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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas in Vegas!

Christmas Day is only 19 days away! Can you believe how quickly it has snuck up?! But even more exciting, well for me anyway, is my up coming trip to Vegas! In just two weeks! I can not wait. Working for a living is just awful, I'd rather being doing much more exciting things like taking trips. But between now and when I can find a job I love which doesn't suck the life and sunshine out of me, I will wait in anticipation for Las Vegas.

Ive been once before for a bachalorette party, which involved a lot of dancing, drinking, shopping and very late nights ( or shall I say, early mornings). This time around I am going with my boyfriend, so expect to have a different experience. He's not one for dancing so we probably wont go to many clubs. But we do plan on going to see a handful of shows and having nice meals together...and maybe a giant bubble bath!

Studio 54 at the MGM grand...I'm hoping to go here

Also, the last time I went was in early summer,which meant it was nice and hot... I'm not so sure what the weather will be like in December, although I'm certain it will be much warmer than were I am now. Im already thinking about what Im going to wear and am trying to find some practical yet cute shoes for the day...

I thinking of getting some Coach slip-ons. I almost always wear black, so they would match my casual outfits and they seem comfy.... ?
Well, like I said, I still have 2 weeks to figure it out and think of ways to stay there and never come back to work... if I only I was a dancer or had any valuable Vegas talent...which I don't...sigh. But my trip will provide for much more interesting posts...



  1. I'm jealous! I wish I was headed to vegas in 2 weeks!