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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alexis Bittar

November seems to have just flown right by! Actually, time seems to just be going by in general...and I don't seem to be getting much done. But, not to fret, December will be a fabulous month. Not only will the Holidays be in full swing, I'll be heading off to Vegas in a few weeks!

Whilst browsing Pinterest, I saw someone posted a fabulous piece by Alexis Bittar, who has been described as " One of the greatest jewelry designers of the 21st century"*. His website has a very lovely life story describing his journey from selling his designs on the streets of New York to getting into department stores, designing for and with Burburry, Micheal Kors, and Jason Wu, not to mention designing Lucite masks for Lady Gaga and having the first Lady, Micheal Obama wear numerous pieces during interviews, etc.

While the pieces are very glamorous and have a vintage feel ( an inspiration when first designing), they are also very affordable while remaining luxurious.

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces form his website

Also check out Bittars blog, to find out about sample sales, new pieces he is working on, films and people he is collaborating with, etc, etc,


Friday, November 25, 2011

The Holidays are Underway

Its seems that now it is the Holiday season, there is so much going on and tons to do. With festive activities getting underway, holiday sales and parties, shows, plays, music and other fun stuff to do, it feels like there just isn't enough time to get it all done.

This weekend brings:
1. Opera in the subway with Mercury Opera 104 Underground
2. The return of Parlour Magazine with their Dollhouse Pop Up Fashion Show
3. The Royal Bison Craft Fair! which is literally minutes from my apartment, so here's hoping I make it!
4.The Taboo...Naughty but Nice Show...Ive already got my tickets!
5. The Farmers Market, which is on every Saturday, but I always seem to miss it...

Not to mention all the over things I'm hoping to get done this weekend... I have an inkling I am going to be very busy... oh who am I kidding, I'm already thinking of my to-do list as I type this!

Have a lovely ( and productive) weekend!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Marc Jacobs Holiday Guide

Marc Jacobs makes the most amazing items- handbags, necklaces, swim suits, sunglasses, shoes,perfume...you name it. Marc Jacobs also offers some fab items at fab prices. This year, I have definitely got Marc Jacobs on my wish list

1. Holiday Pave Heart Ring $ 128 2. Classic Enamel Studs $48. 3. Key to My Heart reMARCable stud set $78. 4 Le Mouse Ring $78

5.Petal to the Metal Key Punch $98 6.Pretty Nylon Printed Lil Tate $168 7.Pretty Nylon Mini Slingy $168 8. Totally Turnlock Percy $198

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hello Kitty Noir

Like any good (rockabilly) gal, I love Hello Kitty. There is just something about a cuddly, chubby, oh so cute and surprising stylish and popular kitty, that makes me smile! Sephora recently began carrying a Hello Kitty makeup and accessory line. This holiday season, Hello Kitty brings us their 'Noir' line, which has touches of vintage glamour and style. The collection is completed with eyeshadow palettes in the shape of an over-sized Hello Kitty head, hand held mirrors and hair brushes, compacts, and my favorite, a special edition Hello Kitty 5-piece makeup brush set.

Watch the Sephora, Hello Kitty "Noir" collection video below, and you'll know just what I'm talking about!

Make sure you put it on your list or check it off someone else's cause this kitty is sure to make any doll smile.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

American Apparel Sale in Review

American Apparel had a warehouse sale this past weekend. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I went hoping to find some good tights, some over the knee socks, and maybe even a nice tank top or two. I didn't find anything I was looking for. I also thought the selection was a touch weak. Most of things I liked were available In either XS or XL, and nothing in between. Maybe someone had gotten to my size before me, or maybe it was really a "warehouse" sale, in that, they were clearing out!
I ended up finding two items! A Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau Dress, in olive green. Its the one where you can tie/wear a handful of different ways. And for $20, I'd say it was a good find. It fits great and the material is lovely. And a bright, shiny red bandeau, which I plan to wear under tanks tops and such. This was a steal at only $5.

Although I was personally disappointed with the selection, I could see how others would be in AA heaven. There were tons of items for Hipsters and Indie kids, as well as the stick thin...which, dare I say, is kind of American Apparels market. But I'm certain in the rows and racks jam packed with the American made items, there was something for everyone.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Peplum Perfect

As of late I have been seeing Peplum dresses and skirts pop up every which way. At first, I didn't fancy them, but after some reconsideration, I think I like them know. They are flirty and fun, yet have a retro, classic feel to them. Here are a few lovely Peplum pieces I think you may enjoy:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kate Spade for Christmas

Its that time of year again, isn't it? Christmas tunes can be heard on the radio, store fronts and windows are a glisten with tinsel, bows, gold and silver, Christmas decorations have flooded the stores, trees are being put up, and gifts are being pondered and purchased.

As it turns out, this year I have very few people on my Christmas list. Well, three to be exact. My parents and my boyfriend. I have already gotten my moms gift, which basically leaves my dad. My boyfriend and I are going for a wee vacation for Christmas so have decided to keep the gift exchange between us on the lighter side.

But this doesn't stop me from looking at all the pretty and sparkly things other people may like to purchase. Today I cam across Kate Spades website. More specifically I was looking at her earrings, which are not only lovely but very affordable. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you, which have are very chic and glamorous, with a touch of vintage aesthetic.

With prices ranging from $48 to $495 there is something in every one's budget. All of the pieces are stunning and would make a fabulous gift for any gal!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snake Skin for Fashion

Joaquin Phoenix teams up with PETA to shine some light on the reptile skin industry. Reptile skin is used to make high end handbags, shoes, belts, wallets, and clothing. It is also inhumane and unethical. Most of the reptiles are skinned alive- they are conscious and in intolerable, excruciating pain- so that someone with some extra cash to burn and some people to impress can wear them. Please think twice before purchasing genuine reptile skin products...and the same goes for fur.

If you like the look of reptile and fur, there are tons of fuax versions available. I love me some fuax fur! And I always make sure to read the label before buying it, if Im not certain.

Vintage Suits by Mary

Now, I can't seem to recall how I came across Vintage Suits by Mary, but I'm sure glad I did. Vintage Suits by Mary makes vintage inspired bathing suits. The cut, colour, and patterns of the suits scream vintage in every which way! From high waisted bikinis, to sexy one pieces, and fun play suits and rompers, Vintage Suits by Mary offers a lovely selection of oh so cute ( and sexy) pieces for everyone.

Here are a couple suits I have my eye on

As soon as I can find a warm and sunny place to wear one of these suits, I will be ordering one for sure. Its just too bad I only found them once winter has made its miserable way back in! I guess I will just have to find a way to get to Mexico or Cuba in the next few months, because, boy do I ever want one of these suits!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dismantled Fashions

A short while ago I came across Dismantled Fashions on Etsy, a custom rockabilly/psychobilly clothing and accessories shop, which makes vintage inspired, pin-up, clothing for gals looking for that retro edge. They make gorgeous pencil skirts with leopard, cherry print, zebra, and tattoo flash patterns, to name a few; they sell oh so cute boleros and lovely dresses. Just recently they began selling 'Rosie hair warps' in all sorts of fantastic and retro patterns. While drooling over the items for some time now, I have finally made my first purchase!

When they say custom, they truly mean it. While they do offer shelf sizes, they also give you the option to present them with your personal measurements, in order to get a custom fit. The sizes offered range from xs to 3xl, because every gal deserves something special and lovely to wear!

Dismantled Fashions
offers us gals quality, handmade, pieces, in great fabrics, cuts and the patterns we love most! And if you head over there now, you will be able to catch the 15% sale being offered this very moment! With $5 flat rate shipping to the US and a mere $11 shipping to Canada, your sure to get yourself a rad deal... like I did!

I'm headed to Vegas next month and hope to receive my items before then so I can bring them along for the trip. I'll be sure to give you all a review once they arrive!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Biker Boots for Winter

Its early November and I hear snow is going to fall on Friday! This means I have to say goodbye to my peep toes and other exposing shoes until spring. But this also means new winter boots! Now, not often do I define my look one way or another, or do I say I am in one particular scene, but for today's purpose, I shall. I dress a bit rockabilly and modern vintage-esque; I love vintage and the style of the 1950s. But... I also dress a touch rock and roll. Today's post, then, will feature some gorgeous rocker chic(k) boots I would love to add to my collection... as I say, a gal can dream, cant she?

David Dixon at Town Shoes

What boots are you planning on wearing this winter to keep you warm and stylish?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Daily Frenchie

Again, while browsing Pinterest, I came across a pin of a French Bulldog... oh how I love French Bulldogs. The picture came from a site called The Daily Frenchie, where people submit pictures of french bulldogs. See below:

Whenever I'm feeling a little blue, I'll look at the puppies for sale ads on kijiji, which makes me smile, because cute puppies always make me happy. Now I have another place to go to put a smile on my face...and so do you. Check out The Daily Frenchie if your in the mood for feelin' good.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hopeless Lingerie

While scanning Pinterest, I came across a pin of two fabulous retro inspired knickers.
Aren't they fabulous? So, I followed the link which lead me to Spokes 'n' Daggers, the blog behind Hopeless Lingerie.

Hopeless Lingerie has this to say about themselves:

"Taking inspiration from such diverse places as B-grade horror films, architecture and modern art, designer Gabrielle Adamidis with the help of her sister Dominique have established a strong following through innovative designs. Combining vintage aesthetics with modern comfort and convenience, Hopeless create pieces that aim to make women feel sexy and beautiful."

What modern gal wouldn't love a vintage inspired under garment like the ones Hopeless Lingerie has to offer!

Here a few of my favorite pieces from their website