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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, all!!

Be safe tonight! No drinking and driving! Public transport if free till 3:30 am tonight! No excuses!

I think Im going to end up New City with my very lovely boyfriend. And get a nice new years kiss for once!!

Also, perhaps I will post some of my new years resolutions once I sit down and have a good think. Like I said, I want this year to be full of growing and change and good challenges. No more shitty friends, no more boyfriend drama, no more getting or feeling down. I turn 25 this years and Im going to make it the best yet!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years is Upon Us

Its New Years Eve tomorrow night and I still have no idea what I'm doing!! There's a party at the starlight room which attracts my interest, however the crowd who may be there is a turn off. So what else to do?
My boyfriend wants to take me to see the fireworks cause I haven't been before, on new years eve that is, Ive obviously seen fireworks, and he promises these ones are really good.... we will see about that...

Ive even got a cute new dress to wear! eeerrr, i had better not end up on the couch come midnight!

In other news, this week has gone by oh so briskly!! Ive been keeping myself bust at work with social networking... ahh, the Internet...
I'm booking shows at The Mead Hall and as such all of my readers should attend! 10940 166 a street.

The next one in on Jan 14 and my very best friend ever will be in town and will be there with me!! I'm pumped. There will be tons of alcohol, giggling, gossip and rockin bands. yeehaw!

Next one is Feb 4,which is going to be amazing! Ive got 4 really rad bands lined up! It my be my best show to date!

Further... as is the tradition with new years, I plan to make some resolutions. Although I have never done so before, this past year has been a challenging and provided much learning and growing, and I wish to continue with growing and better my self... and so resolutions will be made and revealed next week

Oh, I also went to the gym last night with my boyfriend. It was nice. And now I am sore.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome Back

Play time is over and its back to the daily grind. After five amazing days off... and a pathetic excuse for a 'holiday', i am back to work!

Here is what occurred during said 5 days off:

Wed night: I had a date with my boyfriend which consisted of the following: dinner at my place, then to the Garneau to see Black Swan ( go see it, so creepy and so good), then off the the Next Act for some drinks.

Thursday: no work!! I slept in, then went to the mall to drag my nephew around with me as I did last minute shopping. Then got some groceries at the hectic supermarket, and finally was off to my boyfriends, where he was making me dinner!!

Friday: Christmas eve. I slept in... its oh so nice to sleep in. Then made a chocolate cheesecake to bring to my parents, and then made the long and boring drive to their house in the middle of nowhere. Pizza and wii and then bed.

Saturday: Christmas Day!!! Many gifts were opened! I got a shit load of new kitchen appliances, etc. Like: a food processor, a mixer, a popcorn machine, a citrus juicer, new knives, pots and pans.... and some other fun stuff too. I then lounged for some time, we had some family visitors, and then dinner. And then... the drive back home... after i packed my truck full with my new possessions. Thankfully my boyfriend was waiting for me at home to help carry everything up the three flights of stairs to my apartment. Then we exchanged gifts!! He got me a pink ukulele!!! eeeeee!!! I wanted one so bad! And didn't think at all he would get me one!! Now! to learn to play it!! Its so cute! And I'm going to be such a bad ass when I learnt o play it! Oh yah!!!

Sunday: a wee bit of boxing day shopping. Then i made a Christmas dinner for my boyfriend and I. I attempted to make a tofurkey... it was disgusting! I couldn't even eat it. bleck.

Monday: my last day off... and a lazy one at that. We left the house briefly around 430 to go to chapters and get hot chocolate. We also bought Jenga! And of course we played to the death! I won- 4 times in a row!! ummm hmm. jenga champion.

And now... Tuesday: back to work. boring work, with nothing to do. ho hum

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Simple Things

It was a rather tame weekend for me...

I got much necessary cleaning done. Got my Christmas shopping done. Did tons of laundry. Had a lovely bath. Got some much needed cuddles. And had a very lovely date.

I also purchased some oh so gorgeous, and very pricey boots... which have left me a wee broke, but I have gorgeous footwear to show it off. I met my mother in Browns, intending to buy her boots, and perhaps some for myself... if they weren't too expensive. Well, as it happens , I tired on a few pairs and when I went to put my own boots back on, well, the zipper was broke! And i had no choice but to buy new shoes! And my mother suggested, if i was going to buy a pair I may as well buy the ones I really want, the gorgeous $320 ones- and that's on sale!
Your only young once, right? And money is meant to be spent! So why not?!

Now for my lovely little date on Sunday. We went to duchess for some delicious sweets! Oh so delicious macaroons and lemon tarts. Then we went to the Museum. They have this great exhibition on right now, about wildlife photography. The photographs are amazing. You should definitely check it out. Afterwards we went home for a while and then headed off to the movie theatre to see... Tron. umm hmm. It was good... even though I had never seen the first one and didn't even know what it was about. That was all. Nice and simple. A good date all around.

When one has dated a selfish asshole for so long, dating one who is not seems so strange, especially all the nice, sweet, but simple things you do together, or he does for you, they too seem strange and unfamiliar; which makes everything all the better. I highly recommend you leave that selfish, pathetic, loser you are dating and find your self a nice, caring, sweet guy. You'll be oh so happier

Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

food for thought

Its a winter wonderland outside! Thank goodness I finally got my winter tires put on! Although I still got stuck in my apartment parking lot this morning! Thanks goodness a kind young man saw me struggling and pushed my poor truck out of the treacherous snow. If only all young men were so kind...I find it puzzling when people can blatantly see you are stuck, yet ignore you and do not offer to help. I find it all the more puzzling when the people or person knows you... thanks neighbour for not helping me this morning. I suppose I will remember that in times to come.
Its funny the way people are. Those who you think are your friends, or at least friendly enough to help you out when your in a tough situations, are the ones who hide, ignore, or back away. While, its the strangers who help you out when you need it. It makes you questions the value of friends and friendships... or who, even, is worth calling a friend. It seems to be not many people are worth that title.

Anyway, moving along... once I got my fantastic tires on yesterday, my day seemed to improve slightly, as I was finally able to get to the grocery store and then home to make dinner for my boyfriend and myself. Mid through preparations, however, I made a horrible mess in the kitchen, when I dropped about 3 cups of sauce onto the floor... and well the whole kitchen. For those who don't know, which is most, I am actually rather clumsy, which is a horrible annoyance. After said mess was cleaned... we ate dinner, then snuggled up to watch a film. Hours later, finally got to bed.. exhausted, but still unable to fall asleep. I then had bizarre dreams, which I can vaguely remember...

Well, its one more snowy day until the weekend. I plan to bumble through this work day, doing some Christmas shopping, laundry, bath, and then bed...


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Appletini over dose

My weekend was fairly successful...

I had a ladies party at my place on Friday night... I hosted a sex toy party from The Travelling Tickle Trunk, which provided many hours of fun and amusement...
We made appletini's and has a merry time.

Saturday morning was not so merry however... I had way too many appletinis... and well, didn't leave me house at all that day. But tidied up, watched a film, had a very bubbly bath and got some cuddles at the end of the night.

Sunday I attempted to do my Christmas shopping, but failed. We went to City Centre but alas, found nothing. Woe is me and my last minute Christmas shopping.

Its my third last boot camp class tonight! Im looking forward to a good work out... I feel like Ive been slacking... which is no good!

I also went to the Blue Plate Diner last night. nom nom. so delicious! My childhood best friend was in town, so we decided to get together and catch up and reminisce on the days when we thought we were aliens and would do really weird things...

Enjoy your Tuesday


Thursday, December 9, 2010

this and that

I made a pumpkin cheesecake last night... although I'm not too certain how its going to taste... I wont really know until tomorrow... as its for a party I'm having. I hope it turns out... it was an awful lot of effort and mess. Pumpkin is messy and wet...

That's pretty much the most exciting thing I have to tell...

I put up a Christmas tree. Ill have to take a picture and post it, its a mighty fine looking tree, if I do say so myself!

I'm trying to plan a trip to the water park... which is more difficult than it sounds, what with peoples schedules, or not having a swimsuit or being self conscious. I say pfft to that! Just come with me to the damn water park. I'm certain there will be someone much less attractive than you walking around half naked. Besides, its not like there are hot guys there, just kids, so there should be no worries. Yesterday groupon, on so conveniently, was for the water park! So I got myself two of those bad boys... now as soon as I find some ladies to come with me, Ill be good to go!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The end of boot camp is looming... only 4 more classes and then it is over until, I believe, March.
I have a few other things I can do in the meantime... but are there any other suggestions for fun things to do to keep active... especially in the winter?

I have some gym/boot camp passes thanks to groupon ;) but would still like to try something new...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

so long, farewell....

Last night I took out my nape piercing, after 5 long years together, it was time to part ways...
It was getting uncomfortable and a wee bit painful... no need to have any more pain or discomfort in life than need be... so I made the difficult choice to take it out... I hate taking out piercings, but sometimes you just got to.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Party From Hell

Last night was the staff Christmas party... my oh my!!!

Well, it was at the illustrious Mead Hall. There was free and unlimited alcohol. And the oh so classy employees...

Miss Brit was there... which made it a little better... as was my boyfriend... what?! boyfriend?! umm hmm...

There was some lovely drama... like:
I asked Miss Brit to take a picture of me on my phone so I could send it to my mama, and some degenerate whore wanted to be in the picture and I told her no because I'm sending it to my mom and she actually said to me " No wonder everyone thinks your a bitch". huh?! Some people!

Moving on... some creepy guy who has a crush on me kept trying to talk to me and hit on me and straight up said " I have a big dick"....?!!! what is with these people?

And the kicker... of course, my pathetic ex was there, with one of his many whores. He actually came up to me and pushed me!! Honestly, who raised these people?!

Anyways...said boyfriend stood up for me, like a real man should... unlike other "men" who abuse and hit women.

All in all... I got to wear a pretty new dress and killer heels; I did my hair in victory rolls, my first time doing them and I think I did a pretty good job. I had many free drinks, caught a free ride home, got some kisses and cuddles and woke up with an insane hangover. Lovely