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Monday, January 10, 2011

Too much snow is never a good thing!

Good Morning!!

I was a wee bit late getting in to work today because of the mass amounts of snow in my apartments parking lot... which ultimately left my truck stuck... and so I had to get a ride to work. It sucks not having a vehicle and being dependent on others... I don't know how some people do it!

The weekend went by way too quickly! I would much rather still be cuddled up at home watching films and being lazy.

Here is your weekend update:
Friday night the snow started... as I'm sure you are aware. I had an appointment to get my teeth whitened the next morning, so decided it was a good idea to stay in, as I couldn't imagine getting my teethe whitened whilst hung over or tired. So, I went to the mall for a bit after work, then went home and tidied up a bit.

Saturday I get a call from the dentist office saying they are cancelling all appointments for the day and I will have to reschedule. I had got myself all psyched up to get my teeth whitened...and now have to wait even longer. I didn't fancy driving anywhere, so I stayed home. But the best part was I got to dog sit cherry!! She doesn't like the cold or the snow so she didn't really want to go outside much... so we cuddled and watched TV instead. My boyfriend didn't have to work that night, so we bundled up and went to Devlin's for some very yummy martinis. Well, I had martinis, he had rye. After a few hours, we braced the snow yet again and walked home.

Sunday... not only was I oh so hungover, but my back was killing me... I must have moved a weird way or something, but my shoulder blades hurt so bad I could barley move! This does not make for good cuddling! My boyfriend made us breakfast and we lazed around with Cherry until she left and we had to run some errands. We rented Machete and ate perogies.
Also, I am now addicted to The Kardashians! And cannot stop myself from watching it whenever it is on... so I stayed up, even though I was super tired, just to watch it and find out what happens with Kourtney and Scott... yah, its kind of pathetic,but those girls are so funny, and I can't help myself!

Ive got a somewhat busy week and even busier weekend ahead of myself. I just hope my truck gets free sooner than later!

Enjoy the snow!

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