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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To do....

Well its Wednesday once again, and that means the week is halfway done, and I feel like there are so many things I need to get done before Saturday, when I got o Vancouver...
such as get sunscreen!!! oh so bad!!
i also need to get my legs waxed! and pack, and do laundry...and... pay bills, which also means go to the bank.
I need to get a wedding gift still! and figure out where the hell I'm gonna stay once I get good and wasted at the wedding!

what else, what else...?
clean my whole place! not fun at all! although one thing, well there are many things, which I enjoy about being single, is being messy if I want..or not messy if I don't want... I have no one to impress but myself... so nice, indeed.

I am also very tired today, even though I went to bed early....maybe its because I know I have things to get done...but instead have to sit in my dingy office and do nothing for 8 hours of the day. oh man, whats a gal to do?
I just want to party... but I gots no one to party with! What is happening to me!!?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bad Manners - My Girl Lollipop

My new background reminds me of cupcakes, lollipops, and sweets, oh my! So here is a little Bad Manners, for you, singing My Girl Lollipop

Sunshine and Cadillacs

Its a sunny Tuesday morning, and I will be stuck inside all day, missing out on the sunshine and heat...

I'm heading off to Vancouver on Saturday with Miss Marissa and Ceileigh. I just checked the weather there, and it doesn't look that great...but who knows what will happen in 4 days...
Either way, it will be a lovely time. Any time out of Edmonton is a lovely time!

Nothing new or exciting to report...
I made a couple different fasinators for Amber's wedding ( fasinators= hair accessories). They match my dress...that's how i planned it. Now i just need to decide what I like best, or what looks best; although I may make a couple more, just to make sure. And then I need to get black gloves, and if I'm lucky, new high heels.... oh, and her wedding gift!!
These next few weeks are going to busy... but full of fun, and cute dresses, dancing, drinking, and lovely, lovely friends!
I finally get to see my best friend, who I haven't seen in maybe a year!! I can not wait!! And I will have no dickhead boyfriend with me choosing everything we do, or causing a drunken scene, or making me embarrassed to be with him... no, just me and my gal pals, no boys tying us down! Oh what fun we shall have!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

This has been your weekend update

Well I suppose you are wondering how my weekend was...

Friday... I went out with some girlfriends. We were meeting at the Black Dog and I got there before them, and in less than five minutes some guys comes up to me to ask if I'm there with anyone... umm f course i am, i don't go to the bar alone. None the less he said if my friend didn't show up, I could join him upstairs... right Ill be sure to do that... My friends did come! and we had a few drinks on the patio. And that same guy buys me a shot, well thank you, I will take your shot, but that's about it... On wards we went to the Pawn Shop, where we missed the band I had wanted to see, so we went to Filthys for more lovely drinking...

Saturday I made myself get up at 10, even though I so did not want tom but it was nice out, and I really wanted to go to the farmers market. So i put on a cute dress and made my way, all 2 blocks, to the farmers market where I got green onion cakes... so delicious. I then wondered around pointlessly for a bit, and went to Wunderbar for a date...which was not very successful, and rather awkward at the end. Needless to say, there will not be a second date. I then went to Fat Franks and got a veggie dog, then got ready for the show at the Mead Hall. The other boy, whom I had been on numerous dates with, picked me up, and off we sped, to the bar. Well, the show wasn't as successful as I had hoped, but I drank for free and had a good time anyway. I even won something from the raffle I was doing! Well, we left around 2, for some snuggles at my flat.

8:30 Sunday morning, I am woken by the lovely ring of my phone.... not impressed!
But because it was someone calling about buying my classic truck, I let it slide... Despite getting about 4 hours of sleep, and being very hungover, I got up, got ready, went for breakfast and then drove to my parents house. I cleaned her up a bit, and my 53 GMC shone like a beauty. Well... i suppose I cant call her mine anymore because... I sold it!! Oh happy day! I then spent the rest of the day: washing my other truck, getting a sunburn, lounging on the deck, eating dinner, driving back home, washing my hair, and going to bed early.

And now it is Monday at 11:15 and Ive already had a long nap, because I am just so tired!! But why? I went to bed early!! Oh body, please stop being tired!
Well, this week I intend of organizing the giant closet in my apartment, packing for Vancouver and maybe, just maybe, do a bit of shopping!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Miss Lemons not so lemony office

Well, dear friends, what have we here? My office, yes, that's right... well parts of it anyway... To the right we have baby cherry, yes, that baby cherry... so cute!! Shes my office partner.
Here she is again. Peek-a-boo! I see you... under the dishevelled pool table in the back, and a lovely tarp I put there just today...

Yes, that is a life sized storm trooper. And yes, I do get to stare at it every single day! Its too heavy too much anywhere else! Really, its so heavy!! I can hardly move it a few inches. And on more than one occasion, I have forgotten it was there, and its scared the shit out of me! Everyone else seems to really like it though...

Just a shot of the room next to my office... disorganized, dirty...you get the picture...

To the right...my very high tech, professional filing system....and cherries bed...

And the lovely and only wall decor... A horrible fairy picture.... I need to get rid of it!!

Well, that's a quick glimpse at my little office... or dungeon... i took out 7 bags of garbage and recycling today! And its still a mess... woe is me!

work shmerk

I happen to have my camera at work today... and therefore am taking some pictures for all you to see the lovely place in which I have spent 8 1/2 hours 5 days a week for a year....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boys, Cars, and Filing...

Well, last night, like I had said, I had a date. He took m out for dinner... at Original Joe's... on 109th... we sat on the patio, so that was nice, and I had a lovely lemonade, vodka drink!

Afterwards we went back to his place and talked and what not...until he drove me home later... and that's about it... Not as juicy as I perhaps said it would be...or rather I'm not giving out too many details.... Miss Lemon has a reputation to keep.... sure...

Well that's about all... really....kind of boring...

Its Thursday, I only have to get through today and tomorrow and it will finally be the beloved weekend!

Oh I got a call about my truck... I put it on kijiji...
It was an older man and he was surprised that owned the truck and said something along the lines of " women don't usually have such good taste"... oh my... haha...boy, I sure do hope I sell it!!
There is a huge car show this weekend, at Borden Park, that I want to bring it to...but I don't know how to drive it!! which causes a problem...hmmm...where is that big strong man...who also knows how to drive classic cars....when I need him?!? he is no where to be found!


Happy Thursday all. Hopefully yours is a bit more exciting than mine. Thus far today I have gotten a sense of accomplishment from mere filing... yes, so very very exciting...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time for Lemonade!

Yesterday I finally took my winter tires off my truck, and put my summer ones on. I believe it is safe to say that summer is here, and hopefully it will not snow again for a few months, at least. And while waiting for my tires to be changed, baby cherry and I went for a walk to Fat Franks and got ourselves a delicious veggie dog. Then we went to Top Gear and looked a Vespa, which potentially could be mine... but I seem to remember, and I'm sure you do too, that I'm suppose to be saving money...yet this particular money was meant for the purchase of a lovely Vespa... so...we will see what happens... I mean, I still need to learn to drive a scooter!

We hurried home, cherries owner came, and I changed for kickball...the last game of the season! And the best!! It was so nice out, and we won!!! 16-10! oh yea!! Although, I don't know how much of an asset I was to the team... but it was fun/funny nonetheless. And then we went to... Hudson's, yes big surprise! And then it was home for me...to wash my hair and fold my laundry... what fun times indeed....
That about sums up Tuesday, and today... I have yet another date, although I'm sure this one will take place. The horrible part is... I just washed my hair, and freshly washed Miss Lemon hair does not like to co-operate! And I don't know what I should wear! Oh the dilemmas at 10 am on a Wednesday morning!!
As for the rest of the day...the part where I am stuck at work...dreadful, dreadful work... I intend on finishing painting a lovely little bench for my bedroom...and perhaps going fabric shopping...

Well I suppose that is about it... not too exciting... perhaps I may have some juicy tidbits for you tomorrow about my date... or perhaps not....


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

uneventful evening....

Well, Monday was rather un-eventful. Yes, I know I told you I had a date, but it feel through, I think due to some miscommunication.

So I spent my night cuddled up on my couch watching How I Met Your Mother...that's about it...

In other news... my mother bought me a gorgeous anchor necklace from Tiffany's for graduating ( its the same one as on my other blog, Miss Minx's Manor). I love it to pieces!!

Also, I'm trying to figure out a way to get my classic truck from my parents house to a huge car show that's happening on saturday...hmmm...think, think, think...

Oh and today I will attempt to sand, prime, and paint a lovely little bench that will go in my bedroom, and will be close to the finishing touch! So lets hope I don't fuck it up... it has great potential!

Myself, Miss Marissa, and the lovely Ceileigh are heading to Vancouver in about 2 weeks, and if you have any suggestions of things we should do or check out, please comment and let us know! Its going to be a fantastic girls only trip!! Hmmm, time to save money, and perhaps let my boss know I'm going....

well enjoy your gloomy Tuesday...looks like rain...and that means, no kickball! we will see, otherwise, maybe I can get some date action tonight!


Monday, June 21, 2010

California Dreamin' Music Video (Tri.Moon)

I love this song! Oh, to be in California...in the 50's or 60's...xoxo

Monday, Monday

Well, dear readers, Monday is upon us yet again, and that means I have plenty to tell about my weekend...

Friday.... I went out with two lovely ladies, Stephanie and Amber to various bars. We, of course, convened at my flat, where we drank and I got ready....Then off we went to Red Square vodka bar, which was unimpressive at best... We did however order a lovely drink, which came with a pickle in it. It was vodka and soda, very refreshing. Next we went to Devlin's, where we sat on their gorgeous back patio. I was not even aware said patio existed, but it has become my favorite patio in Edmonton, which isn't saying much, because, well, Edmonton lacks a little lustre, especially when it comes to patios. After two very large and delicious martinis, I believe we went to Filthys for a drink, maybe two, and then we skipped on down to...Lucky 13, yes that's right, I went to Lucky 13. There was a ridiculous $6 cover charge and the entire place was filled with douchy 18 year olds....well, none the less, we danced and giggled, and left sometime, I don't know when....Over all, it was a fantastic evening, with some fantastic gals.

Saturday morning, you better believe I slept in! While trying to ignore/fight my hangover, it was off to the Farmers Market with dear Ceileigh, and then to the French Meadow Bakery for lunch on the patio. A lovey afternoon, indeed. I then went to Ikea, to get some further decor for my newly decorated flat and I picked up an ipod dock, as my dickhead ex took the one we had in out flat when he moved out, and so I have been without an ipod dock for 3 months or so, now....but not any more.
Well, just as I was about to call it a night Ceileigh rang and asked if I would like to go for a drink. Well, of course I would! So in less than half an hour I was dressed and out the door. We went to a new bar on Whyte ave, called The Pour House, which I quite liked. The manager...or owner... even bought us shots. I will definitely be returning! Then we went to Devlin's for a quick martini, and to Filthys for some vodka sprites, where Ceileigh was awkwardly hit on, and we awkwardly tried to ignore him. Around 2 o'clock we made our way home, and i snuggled into my big empty bed, for a lovely sleep.

Sunday, was a gorgeous day, filled with sunshine and driving. I went to my parents house, which is a good hours drive, but was rewarded with another drive, but this time in my classic truck, which I do not know how to drive, so my dad drove it instead. Well around 7, I headed home, for date which sadly did not take place... Well, again just as I was about to go to bed, Ceileigh rang and asked if I would like to accompany her to DV8 for watch her cousin's band play, so I got dressed, and met her for a cheap beer and obnoxious music....and so....we left and had a delightful fruity beer on the Wunderbar patio. We then parted our separate ways, and off to bed once again it was for me...

And now, it is Monday, and I have one hour of work to go! And then I have a date! Mmmm, I love dates! A date of which I will give details tomorrow

Friday, June 18, 2010

News news and more...?

Well, last night was as uneventful as I had prescribed... I did my laundry, watched some telly...
went to bed early! yes, indeed, 10:30!!
Yesterday I also decided that me and my lovely friends should audition for MTV. They are looking for a new reality show, and as such, we are going to audition. Honestly, I think Miss Marissa and I need to have a reality show... and so, once we put up our audition video on utube very shortly, you all should go watch it and then comment how much you love us.
Also, you should join our facebook group

In other news....
Its Friday! The most glorious day of all!And you bet I have some fantastic plans for it.
Its girls night, and I'm sure you know what that means by now.... and in case you don't: pretty dresses, high heels, and cocktails until the sun comes up.
A vodka bar opened on Whyte ave, called the Red Square (of course), and well you all know how much I love vodka, so we are going to check it out, and then perhaps to Devlin's for martinis, and I'm sure that's potentially where the class will end, as they make their martini's strong! And why, so coincidentally placed, Filthy's is just a hop, skip, and jump away. But really who knows where the night will take us, and what's better...I don't have to work tomorrow, so I can sleep in bed at 9am instead of at my desk...

I hear its meant to be a nice weekend, which would be grand...but really, when it comes to Edmonton weather, expect the unexpected... I make myself wear my summer clothes, even though its raining and cloudy, with hopes that the sun will come out...
Like I've said before, a girl can dream...

well, there is only 3 and 1/2 more hours until quiting time... whatever shall I do?
Plan more for our audition is what... and watch 'breaking bad'. Have you seen it yet? You should...it is very interesting...

enjoy your weekend

Miss Lemon

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tease Me, Squeeze Me

Oh my, this sleep thing is just too hard... there's no rest for the wicked...and I guess that means me, because I ain't got no rest this week...or last week... hmm...

I ended up with a ticket to Hank iii last night, and so, of course, there was drinking involved...a few beers and a few shots at home got me ready to go, with more to come at the bar...
The show was at the Starlight room, and may I say, I have never seen so many guys there, all at once, and all dolled up...it was heaven...

Well, I watched about half of the show and then my ride was leaving, and that meant so was I, but I suppose its for the best, because even then, I still didn't get to bed to maybe 1:30...? and I oh so wanted to ignore my alarm this morning and just stay in bed all day...but of course, being the responsible adult I am, I dragged myself out of bed, made myself as presentable as possible, and off to work I went...lonely, lonely, work.

And! I keep thinking it should be Friday today! Why oh why cant it be Friday?! I am so very tired, and slightly hungover, and my body is sore...err, I need a massage...and cuddles...
Well, as it turns out, its Thursday, hmm, lovely teasing Thursday...its not quite the weekend, but almost...and its a gloomy morning, but promises sunshine later...I need it now... whats that? is that you calling, vitamin d? I think so!

Well, week, you've turned out okay after all, and silly Wednesday, you weren't so bad!

Tonight, I plan on doing much needed laundry...I'm running out of clean knickers...not drinking at all! and cuddling up to watch some good quality TV on DVD....how I met your mother, to be exact...

Well, blog, time to go...have an uncomfortable nap on my desk perhaps...who knows where Thursday will take us!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hank III Six Pack of beer


Hump Day

hmm, Wednesday... oh hump day... you are such a hump...I have a feeling today may be a long, slightly hungover day...or maybe not... it is only 9:41 right now...

Well, Tuesday... I did not go to kickball. I had enough gas to either a) come to work this morning or b) go to kickball.... so I made the actual responsible decision of not going to kickball...instead, I took ages getting dressed to go over to a certain someones house, where we watched a film and drank too much vodka for a Tuesday night...yes, I said "too much"... well after a bit of after movie talk, off home I went for a drunken slumber. And that brings us to today, Wednesday, slightly cloudy, slightly sunny, and expecting a 19 degree high...

Possibly, doing much needed laundry tonight, possibly going on a date, possibly going to see Hank iii...possibly doing many things...or no things, that's the thing about Wednesday, you just never know whats going to happen...unless of course, you already have you tickets to the sold out show Hank iii...but looming on the shelf behind me in my office, are three Hank iii tickets, and I simply do not know who they belong to!

Well, Ive got some high heels on, who I have not been given proper attention to lately, my favorite go-to dress, I had time enough this morning to straighten my hair, although was feeling too sick to put eyeliner on- it takes a lot of concentration and precision-Ive made a tasty salad, and am going to dwindle my day away in the back room of the dingy, dirty Mead Hall...seems like such a waste to me... but that's just the way it goes....
It also seems that my boss is stuck in the middle of nowhere...so I potentially may have to wait for my pay cheque until tomorrow...but then again, the day is young and like I said...who knows where Wednesday will take us?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lush vs the Tar Sands

Lush Cosmetics, my absolute most favorite cosmetics company, is always standing up for people or animals who cant stand up for themselves, like the baby seals who are brutally murdered during the seal hunt, or sharks who are mercilessly killed for their fins...
Lush also buys products from third world countries, and tribes, communities and people who live in those countries. It buys fair trade, and is always donating money to charities, etc.

Lush is now standing up for planet Earth, and wants to make people aware of the Canadian Tar Sands, what they are and how bad they are for the planet- its people, wildlife, agriculture, water, etc.
Click on the link below to go to Lush Canada's website, and get informed about the Canadian Tar Sands.

Lush has created a limited edition bath bomb, wild rose country,in which all proceeds from each bomb sold will go to the Rain Forest Action Network in support of their anti tar sands campaign.

Lush has also taken further efforts to help out and to reduce their impact on the environment. One way they are doing this is by teaming up with Bull Frog Power, which provides 100% green electricity through wind and hydro power.

Further, Lush is joining forces with Forest Ethics in efforts to clean up the transportation system by encouraging transportation carriers to use and purchase tar sands free oil.

Lush is constantly campaigning for the environment, wild life, and fair trade. They continuously have projects like the Tar Sands campaign happening; and they most often create a limited edition product for their customers to buy and aid in their efforts.

Please head down to Lush, or at least check out their website, to learn more and purchase your limited edition Wild Rose Country Bath Bomb, to show your support for Lush in their fight against the Canadian Tar Sands

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend, why are you only 2 days long?

The weekend has come and gone, and sadly, it is now Monday, yet again...

Friday night, I had a mini clothing swap, because, well, many of the ladies who said they were going to come, simply did not. Either way, it was still a good time, as we drank lovely drinks, had some delicious food, and snatched up each others unwanted clothes. At about 10...? Everyone had departed, including myself, and off to New City I went to see The Brains...although I'm not sure if I even did see them...I was already quite drunk when I got there, and the numerous shots, and other drinks, did not help, rather only made me worse for the wear...so much so, i really don't remember much. Although I do know I did much socializing, and left in a huff, somewhere around 2:30, when the guy I was with annoyed me...? interesting, interesting...
Needless to say I was not a pretty site the next morning, and actually thought I might die. The surprise of baby cherry in my living room, however, made things a bit better. I brought her to bed and we cuddled until early afternoon.
Well, as a rule, whenever I feel like shit, I make sure I dress nice, do my hair, makeup, etc. So on went my favorite summer dress, some Mary Jane heels, and off went cherry and I to enjoy the lovely sunny day. We stopped at Top Gear for a visit, and then to get some well deserved grape ice cream before heading home, where we jumped into bed for a little nap...

Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for another night out. By this time I had sorted out my annoyance with said boy, and he came over for some pre going out beers. Around 9:30, I slipped on my new TUK wedges, and off we went to see The Misfits, at the Starlight Room. Quite an enjoyable evening, despite not being able to drink very much due to my still looming hangover. I did, however, run into some new and old friends, and of course a few cute boys. Sometime around 1, perhaps, the Misfits ended, and we were too tired to stay any longer, so off we went home. My date dropped me off, and gave me a few very nice goodnight kisses before departing. And off to bed for me it was.
Sunday was slightly more enjoyable, as I was not dying of a hangover. Cherry came at 6am again, and this time straight to my bed for more cuddles. When we got up, we went for a stroll up to Whyte ave, to Rowena, to see what we could find... only a jumper this time, and off again for more ice cream....? Yes, I cant help it! It was just so nice out, and oh I do love ice cream so very much... and to make it even better, the same girl was working, and she actually said " Ah, your back again!", yes, yes, we are back...again....
Well it didn't stop me, and I enjoyed my chocolate peanut butter ice cream!
Then home we went to sit on the patio, and enjoy the nice weather. Cherry left around 9 and my lovely friend Lindsay came over around 8:30 for a much overdue visit, where we gossiped and caught up.
Overall, I had a quite enjoyable weekend, complete with a mini girl party, numerous bands, too much alcohol, sleeping in, cuddles, kisses and ice cream... well done indeed!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Excuse Me

I forgot a some what entertaining tale from last night...
As I was standing up to move to another seat, a lumberjack type man approached me, and I stood there for a moment waiting for him to say something to me... well, he said "excuse me" and I drunkenly said "Oh, I thought you were coming to hit on me", how so conceited... to which he replied "Nope, I just want to sit where you were sitting".....

oh my, Miss Lemon, too funny, too funny indeed

The most lovely day of all-Friday

Oh Friday, here at last...it makes my morning just that extra sunny knowing I do not have to work tomorrow...or even get out of bed if I don't want to, although I'm sure I will, because it is finally going to be nice out!

Last night, after work, I promptly drove home, and made some fantastic pasta. As of recent, I have been actually using one of my lovely vegetarian cook books, which usually just look so colourful and bright on the shelf...but now are being used for just more than decoration...

I had penne, with a tomato, cream, vodka sauce! How fitting! So with about...11 teaspoons of vodka, it was very tasty indeed. As was my extra strong Bloody Mary...so the theme, then, was Vodka...but when isn't that the theme?

Well, I zipped myself into my favorite skirt, slipped on some sexy heels and teetered all the way down to the Empress to meet my lovely girlfriends for celebration beers, and cocktails, and shots...A handful of us then went to the Blackdog, where we sat on the very cold patio...I happened to be wearing the least amount of cold, and seemed to have no say in where we sat...I then got mildly drunk...as I don't seem to recall walking home...although I know I did, because I woke up in my bed this morning and even remembered to set my alarm clock!

I happen to feel not so bad this morning, rather tired, but that's to be expected.
I also forgot that I should have cleaned my house, as I am having numerous guests over tonight. I realized this as I was peeing, and noted that my lovely hair was all over the bathroom floor...hmmm....I need to sweep....

Tonight, I am having a clothing swap, which hopes to be exciting...if everyone brings clothes...as I have feeling a few ladies may not...but there will be alcohol none the less, which always is a good time...well, usually. And then, perhaps off to New City...or bed...? I hope not bed...its Friday, not bed-day!

Have a fantastic weekend, and hopefully I will be seeing some of you later


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Social Distortion - Ball And Chain


Date Night

I'm sure everyone is dying to hear about my date last night...but I'm going to save the best for last...

It is raining again...why? why does it have to rain all the time...? Do you know what its like for a girl whose hair goes to shit in the rain? Its just awful!

Moving on to happier and non rainy things.... yesterday I found the most perfect purple pillows for my lovely couch! Now I just need purple curtains, my date suggested I look on eBay... well done date, I will do that just as soon as I'm done blogging!
I also got another pair of shoes... I know, I shouldn't be buying more shoes, but they were just so darn cute I had to! Yes, I had to!

I'm watching Cherry again today, and she is acting very peculiar. Usually she just sits/lays for the entire day, but not today, no, today she keeps wondering around me, and sneaking up on me, but she doesn't want to be petted...and I already gave her food, water, and a shit load of treats, I even tried picking her up, because, you know, maybe she wanted to hang out on my lap....but she protested and I put her down... strange, strange puppy.

And yes, yet again I am insanely tired, so tired I'm almost falling asleep right now and am having a very hard time focusing my eyes... So i guess this is where I get to the best part... my date!

Well of course, I had to wear my new shoes, which happen to be awfully high, but I had confidence I wouldn't fall, and... I didn't!! Thank god! And I did my hair all pretty and wore a black dress...which isn't saying much, because I always wear a black dress....
Well he picked me up and let me choose the restaurant, so I chose, The Blue Plate dinner, downtown, on 104st and Jasper Ave. I absolutely love The Blue Plate Dinner. Its a bit eclectic, a smidgen cute and a touch romantic...? And they have amazing food, both vegetarian and non, and not to mention the best Long Island Ice tea I have had to date!
Well about 10 minutes after we ordered, our food came! So efficient! And we chatted and laughed and had a jolly time! But really, we did! Now I wasn't expecting my date to pay...honestly, I came prepared with money! Because I'm trying to not be one of those girls who expects everything to be paid for them...as my ex conditioned me to believe, but I'm fighting back! Well he paid, no questions asked. Then we went back to my place for some...Vodka! and we watched a film. An independent french film...about orgasms, hypnosis, and... I don't even know, it was strange, and I cant recall the name of it. Well, the movie ended and the making out began... oh making out, how Ive missed you! Well, to say the least the night ended on a pleasant note.

And, well, because I stayed up so darn late...only until like 1 o'clock and woke up at 5:45, I am so unbearably tired, but because I had so much time to get ready, I look rather cute today!

Well tonight, I was suppose to go to yoga but that's not happening anymore, which I suppose is a good thing, so I can fit a nap in before getting-ready-to-go-out time begins, as myself, Ceileigh and our lovely friend from Vancouver, Miss Stephanie E, are going out drinking and dancing to celebrate being adults with degrees!

And right now I am eating mini rice cakes like its no bodies business....but why? They are so addictive.... maybe I have an addictive personality... rice cakes. shopping. blogging. shoes.... no, I know I don't have an addictive personality, I'm sure I wont do any shopping today...besides replenishing some vitamins, but that doesn't count, right?

Well, I need a nap... I have to sleep on my desk and its horribly uncomfortable, but I'm too tired to care....


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduation Day

Well, Tuesday, as you should all know by now is Kickball...and well we lost.... 11-5...?
Moving on....

We headed down to Hudson's...yes, yes, I know for the second time in 4 days, and umm hmm, yes I do recall saying it was not my 'scene', but apparently Hudson's is like the after game hot spot.... because everyone there was in their team uniform...

Then Miss Marissa and I scurried across the street to Sweet 69, oh yea, that's right....
but only because her friend was in a DJ competition... well, needless to say, I didn't stay long...I had to get up early, so off home I went, and jumped into my lovely little bed.

Well, today June 9th, is my university graduation! I am now officially a university graduate!
I'm not going to said ceremony, because, well I didn't make any friends in university....but only because I'm shy, and its hard to make friends in university!! really, it is!
So, I will celebrate all day, alone, and every now and then, if I talk to anyone, Ill let them know.... TODAY I GRADUATE!
Also I have my date tonight! So that's kind of celebratory. Well there will be drinks involved for sure, and I will just say they are for celebrating my success, but really.... I don't suppose I need an excuse...

Little baby Cherry came over this morning as well, so I am almost unbearably tired! This goal seems impossible to accomplish!! I just love going out too much....but I also love sleep....woe is me...

hmmm, well that appears to be the extent of my night and morning... much more excitement will follow as the day goes on, I'm sure of it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mondo and Cherry

Please take a glance to your right...and you will find the two cutest babies ever!! Mondo and Cherry. I like to pretend that they are mine, even though they are not :(
Today I get to babysit Cherry! She is the one in the sweater, and she is the cutest thing is the whole world! Even though I had to get up 6 am for when she came over, I don't hold it against her, because well she' s insanely adorable. Today she is wearing her "summer t-shirt", a neon green t-shirt with four flowers on the back, and its just a touch too big... I want to keep her for myself, but I have to give her back at 6 this evening...but hopefully she will return tomorrow.

Goals Revisited

Do you recall faithful readers, not too long ago I made some goals in which to provide my life with direction....
I think its time to revisit said goals and see if Miss Lemon has accomplished anything indeed...

First was spend less, save more...do I even need to comment...no? But I will
I have accomplished nothing on this goal...but the complete opposite...spend more, save less, but oh look at all the pretty things I have to show for it... a new couch, an antique vanity, new sheets and bed spread, new shoes and dresses....so can i complain really? There's still time for me to find a rich man to take care of me....

Moving on.... sleep more.... hmmm....no I don't think this goal has been accomplished either... I did however go to bed early for the past two nights, but stayed up until 6 am Saturday... and similar times various other nights...

My last goal was kind of a group of goals... putting effort into making new friends: well I believe I have worked well on this goal! gold star there!
Put more effort into being happy... well Id like to think I am a very happy camper as of late and often find myself giggling to myself...that's two gold stars!
Put more effort into being active...well...i have been very active in one particular way as of late *tee hee*, but seriously, kickball is being active, and I am going to yoga on Thursday and plan on dancing this weekend, both which are being active...so that makes it three gold stars.
And finally...drink less! Well considering how much I was drinking pre Vegas, I think I have majorly accomplished this goal, as I no longer am buying 4 bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka once a week. No, in fact I still have almost 2 full bottles of vodka from Vegas still! I think I deserve double gold stars for this one...so that makes it...5 gold stars for me!

Well Miss Lemon, once we get the spending under control, and induce some sleep, I think we will be right on track, and well due for another vacation, what do you think?

Kisses for All

Hmmmm Monday...nothing too exciting...

I got asked on a date for Wednesday, that's pretty exciting, i think anyway... and Ill have to decide what I'm gonna wear soon, so I can make sure I look cute as a button.

Also, I dyed a pair of shoes, which were white and now are blue...and i got some nautical patches to put on them. I have to wait until they dry and then we will see if i wasted $15 or not!!

Oh i cooked myself dinner, a delicious dinner at that! Aubergine Parmigiana... gold star worthy indeed...although I accidentally put breadcrumbs on top because for some reason I thought it was Parmesan, but it turned out just fine!

I also had my second attempt at making a Bloody Mary... I forgot to put the lemon in the shaker...so I just put it in the bottom of the glass and stirred it up good with the celery stick, and viola! Bloody Mary was saved.

You know, Monday was rather uneventful...but what can you expect from Monday, really?
Alto ugh I feel like I am forgetting something rather important or entertaining.... but i just don't know what it is.... because I already told you about my date, and well maybe I played it a bit cool earlier, but I'm actually so excited! I love going on dates!!!
Well...maybe later Ill figure it out...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Update

The weekend has come and gone, and sad Monday is now upon us...

Well here is my weekend recap:

Friday I had a sleepover with my mom and nephew, nothing too exciting there. My nephew however did ask me "Natasha wheres you dad?" As my mom tried to explain to him that my dad is his granddad he protested and repeated "Wheres you dad. Papa (which is what he calls my dad, his grandfather) is not you dad" And the only reasonable explanation for his protesting and not knowing that my dad is his grandfather, is that he thought my ex, who was 16 years my senior, was my dad... a very reasonable explanation, and foreseeable conclusion.

Saturday we took my nephew to the Stony Plain Fair, where, after my mom gave him cotton candy, he them threw up on himself, and then it was time to go.

Later, I went to the antique mall to buy the most perfect vanity set, the last missing piece in the redecorating of my bedroom. It is a $125 piece of heaven! And was quite awkward to carry myself, and well, as I have yet to procure that big, strong man, I yet again struggled through it myself, but it was well worth it.

I then got all dolled up, and wore mt gorgeous Betsy Johnson necklace, the one I got in Vegas, for the first time. It made me feel like a million bucks! My girlfriend Lori picked me up and we met some other ladies at Devlin's on Whyte ave for martini's. I had a 'Thai Smile' a lychee flavoured martini, 3oz for just $12.50, and a Long Island Ice tea, one of my favorite cocktails. We then skipped over to Filthys for some cheap drinks, a mediocre pizza, and a deep fried mars bar- yah, that's right, deep fried, and I will never have it again! After a few drinks there, we went to Hudson's... not my scene, but my dear friend Lori wanted to go there to see some co workers. It was an alright time, only made better, when an adorable, nerdy boy came up to me and said "These two look like they want to be alone ( Lori and her coworker) you need to come dance with me!" Well, well, what have we here?! So I went and danced with him, partly because I was drunk and partly because that was the best thing anyone has said to me to get me to dance with them! Well played. Shortly after, I scurried home, only to be picked up by a very cute boy, the same cute boy I may have mentioned a few times before. We drank lucky...? and cuddled all night and morning. Have I mentioned how much I love cuddles...? We actually stayed up talking until 6ish, and only slept until 10:30!! wtf? After a few last cuddles, he drove me home, and I even got a kiss goodbye.
I threw myself in the shower, and got myself ready for stroll down Whyte ave, where I ended up at Rowena, for their basement sale. With my grocery money in hand, I bought a pair of shoes Ive been dying for, and a very cute dress. Feeling a little guilty and very hungry I headed home, where I had the brilliant idea of making Bloody Marys! So off to the store I went for Tomato Juice, Tabasco sauce, fresh lemons, celery and vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, which of course they did not have. The vodka, of course, I already had. I busted out my cocktail shaker, and made one hell of a Bloody Mary! And then I took a nap... I made myself get up around 7:30, did a few things, like tidy up, organize, whatever, and then put myself back to bed, at 9:00. Despite how tired I was and taking melatonin, I had an un-restful sleep and kept waking up. Finally sometime after midnight, I went to actual sleep, only to be rude fully awoken by my horrible alarm clock at 7 this morning. And here we are now...Monday mooring, the sky filled with gloom and threatening rain.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cactus in Distress

On a sad note... i have over watered my cactus! The only living, loving thing in my dump of an office.

There is a little pool of water sitting on top of the soil, this can not be good!

I once had a smaller cactus, which I over watered, and when I went to transfer it into a bigger pot, it was really soft, and had turned into a jelly substance...so gross.One would have thought I learned my lesson, which I obviously have not.

I'm just not going to water it for a week, maybe two, and hopefully it doesn't turn into jelly!


Also, lovely readers, feel free to comment, so that I know someone is reading this!!!

Beauty is Pain/Pain is Beauty

I get waxed on a regular basis...which means once a month....so on Wednesday, because it was pay day, and well, I was due... I went and got my legs waxed, and now they are so silky smooth...and I got a brazilian, which doesn't really need to be discussed...

I usually get my underarms done as well, however I have now been taking that task on, myself...
Perhaps you have never waxed your own arm pits before...it is a slightly difficult and awkward feat...but it has to be done

Last night was my second attempt. While it is almost easy to do the left side, because I am right handed...it is much more difficult to do the right side. While I can get almost everything in one...tear, swipe...swift motion, on the left side, it takes 10+ tries on the right, and still leaves hair behind...
Well the whole point of me telling this...somewhat personal...tale, is that my dear friend Ceileigh has asked what kind of wax I use, and so I wanted to educate everyone on that fact.
The wax I used these two times has been: Nair, Au Naturel Milk and Honey Roll On Wax

You just pop it into the microwave for 15 seconds, literally roll it on ( it has a roll on applicator), apply wax strip, rub, and then rip it off!! and viola! hair and fancy free.

Finally Friday!

Finally! Its Friday!! You have no idea how happy I am it is finally Friday! No torturous work for 2 whole days!! That is my heaven... well, with a few other things thrown in too

So... Thursday... quite a productive and satisfying day....

Well, it was payday Wednesday, which means I think I have money to spend, so I spend it, but really I shouldn't...
So I finally got some new bedding, as I am redecorating my bedroom. It was all leopard, and now it will be all black and white.I found the perfect quilt and pillows yesterday at Home Sence, so I snatched them up like it was nobodies business. And! I also found a white fur/shag rug, ohhh its so soft and cuddly...you know just in case I end up rolling around on the floor one day,Ill be rolling around on a cloud of shag....
So after I put out my new purchases in their proper spots, I hung up a gorgeous black oval, brocade frame I had got my Ikea awhile ago... and now my room is almost complete...
I just need a Vanity... and then my room will be luxurious, sexy, and I will never want to leave my bed again.

My lovely friend Ceileigh gave me a rang as well and asked if I would like to accompany her to the mall for some shoe shopping. Oh shoes, they are such a tease!! After fighting off temptation, I returned home, put on a cute dress and was out the back door to meet my date.
Well, kind of date... is drinking in his flat, listening to music a date? Kind of...Either way it satisfactory because I got a few cuddles and kisses in...which is always a good thing

Now it is the much beloved Friday, and even though I am desperately tired, nothing is going to hinder my excitement for the weekend...
Even though my weekend looks to be very tiring as well, nothing is better than having two days off, even if they are jam packed with things to do, places to be, and people to see...
which i will tell you all about on Monday

Thursday, June 3, 2010


hmmm, another post about how confusing boys are...you bet!

Why, oh why are they so confusing...and strange...and are dickheads...?

So many guys are liars and cheaters, and most of them don't feel any guilt or remorse about it....like its natural.... okay so maybe for caveman it was natural, but shouldn't have natural selection and all that bullshit got rid of that gene...? Well, no because men have always cheated.Why cant one girl be enough, even if that girl is a total bombshell, she's still not enough...

What is going on?

Then there are just guys who are strange, and well you cant explain that really. Or they say one thing and then something totally different. Or say and do completely opposite things...
I know you ladies all know what I mean...

And finally, guys are total dickheads. Plain and simple. Yes maybe some of them are nice, or every once and while your guy will do sweet or whatever but blah blah blah
In the end they are dickheads.

Okay, yes I know women are complicated too, but the thing is, I am a women so I understand myself...for the most part, so I don't suppose I'm going to complain about myself!!

Canada's Quirky Attractions


10 of Canada's "quirkiest attractions"....?

A giant beaver, a giant moose...to be expected...
But how about a replica of the U.S.S Enterprise, a potato museum, or a life sized elephant in memory of Jumbo the elephant who was killed when struck by a train...

check it out

compliments of msn.ca

Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra

This was playing on the radio on my way to work today, and it made me groove a little in my car, so I thought I should share it, and put a little magic in your day

silk and satin

leather and lace

black panties with an angles face

....such classic and timeless words

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We're never going to survive, unless we get a little crazy...

Good advice Seal, advice I am going to take!

Twenty Dollars for Shoes?!

Like every Tuesday, last night I had kickball. For some reason it took me ages to decide what to wear... yes, to play kickball, and after working up a sweat and a little frustration, I pulled up my thigh high black and red tube socks, and skipped out the door...
Luckily, the rain clouds were only teasing and there was no rain to be had!!
Kickball was lovely as usual, but maybe a bit more last night because we won! and not my default, like last time!!
....time passes....9 innings to be exact...okay, kickball is done, and now!! now its time to see Sex and the City 2!! The most exciting part of the day!!
Because we were in the middle of nowhere, which you should remember from last time, is the North side, we also went to the north side cineplex... where it was not busy whatsoever!!

Well, since the movie came out last Thursday, I have not heard anything good about it!But each to their own, because I loved it!
Okay, I have to admit that the karaoke scene was a little ridiculous... "I am women!"...??
And some of the outfits were a bit extreme, but that's to be expected, it is Sex and the City after all.
It had our 4 favorite ladies, the stunning Aidan, a new older, very handsome Danish gentlemen, numerous male crotch shots, insane fashion, luxury, and decadence...not to mention Carrie and Big drama, Miranda yet again struggling with work and life, Charlotte's struggle with being a perfect mother, and Samantha, oh Samantha and her constant fight to stay young, and oh so very sexual.
And Stanford and Anthony got married!!! Which makes up for any lame parts the movie may have had.
What else can you expect from Sex and the City? Of course the clothing is going to be lavish and extravagant. Of course there is going to be sex!! Of course its going to be about 4 best friend grown women dealing with new experiences, new adventures, and new trials and tribulations in life....
How I long for that kind of companionship with a few amazing girlfriends... and you know you do to!!I know Miss Marissa and Ceileigh know just what I am talking about, don't you, one and two?
I have to admit the second one was not as good as the first one...but that is to be expected. I would most definitely watch it again.

One of my favorite quotes... "Twenty dollars for shoes?!"...oh Carrie!

Well after dropping off my two lovely dates, I finally got home around 12:30, had a quick shower, reset my clock (because the power had gone out), and crawled into my warm, cuddly bed...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Barbie Girl- Aqua (Music Video)

I thought you might all like a break from so much reading, and take a trip back to 1997 with Aqua. PS did you know Aqua is from Norway and are the most successful danish band ever... well, thats what wikipedia says anyway...

Miss Minx

This morning I created another blog, the one I was talking about a few weeks ago, but only now was I inspired or ready to create it! I found the most amazing shoes ever!! and instead of posting them here, where they obviously do not belong, I made my new blog.... Miss Minx's Manor!


please check this one out too.... it going to be a lot different than Lolita Lemon and who knows maybe you'll learn something, or be tempted to spend your hard earned money on beautiful beautiful hand bags, or purses, or Betsy Johnson Octopus rings!!