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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Days Are Fading Fast...

ugh... it took me two hours, two, to fall asleep last night, despite my overwhelming exhaustion... and now, I am tired, yet again. Im too broke to buy sleeping pills or remedies and so on the vicious cycle will go. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that if life were more happier and less stressful and disappointing, I could sleep better. Yes, I am being quite emo lately... but how can I not? Summer is over and it was only nice out while I was at work for the last 3 months, my hair is driving me crazy ( yes, I know, this is not a vital problem, but I just want it to grow, dammit!), I have horrible allergies to the evil kitty who has moved in with me, Im broke and always seem to be so, work is less than satisfying and I feel like every day at it is a waste, I'm losing motivation to do the things I actually enjoy doing ( working out, thrifting, and crafting), my bf is going away for a month, which will leave me with, oh, three friends who has lives and partners of their own, I am in desperate need of a new wardrobe ( recall, I cleaned mine out, and have since either given clothes away, put them on ebay, or am selling them at a consignment store), and on and on it goes...Is life meant to be this disappointing and un-enjoyable? Surely, not everyone can have the same feelings that I do...because that would be very, very depressing. Okay, so what can I do to make life better? Many things...many things which seem unaccomplishable... so I guess this is it...Im stuck. Whats a gal to do? Well, if I had my way...Id pack up and move and open an antique store and be oh so happy... but, I dont see that happening any time soon. woe is me.

Okay, Ill try to be more upbeat next time... Im just so freaking tired and forced to come to work for 8.5 hours a day when there is no work to be done... sorry, I just want to be in bed, cuddled up with a baby boston terrier... or french bulldog...either will do.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is it me your looking for?

I've been lacking motivation lately... to blog, to work, to wake up... I think I may be stuck in a rut...waiting for things to happen... which seem to be taking quite some time... more time than Id like to give. Whats a gal do to get back on track? I have nothing truly exciting or interesting to blog about... no extraordinary stories or "hey guess what happened to me today" to tell. Instead, my days are always the same.. I get woken up early by the meowing, attention seeking cat, I get dressed and walk to work, I sit for 8.5 hours in an uncomfortably cold office alone, answering the mundane and tedious phone calls and emails, doing mine and whoever elses work, not being rewarded in any what what so ever for my 3 long years of work...no "hey, why not take the day off, have a personal day", no " its been slow today, why dont you take the afternoon off", no " oh, your super duper sick, and can barely get out of bed? well, then, stay home and rest up", no" you work so hard all year, why not take one day off to relax"...nope, nothing like that, in fact, quite the opposite. Oh the jobs we do, because we have to, and if we didn't we would otherwise be broke and homeless... but maybe also happy. To top it off, summer is almost gone...Ive barely had any time to enjoy the sunshine ( ehm... thanks work) and its going to snow before I know it! Also my dear bf is gone for a few days... and then some... but I will just have to try to keep busy working out and making blueberry muffins, cupcakes, cheese cake and loaves ( with the insane amount of blueberries my mom gave me).

Here's hoping that posts will get much more interesting sooner than later. Hope your enjoy the sunshiny day!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week of gloom

Ugh, this week has not been the best...and its still not even over yet... two more grueling days of work await me...Ive been in a little rut...not quite sure what to do but at the same time, having tons of stuff to do. I got some things done, like I mentioned yesterday, I finally posted/ made my new vintage Etsy shop, but I also updated my lolita lemon shop and! took pictures of only a few items of clothes for ebay...from the stack of, oh, maybe 30-40 items! I was going to do more yesterday but I forgot my camera at work!! Ho hum! I was not impressed. It also rained yesterday and was dark and gloomy as soon as I got off work.... but was nice while I was at work. Im sick of this, Mother Nature, do you hear me?!! Give me some sun!!

Also, I am allergic to my new roommate, Angel, the cat. Her hair is all over my bed, which makes me sneeze like a mad women, itch my eyes like crazy, and get all stuff up. She alo lets to scratch at mirrors like crazy and lucky me, I have a full body sized one mounted on the wall in the hallway...which she scratched with fervor at 5 am!!

So, Im tired, Im bored,I haven't worked out very much this week, so I have pent up energy, Im down to my last $8, which I sheepishly stole from my piggy bank, Im sick of double standards, and just want it to be the weekend... but the long weekend or rather for it to stay the weekend forever.

Hows your week going?!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Retro Camp

I've set up a new Etsy shop... which is not Lolita Lemon...but is, in its own right, equally as fabulous. Its called Retro Camp! Get it... Retro. Camp. hehe.Well, Im selling vintage stuff... any sort of vintage stuff really, but for now it just has jewelry, because, sometimes its almost of working taking nice pictures, downloading them, tweaking them, then listing them. Anyway...here is the link. Have a look for yourself.


Ive also added even more handmade jewelry to Lolita Lemon, so have a look there too. There is a button/link on the side of my blog page, which I strongly advise you to click on!

Also, I wanted to share with you that I finally got my hands on cupcakes... I say finally as if I hadnt had a cupcakes in ages, as if Ive been deprived, when in actuality, its been... oh.... a week or two. Anyway, I got them at Crave....and they were delicious... yes, multiple cupcakes, although both were not eaten at the same time... I had one last night and one today... for shame, I know, but I can't resist.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweethoots- An Etsy Shop

OMG! I just found the cutest thing on Etsy!! Crotchet hats for dogs! Look how cute they are! And how cute this pug is in them!

Carman Miranda Fruit Bowl

Floppy Ear Bunny Rabbit

The company who makes these adorable hats is called Sweethoots and you can find them on Etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Sweethoots
This month the shop will be donating 10% of each sale to a bulldog named Gracie Lee who was born with Spina Bifida. So I suggest you buy a hat or two for your pooch...winter is fast approaching, you know!

Where are they now?

Every now and again msn. com will do a "what happened to these child stars" post. Yesterday they posted another one. Usually they will talk about Tori Spelling, Mary Kate and Ashely Olson, Christina Ricci, Payden Christensen... you know, the ones we already know about! But! to my surprise they actually mentioned a child star I currently did not know what was going on with... Blossom!Well, Mayim Bialik ( aka Blossom) plays Amy Ferrah Fowler on the Big Bang Theory! Now, tell me I'm not the only one who didn't know this until now?!

Is there any other child star your wondering what happened to? or haven't heard about in awhile?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update 3

Why hello Monday! You just snuck right up on me!Well,its that time again... weekend update!

Friday night I went out with some friends... off to the fringe for some rides and treats.
here we are on the tilt a whirl
all the rides were running on vegetable oil! Its an eco friendly fair!the strawberries we were planning on riding, that is until we saw the carnie running the ride..who was slurring her words and through water at the people on the ride. We decided it was a safer bet not to go on the adorable and oh so fun berry-go-round.

Saturday I ran some errands...one of which included going to the craft store so I could make some lovely earrings both for Etsy and 4 stroke custom culture

These guys are for sale on my Etsy shop... Lolita Lemon
We also went out for lunch and sat in the sunshine on the patio... it was lovely
Saturday night I made jewelry and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic... I honestly could never get sick of that movie

Sunday I went on a date with my bf. We went to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Art Gallery, then went to Padmanadis for dinner... a scrumptious, vegan restaurant, with oodles of delicious food. After dinner we went home and played scrabble...to which I lost horribly...

And that brings us all up to date and back to Monday...which has been quite busy with paper work and updating my etsy shop and blogging and phone conversations and eating yummy leftovers.

oh...if you want to read up some more on the eco friendly rides here is the website. Its called Sustainival... how very clever, don't you think?


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet

Last week I cleaned out my closet... I have so so much clothes, most of which I do not wear. Most, simply do not fit... so, out with the old...and in with the new...? Well, out with the old for sure.


Very cluttered... you can see I already emptied part of the left hand side...
what a mess!

After: Much better... and so much more room! ahhh, where have all my clothes gone!?

A huge pile of clothes I am going to attempt to sell on ebay... there's some good stuff in there... I will let you know how it goes!
I also had a pile to donate, a pile to give away and a few things that just needed to be thrown out. I'm sick of having so much clothes but never anything to wear... cliche. Not much of what was in my closet fit me right... all my shirts are too tight on my arms and shoulders - thanks to all those push ups and tricep dips I do, I now have a hard time fitting into shirts and usually just feel like the Hulk when I put them on... okay, okay, my arms aren't that ripped, but still! Pants don't fit right either! I'm sure you can all sympathise with me! Ive been working out so hard for almost a year now, and my body is not doing quite what I had hoped it would... but onwards I struggle!

Well, here's hoping I can sell some of my treasures on Ebay so I can buy even more and better treasures!

Monday, August 8, 2011

weekend update #2

Ahh, Monday, we meet again... and not by my choosing...that's for sure!! This weekend was very pleasant, if I do say so! Although, as usual, not quite long enough. So, lets get to it...

Weekend Update

Friday: I had a wee bbq with the bf after work, then a little later went for a nice run/workout...then back home, where I ate popcorn and was in bed by 11:45!!

Saturday: Saturday was a day planned to include much fun! We were going to go to the beach! But the forecast said it was going to rain! Everyday I checked it to see if it changed and it only predicted more and more rain. It did not rain... it was sunny... but the beach it over 2 hours away, so by the time I woke up an realized the forecast had lied, it was too late. So, I went to the mall and looked at shoes I can't afford. Then went home, to look at the shoes I did have and decided I really need some new ones ( I don't really... I have about 60 pairs!). My boyfreind came to pick me up and we went to dinner... at my favorite place, The Blue Plate Diner.

Saturday night, I went to the Nekromantics with some friends. The bands ( The Brains and The Nekromantics) were soooo good! Well, worth the $21 I paid to see them! I took some pictures especially for you!

my two friends, and me ( I'm the one with the white flower)

The Nekormantics

Kim Nekromantic, playing the stand up bass.

more Nekromantics.


After the gig we went to a bar for some dancing... then stumbled more for a warm shower and bed

Sunday: My bf took me on a date... to the horse tracks! Ive always wanted to go! It was a little cloudy and windy out... so I couldn't wear a pretty dress and big sunhat... but we bet on a few races and I picked winners almost every time! We also played some slot machines...where we didn't win... and that made me sad, which reassures me I will never be addicted to gambling! Then he took me to get a cupcake! nom nom. And to a see a film- The Change Up, which was quite good.
And to end the night, I cleaned out the cupboard in my kitchen. Despite being very organized, these cupboards were a mess... but not any longer!

That's it! Now only 5 more days to go until the next weekend!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 4

Season 4 of Jersey Shore premiered last night... and they're in Italy this time around. I admit it, Jersey Shore is my guilty pleasure... don't judge... I know you all secretly watch it too.

This season is looking to be a good one... they were calling the meri-go-round a ferris wheel... mike wants to get with snookie... both sam and ronnie are single ( for now)... deanna wants to get with pauly... and there looks to be a lot of drama and fighting to come.

If you've pre-judged the show before even watching it, well, you can just head to mtv.com and watch all the previous seasons and episodes!! Then, you'll be all caught up and ready to watch the crew take over Italy!

Lust Haves

Friday!!! Oh. how I have longer for you... for 4 days now... Well, its time for this weeks Lust Haves! I know how excited you all are... my 33 readers... ho hum... while I do love my 33 followers, I would still love 333... or 3333 followers too!! I have lots of love... for real... so just follow me!

Lust Haves- Luxe Edition!

1.A pair of Mui Mui shoes... these ones in particular...

2. A pair of fabulous sunnies!

3. A necklace from Tiffany's, in a dream world, which is what we are pretending today, Id get this cupcake charm, made of 18k white and yellow gold, blue sapphires, pink sapphires, and tsavorites all for a modest $1800...

4. A classic car... in mint condition... preferably a 57 Chevy bel air...

5. Anything by Agent Provocateur...their items are luxurious and glamorous... and, well, a bit naughty too. I own a bra from Agent Provocateur and perfume... that's all. I would love to have this fabulous kimono though.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Recall my new roommate, Angel... who is a cat... who has also never lived anywhere besides her previous home, that is, until now. She came out from hiding after only 2 days and has since been exploring and causing much noise and ruckus. She likes to jump on and in things... like the counter, the fridge, the book shelf, the kitchen cupboards, the linen closet, my laundry basket, my dresser drawers... you get the picture. She also likes to knock things down and try to open drawers... She also does not like to be pet, unless she says so... or rather, knocks her head against your hand.

She also likes to eat... a lot... and thus, is very fat.
The other night I was drinking some tea... both it and the cat were on the coffee table. Angel smelt the tea and then went wild! It had peppermint in it, which I guess is like catnip! She was rolling all over the table and grabbing at things. I moved a glass that was beside her so she wouldn't knock it over and she attacked me! Then, I split some tea on the couch so she hoped over... as I was trying to clean it up she was growling at me!

She is quite rambunctious... and nosy... but she likes me a little bit more than before... except when I tell her to stop doing something... then she hisses and growls at me

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sunshine Daydreams

We're halfway through the week already...and its August! The summer is just flying by and leaving lots of rain in its wake... and very little sunshine. Although, I believe it was nice and sunny for the 8.5 hours I was trapped at work without a break... and it was not so sunny when I finally emerged. Such is life... But I hear this week is suppose to be hot! Here's hoping the sun is still shinning when I get off from work everyday! Unfortunately, I'm not allowed sick days, personal days, or days off... so there will be no poolside chilling for me until the weekend...

Here are some bathing suits I wish I had to wear this weekend at the beach:

1. Betsey Johnson. 2 Vitamin A 3. J Crew 4. Diane Von Furstenburg 5. Shabby Apple

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

weekend update 1

Good Morning! Yesterday was a holiday for us lucky folk in Canada...that's why I'm a day late with my weekend update...

Three days off of work felt like a total escape...and when my alarm clock went off this morning I knew it wasn't really an escape, just a tease of a better way of life...

This weekend was very busy and oh so fun!

Friday night, I went out with some ladies and we drank and danced and had a merry time.

Saturday we finally got a propane tank for the bbq and, you guessed it, we had a bbq!! And I ran errands, la la la, typical.

Sunday I went to the exhibition, Capital Ex, where I ate cotton candy, mini donuts, poutine, chip stix, went on rides, played games...and saw Ace of Base!! Yah, you read right... Ace of Base ( ... except the girls aren't the original members, which kind of sucked)

My friend won me this pig! Its from angry birds... I don't play that game, but that's what the tag said... Anyways, he's havin a beer with us.

the two new girl singers
original member... note the dancers in the hoods... they danced for a few different songs.
They were horrible!! The whole performance felt like it was stuck in the 90's

After the concert we headed home. And on the walk home we passed The Sugar Bowl... where we stopped for a drink and oh so yummy paprika popcorn

Monday was sunny and warm...and so we rode our bicycles to the Heritage Festival! I was so excited to get my bike out and go for a ride and it was even better that it was to the park where the festival was. There were tents from countries all over the world with food and artifacts and performances...and many many people! We got some food from Scandinavia, Greece, Japan and Sweden.

On the bike ride home we decide to go a different way then we came and ended up getting lost! We had to turn around and go back the way we came! But at least we got a lot of exercise!
After many hours in the sun, I decided to make some cookies!! After I was done, I decided it was time to relax, so I popped in Twilight and had some yummy David's Tea.