come up to you and try to "dance" with you and then get offended when you turn them down... yes that's right, drunken mess, I do not want to dance a repulsive slob, whose real intention is try to find someone...anyone... to bring back to moms house to shag...
After some dancing, Amber and I parted ways, and off to New City I went to meet with my boyfriend with a bit before closing time.

Sunday... I slept in to 2:30!!! I never do that! Although I did stay up till almost 6am... and I have been rather tired lately...
Well, the day was obviously shot, so I did some much needed grocery shopping and made dinner for my boyfriend and myself. We then watched the season finale of Bridalplasty... and then a film.. and off to bed some what early...

And now begins the week... tedious week after week... although for the next month or so, I will be doing boot camp again! Hurrah!! Seriously, I'm going to be a working out machine... ? well, you know what I mean!


Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Friday Im in Love

"I dont care if Mondays blue
Tuesdays grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I dont care about you
Its Friday Im in love"
The Cure

Friday!!! hmmm, what shall I get up to this weekend?!! Well, tonight its going to be low key...probably go to the mall, maybe get some groceries, do some yoga... cause tomorrow is my birthday, which of course I plan on celebrating. Dinner with my boyfriend, although I don't know where, its a surprise and then martinis with my girlfriends, at Devlin's of course, and then maybe some dancing... who knows!
Sunday, will probably consist of cuddling and maybe some errands... or relaxing... and recuperating...

Im turning 25 and Im not quite sure how I feel about it. I think I should have done more by now... Ive done some things... finished a university degree, lived in another country, travelled, moved out, purchased two cars on my own, paid off one credit card and almost a second, learned the value of true friends/friendship, but nothing too big... like get married, or have a definite and secure career, buy property, or publish any writing ( which is something I really want to do).
But then I tell myself Im still young, and there's more time ahead of me to accomplish the bigger things in life... hopefully.

Well, its almost lunch time here in my dishevelled office... have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And now for a piglet montage:

eeeee... i love piglets! and want one all for myself!

weather and traffic report

Good Morning Cats and Kittens! and what a morning indeed...I'm oh so tired and just want to crawl into my warm, cozy bed, but alas, that wont be happening for many hours to come. The drive to work was a little stressful as the radio kept informing me of the insane amount of car crashes and pile ups and slick road conditions, but I made in just fine, minus the getting stick briefly as I pulled in to the parking lot.

I was suppose to get my teeth whitened yesterday after work. I gave myself an hour to get to the appointment, but after said elapsed time, I had only gone a handful of blocks, because of construction and people not knowing how to drive, resulting in car accidents. I called to say I was going to be late... about half an hour... well, half an hour later I had only made it a few more blocks from previous... and I would now miss my appointment. I really had to idea how horrible the yellowhead is... I honestly never use it... and for good reason too, I suppose. So, sadly, I pointed my car back towards the direction of town Im use to...South.

My boyfriend picked me up a little while later to take me to a film. We saw The Fighter. mmmm Marky Mark. enough said.

Then home for a late dinner and cuddles. And that brings us to now... mid week. Its suppose to warm up today to +8, which is nice because I hate the cold, but also annoying because it gets really messy and wet... which is not so nice.

PS. I brought tickets down to Rowena for my gig on Feb 4, with Eve Hell and The Razors, The Frolics and The Phantom Creeps. $10 in advanced or $12 at the door!

My gig: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=188225111192933

Rowena's fb page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Rowenaedmonton

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning News

Good Morning Monday!

I had a relaxed weekend.... just like I had prompted. I got some much needed errands done... watched some films ( social network, pirhanna....), slept in, cuddled... you know how it goes.

We went out for dinner on Saturday night... We were going to the Blue Plate Diner, but the wait for 45 minutes :( Sadly, we walked down to the Old spaghetti factory...

I went to my parents yesterday for dinner and birthday celebrations, as I had mentioned on Friday...
I still cant find my camera cord to upload pictures... so the wait continues for pics of my gorgeous new Micheal Kors watch.

Im going to keep myself busy this week by working out and having dates... and cleaning... why does the cleaning never end?! I have to clean my oven... I don't know if its ever been cleaned!! My apartment is not so well-kept... not by me, I keep it well, by in general; its kind of old and I don't think the previous tenants really cared that some things were falling apart ie the black mould in the shower that I got fixed a few months ago. eeck!! Or the fan above the stove... which didn't work and was actually just taped on... I got that fixed recently too!

Anyway... back to work.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Morning! Friday has finally arrived!!

I haven't posted very much this week... probably because not a whole lot has been going on

Some things that happened this week:
I bought hair extensions! oh yea, that's right! nice long,pretty hair extensions!
I got my hair cut... an awful, shitty, horrible cut... you can read all about it on my other blog... the one where I review places... umm hmmm. not impressed.
I went to the gym with my boyfriend.
I went to lulu lemon and got some new workout gear. And got new running shoes... runtone...by Reebok... yes, I fell into their trap... hopefully they are as good as they claim!
I went with my mama to pick out my birthday gift... a gorgeous, beautiful Micheal Kors watch, matte black and gold; i will post a picture of it when I get it for real... on Sunday.
I found a new office space, which I will be moving to in a month or so. Yes, a real office, with real filing cabinets, and a real desk, and real everything! I will have to post some pictures of it when its all set up! No more bugs crawling on the walls and on my bag, no more unfinished dry wall, no more cement floors, no more storm trooper!
I watched the new American Idol... not bad... Steven Tyler is a little creepy, but also funny.
I think that's about it.

I haven't got much planned for the weekend. I'm going to get some errands done and chill out with my bf- he doesn't have to work for once. And then off to my parents for some early birthday celebration.

Monday, January 17, 2011

It is still snowing!!! what is going on?! It is only making this Monday even more blue...or white...

Well, Friday night was a success. If you recall, I was putting on a gig and not only that but my bestest best friend ever was in town! I would post some pictures, but I cant find the damn camera usb cord!
We went to bed rather late... which has only left me more tired...

On Saturday we went to the lovely Blue Plate Diner for lunch, but little did I know their lunch menu doesn't include my favorite dish... the one I ALWAYS order. This saddened me a bit...

Then off to book club, then dinner with my boyfriend, then home to cuddle and watch the Miss America Pageant. I wanted Miss Arkansas to win... because her talent was ventriloquism and she did it soo good!! She had two dummies!! She came in second though.

It was snowing yesterday, of course, so the road were a wee scary... but we went out anyway... to Duchess! I had a maple walnut meringue. Oh my goodness! Know I know how Heaven tastes...

Later... we made dinner and watched the golden globes... and married to rock... and I still didn't get to bed early, even though I was hoping too. Maybe tonight I will ... but probably not...

Back to work....


Friday, January 14, 2011

Busy Lemon Bee

Its that time of week again... Friday! Oh how I welcome you with loving and open arms! My week has been so busy... and my weekend looks to be busy as well, just minus the annoying work part!

On Wednesday I went to the gym... as per usual. And i ran three miles! Hurrah! Then I used some machines, and went home to stretch, shower, make dinner, do laundry, tidy up and cuddle. Although I was fighting exhaustion the entire time. I think I pushed myself a little too hard at the gym and then had zero energy left to do everything else, but I had to do everything!
Yesterday, I was still oh so tired! But off to work I went! I ran some errands... I went to the bank, I returned a couple of shirts, I picked up a handful of things at shoppers, I booked a hair appointment ( thanks living social!). At home... I had some waxing to do... umm hmm... I waxed my legs and underarms. Ive got the underarms part down, but the legs are much trickier! After about an hour... I was done... kind of. I then cleaned up my apartment because my best friend ever, Miss Leslee, is staying over tonight. I also made some chocolate chip cookies, watched the new Jersey Shore, had a nice shower which including a good hair washing, and hoped into bed to read a little.

Which brings us to this morning. I'm still tired!! Errr, how do I not be tired?! I'm putting on a gig tonight, which I am excited about. I got five bands to play! And my best friend will be there, which means drinks will be had... plenty of drinks! Feel free to come have drinks with us!

Check it out!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ahhh Wednesday... the half way point of the work week...

I haven't been very productive lately, although I did go grocery shopping last last; however, I took my time and browsed, as it was not busy in the store. Other than that... well, I had a nice bubble bath... and well that's about it. Oh and I worked out...

Hmm, its time for Miss Lemon to find an activity to do. There is no boot camp for another couple of month, and Id love to join a dancing class, but sadly have to partner to join with me...

What to do, what to do...
Ideas are welcome!

Enjoy your hump day ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My awesome boyfriend shoveled my parking spot last night so I was able to get my truck out and drive myself to work this morning! Finally... the man Ive been looking for! Remember the one... the one who does things for me I cant do myself, who takes care of me when I'm sick, who helps make dinner and clean up afterwards, who drives me to work when my truck is stuck in a mound of snow, who opens the jar when the lid is just too tight. Ah yes, a real man... I guess they are out there, in sparing amount, hidden deep beneath all the scum and termites, the men who lie, cheat, and only care about getting trashed... yes, if you dig deep enough, you will find a real man... that is, if there are any left once you get through the barricade of shitty guys, who call themselves men, but are only children. Now that Ive secured myself a man, after getting stuck in the barbwire fence of children, I finally wrenched myself out and found a genuine guy.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Too much snow is never a good thing!

Good Morning!!

I was a wee bit late getting in to work today because of the mass amounts of snow in my apartments parking lot... which ultimately left my truck stuck... and so I had to get a ride to work. It sucks not having a vehicle and being dependent on others... I don't know how some people do it!

The weekend went by way too quickly! I would much rather still be cuddled up at home watching films and being lazy.

Here is your weekend update:
Friday night the snow started... as I'm sure you are aware. I had an appointment to get my teeth whitened the next morning, so decided it was a good idea to stay in, as I couldn't imagine getting my teethe whitened whilst hung over or tired. So, I went to the mall for a bit after work, then went home and tidied up a bit.

Saturday I get a call from the dentist office saying they are cancelling all appointments for the day and I will have to reschedule. I had got myself all psyched up to get my teeth whitened...and now have to wait even longer. I didn't fancy driving anywhere, so I stayed home. But the best part was I got to dog sit cherry!! She doesn't like the cold or the snow so she didn't really want to go outside much... so we cuddled and watched TV instead. My boyfriend didn't have to work that night, so we bundled up and went to Devlin's for some very yummy martinis. Well, I had martinis, he had rye. After a few hours, we braced the snow yet again and walked home.

Sunday... not only was I oh so hungover, but my back was killing me... I must have moved a weird way or something, but my shoulder blades hurt so bad I could barley move! This does not make for good cuddling! My boyfriend made us breakfast and we lazed around with Cherry until she left and we had to run some errands. We rented Machete and ate perogies.
Also, I am now addicted to The Kardashians! And cannot stop myself from watching it whenever it is on... so I stayed up, even though I was super tired, just to watch it and find out what happens with Kourtney and Scott... yah, its kind of pathetic,but those girls are so funny, and I can't help myself!

Ive got a somewhat busy week and even busier weekend ahead of myself. I just hope my truck gets free sooner than later!

Enjoy the snow!

Friday, January 7, 2011

what a lovely surprise

goooood morinng friiidaaay!!!

last night my boyfriend came over and surprised me with flowers! what a sweet boy I have!

That is all for now

Enjoy your weekend!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

work, day dream, work, nap, day dream....

Good Morning lovelies!

Again, I return to work... boring, lonely, bug infested work... it is above zero outside though, which is always pleasant. I want to go ice skating sometime soon... however, I don't think the weather is going to stay so mild...

Not much to report... I worked out last night! Hurrah! and had a little nap... that's about it... rather boring... much like work, only better because its at my cozy home. Tonight I'm going to the gym with my boyfriend, which I am much looking forward too... active boys are much better than drunken slobs!

What else is on my mind....? I need to get my hair cut... must be get rid of split ends!!! And then but hair extensions, which may be hard to match to my hair colour...as its hard to dye it my colour, but I will do my best, once I have money to do so.Oh, I also need a good curling iron. Recommendations?!

Still dreaming of vacationing... oh viva Las Vegas, how I miss thee... although I heard it was snowing there the other day! That cant be good for business. Also dreaming of Tokyo, which my boyfriend and I decided to go to... in a year or so...and visit Disney Tokyo! I hope this dream does come true!

Back to 'work' I go... which really means dreaming up holidays, researching various things for myself, answering emails- personal and business, answering the tedious telephone, killing the odd bug, and sometimes, just staring at the wall.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Here are some of my New Years Resolutions:

1. Get fit, loose weight, cook and eat healthier
2. Pay off my credit card- which I believe I can easily accomplish
3. Save Money!
4. Write more and try to get something published

Now, what are some of your resolutions? I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

Post New Years weekend

I had a fairly productive weekend... shall we recap?

Friday was, of course, new years eve. I went to new city for the first time since its relocation... I must say, its very nice indeed. We had very cheap, shitty champagne and watched are the strange people enjoy themselves.

Saturday I decided to paint my bathroom. I live in a some what old apartment which has been painted... in ages! That was my Saturday evening.

Sunday I went to the Antique Mall and finally found a retro kitchen table! for oh so cheap!

I had Monday off! How marvellous!! I ran a few errands and went to the other antique mall on gateway blvd; it was fantastic. Its more rustic and filled with so many many treasures! Do go... its a nice way to spend an hour or so. I then decided to clean out my kitchen cupboards, re arrange the kitchen itself and tidy my massive storage closet, which is occupied by many shoes, a bicycle, more shoes, and random pieces of furniture.

I nice, quite weekend... spent with my boyfriend. A good start to the New Year