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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Appletini over dose

My weekend was fairly successful...

I had a ladies party at my place on Friday night... I hosted a sex toy party from The Travelling Tickle Trunk, which provided many hours of fun and amusement...
We made appletini's and has a merry time.

Saturday morning was not so merry however... I had way too many appletinis... and well, didn't leave me house at all that day. But tidied up, watched a film, had a very bubbly bath and got some cuddles at the end of the night.

Sunday I attempted to do my Christmas shopping, but failed. We went to City Centre but alas, found nothing. Woe is me and my last minute Christmas shopping.

Its my third last boot camp class tonight! Im looking forward to a good work out... I feel like Ive been slacking... which is no good!

I also went to the Blue Plate Diner last night. nom nom. so delicious! My childhood best friend was in town, so we decided to get together and catch up and reminisce on the days when we thought we were aliens and would do really weird things...

Enjoy your Tuesday



  1. I have never had an appletini before, but they always sound so good!

    I used to tell people that I was from Mars when I was a kid... ALL THE TIME.

    And I never have any luck shopping at City Centre, I don't know why. It seems like such a great place to go shopping, but I can never find the stuff I want there!

  2. omg, when you come back we will have to get you an appletini... or two. So yummy!!
    haha kids are strange... i made up a language and everything...

    Yah city centre seems nice... but I also rarely have luck there...sometimes at Urban or Winners but thats about it. Its more of a nice place to walk through... i guess

  3. Haha, sounds like a plan!

    Kids ARE really strange... it makes my job interesting, haha. I think I made up my own language as well.

    Yeah, it's great to walk through, since it isn't as ghetto as some of the other malls in the city, haha