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Friday, December 30, 2011

Las Vegas Vacation

I've finally found a few minutes to make a post... I've been awfully busy being in Vegas and all! My bf and I decided to spend Christmas in Vegas this year and escape the cold and ice and have a nice break from work.

I've been to Vegas once before and this time I had a very different experience. While the first time there was spent partying, drinking and dancing all night, this time I went to a bunch of shows/productions and did more touristy things.

Day 1: The Blue Man Group- This was my favorite show we saw.
Day 2: Cirque de Soleil's Ka- This show has an amazing set! And was basically just really rad
Day 3: Cirque de Soleil's Mysterie- This was Vegas's first and original Cirque show, so it has a bunch of random and weird things, but also lots of really cool acrobatics and pole climbing. It was also very funny. I recommend seeing it.
Day 4: David Copperfield- Some of this magic tricks were impressive of course, but I wouldn't see him again. Not only was it really cheesy, I didn't feel like he was putting any heart into it, and instead was just going through the motions.

There were two restaurants we ate at which I loved! One was Serendipity 3, outside of Ceasers Palace. They are famous for their deserts like their frozen hot chocolate and sundaes. We ordered a sundae to share and couldn't even finish it between the two of us it was so big and rich. The other restaurant I loved was The Sugar Factory outside of Paris. With gourmet cupcakes, hello kitty adornments, and lollipops, how could I not fall in love?! We went one day for dinner- I ordered a ratatouille crepe- and the next day for breakfast- I got the biggest pancake I had ever seen! It was the size of a pizza!We did other tourist things as well like check out Madame Tussuad's, wander through the various hotels, walk down Fremont Street and the Strip. We also went to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. There was a pool of stingrays that you were actually allowed to touch! I think stingrays are super cute so I was pumped to get to touch one!

Over all we had a really great trip. Despite having done so much there was still a ton of other things I wanted to do; like, go bowling, go to the neon bone yard, see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, go thrift store shopping, and go to more clubs. I guess I will just have to do all that next time!

Hope you all had a great Holiday!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting In the Spirit

For some reason, it is not quite feeling like Christmas for me this year. This may be because I already did my gift exchange with my boyfriend and we will be in Las Vegas for Christmas Day...
Also, it is unseasonably warm for this time year. Usually, there tons of snow and its at least -20... On my walk to work this morning it was only -2!!

So, I've decided to post a classic Mariah Carey Christmas song to try to get in the mood. I also especially like this video because it is channeling the 1960's- one of my favorite eras.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Shit Girls Say - Episode 2

Episode 2. Not as funny. But still true. Especially "That poor dog needs water"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Time to get Dress-ed

The week is finally coming to an end. Not only does this mean no work for 2 whole days! it also means there are now only 6 more days until my vacation! I think I'm going to start packing this weekend, just to make sure I don't forget anything.

In the mean time, lets have a look at some oh so fabulous dresses that would look smashing on you ( and me) this Holiday season.

3.Blueberry Buckle Dress 4. With Only a Wink Dress

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shit Girls Say - Episode 1

Have you seen this video yet? Its been making its way arounf the lovely world wide web. And i'd have to say its quite accurate. Its a rather playful way to tease women about the silly things we say often say. I recognized a handful of things I say from this video... and am constantly frantically digging in my purse. Oh and I love Juliette Lewis!

I'm on Twitter now... I'm not quite sure why yet...but none the less...follow me!!



Last night my boyfriend and I went bowling with my friend and her husband. Yah... it was kind of like a double date... but just a little. Anyway, back to the bowling part. I hadn't been in a few years, and my boyfriend said he hadn't been in 20 years or something insane like that!

Bowling is kind of geeky but also kind of rad at the same time! It was popular in my favorite time periods- the 50's and the 60's. And there is a lot of memorabilia and style centered around bowling- men's bowling shirts, bowling ball handbags, bowling pins as decor, newly formed rockabilly and punk rock bowling teams, etc, etc.

Well, I can say I'm not a pro, but it was fun...minus the icky bowling shoe part. When I head to Vegas next week,I think I may plan a stop at a retro bowling alley and bowl in real style...

And now, here is every one's favorite pre-historic bowler, showing off his stuff

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

busy, busy, busy

I have been rather busy as of late! I have been somewhat busy at work... which busy or not keeps me locked in an office for 8.5 hours. After work I have been trying to get to yoga as often as I can but I have been having to meet with people to plan things or drop off stock(for Lolita Lemon) and sell my Christmas wreaths ( 5 sold so far!), not to mention get in last minute holiday shopping and picking up things for my vacation and run tons of errands. It seems like it has been all work and no play! Its is only Tuesday and it already feels like it should be the end of the week! Whats going on?! Im sure Im not the only one whose this busy... but its not like Im busy with fun things, like Christmas parties or baking or ice skating or taking in any festivities.

Thanks goodness for my very wee 6 day vacation ( 2 days of which are on the weekend anyway). I actually managed to get a whole 4 days off without too much hassle. Meanwhile the rest of the company gets 2-3 weeks... yah, like I said before... my work place is not fair in that I always get the short end of the stick, yelled at, disrespected and generally treated like trash. The things we do to pay the bills.

Anyway... only 9 more days until I'm off for a Very Merry Vegas Christmas!

Friday, December 9, 2011


I, like many other gals, am addicted to America's Next Top Model. I imagine what it would be like to be on the show. Somewhat glamorous...also embarrassing... some of the things they make the girls do is so lame and humiliating, I don't know if I could do it, despite all the rad prizes ( even thought Covergirl is not cruelty free...so I don't know if I'd want that prize anyway).

Well, the all stars season has come to an end...a rather disturbing and shocking end. Angelea was disqualified for some mysterious reason. The finale was re-shot in LA. They always do the judging on location, at whichever exotic locale they do the final runway show, and the winner is announced. This has lead many to believe Angelea was originally announced the winner, in Greece, but was then disqualified, so they had to re-shoot in LA, to announce which of the losers would be the new 'winner', which turned out to be...dun da dunnnn....Lisa.

Some are speculating that she leaked her victory prior...but no one has seen any concrete proof of this... and well, it seems a little silly to be disqualified for that. So, whats the real reason?! Hopefully, someone will figure it out soon and inform the public who are just dying to know... Yah, well, on to next season.

I must admit though, that I was routing for Alison the whole way. I think she is cute as a button and not some cookie cutter, no brain, waif. Although, I'm certain she has many bright prospects in her future.

Now, back to day dreaming of being a glamorous, over-tired, under-fed, well dressed and styled model.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

My newest project, which I'm getting quite excited about is making wreaths. Now, not just any old wreaths... no, snazzy, designer, rock n roll wreaths. I'm calling them "Rockabilly Wreaths". I've just started creating them but the response thus far has been very motivating! I'm thinking I will create an Etsy site in the near future so that lovely ladies all over can get one of their own. As of right now, I have a couple in a local shop waiting to be gobbled up by whichever lucky gal gets to them first ( hmmm... am I sounding a little full of myself? I can't help it... I am biased).

I figured I'd share with you a few of my creations. Please bear with the photo quality. I had taken this pictures to show a potential buyer and not not as a photo shoot ;) But I figured, as I already had a few snap shots, I may as well put them up on my blog!

This is the very first one I made. Its hanging up outside my apartment door

This baby is on sale at 4 Stroke Custom Culture

This last one was made to order. I sure hope she likes it :)

Now, I recognize they look a little similar, but this is not always to be the case as I have many lovey and bad-ass ideas roaming around in my head! I'll be sure to post more of my Rockabilly Wreaths in the future. And, if you fancy one for yourself, please let me know and we can work out some designs and shipping!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas in Vegas!

Christmas Day is only 19 days away! Can you believe how quickly it has snuck up?! But even more exciting, well for me anyway, is my up coming trip to Vegas! In just two weeks! I can not wait. Working for a living is just awful, I'd rather being doing much more exciting things like taking trips. But between now and when I can find a job I love which doesn't suck the life and sunshine out of me, I will wait in anticipation for Las Vegas.

Ive been once before for a bachalorette party, which involved a lot of dancing, drinking, shopping and very late nights ( or shall I say, early mornings). This time around I am going with my boyfriend, so expect to have a different experience. He's not one for dancing so we probably wont go to many clubs. But we do plan on going to see a handful of shows and having nice meals together...and maybe a giant bubble bath!

Studio 54 at the MGM grand...I'm hoping to go here

Also, the last time I went was in early summer,which meant it was nice and hot... I'm not so sure what the weather will be like in December, although I'm certain it will be much warmer than were I am now. Im already thinking about what Im going to wear and am trying to find some practical yet cute shoes for the day...

I thinking of getting some Coach slip-ons. I almost always wear black, so they would match my casual outfits and they seem comfy.... ?
Well, like I said, I still have 2 weeks to figure it out and think of ways to stay there and never come back to work... if I only I was a dancer or had any valuable Vegas talent...which I don't...sigh. But my trip will provide for much more interesting posts...


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Colourblind gets a little Cozy

One of my favorite local and independent shops is having a customer appreciation sale tonight. With a 25% off sale, a live DJ and sweets, Colourblind is making our evening a little "Cozy" and in return asks us to donate new or gently used scarves, mitts and hats to The Youth Emergency Shelter and The Hope Mission Center to make the less fortunate a little "Cozy" too! The party starts at 6:30. Bring a donation and be entered into a draw to win lovely prizes!

I'll see you there!