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Friday, August 5, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 4

Season 4 of Jersey Shore premiered last night... and they're in Italy this time around. I admit it, Jersey Shore is my guilty pleasure... don't judge... I know you all secretly watch it too.

This season is looking to be a good one... they were calling the meri-go-round a ferris wheel... mike wants to get with snookie... both sam and ronnie are single ( for now)... deanna wants to get with pauly... and there looks to be a lot of drama and fighting to come.

If you've pre-judged the show before even watching it, well, you can just head to mtv.com and watch all the previous seasons and episodes!! Then, you'll be all caught up and ready to watch the crew take over Italy!


  1. I love Jersey Shore, it really is a guilty pleasure. I get so much crap for watching but I don't care.

  2. I love the show! The first episode was a little all over the place, but its okay their in Italy!! I'm excited for this season, so much shit is gonna hit the fan.

  3. your right, the first episode was a little frantic, but Im super excited for this season!