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Monday, August 8, 2011

weekend update #2

Ahh, Monday, we meet again... and not by my choosing...that's for sure!! This weekend was very pleasant, if I do say so! Although, as usual, not quite long enough. So, lets get to it...

Weekend Update

Friday: I had a wee bbq with the bf after work, then a little later went for a nice run/workout...then back home, where I ate popcorn and was in bed by 11:45!!

Saturday: Saturday was a day planned to include much fun! We were going to go to the beach! But the forecast said it was going to rain! Everyday I checked it to see if it changed and it only predicted more and more rain. It did not rain... it was sunny... but the beach it over 2 hours away, so by the time I woke up an realized the forecast had lied, it was too late. So, I went to the mall and looked at shoes I can't afford. Then went home, to look at the shoes I did have and decided I really need some new ones ( I don't really... I have about 60 pairs!). My boyfreind came to pick me up and we went to dinner... at my favorite place, The Blue Plate Diner.

Saturday night, I went to the Nekromantics with some friends. The bands ( The Brains and The Nekromantics) were soooo good! Well, worth the $21 I paid to see them! I took some pictures especially for you!

my two friends, and me ( I'm the one with the white flower)

The Nekormantics

Kim Nekromantic, playing the stand up bass.

more Nekromantics.


After the gig we went to a bar for some dancing... then stumbled more for a warm shower and bed

Sunday: My bf took me on a date... to the horse tracks! Ive always wanted to go! It was a little cloudy and windy out... so I couldn't wear a pretty dress and big sunhat... but we bet on a few races and I picked winners almost every time! We also played some slot machines...where we didn't win... and that made me sad, which reassures me I will never be addicted to gambling! Then he took me to get a cupcake! nom nom. And to a see a film- The Change Up, which was quite good.
And to end the night, I cleaned out the cupboard in my kitchen. Despite being very organized, these cupboards were a mess... but not any longer!

That's it! Now only 5 more days to go until the next weekend!

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