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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Biker Boots for Winter

Its early November and I hear snow is going to fall on Friday! This means I have to say goodbye to my peep toes and other exposing shoes until spring. But this also means new winter boots! Now, not often do I define my look one way or another, or do I say I am in one particular scene, but for today's purpose, I shall. I dress a bit rockabilly and modern vintage-esque; I love vintage and the style of the 1950s. But... I also dress a touch rock and roll. Today's post, then, will feature some gorgeous rocker chic(k) boots I would love to add to my collection... as I say, a gal can dream, cant she?

David Dixon at Town Shoes

What boots are you planning on wearing this winter to keep you warm and stylish?


  1. Love the first and last pair. I have been thinking of getting some nice riding boots for my everyday.

  2. I have to admit i like the last two pairs the bestest!

  3. The Ash ones are my absolute fav but I cant find them where I live :( But the last two are also up there on my favorites list