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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day

hmm, Wednesday... oh hump day... you are such a hump...I have a feeling today may be a long, slightly hungover day...or maybe not... it is only 9:41 right now...

Well, Tuesday... I did not go to kickball. I had enough gas to either a) come to work this morning or b) go to kickball.... so I made the actual responsible decision of not going to kickball...instead, I took ages getting dressed to go over to a certain someones house, where we watched a film and drank too much vodka for a Tuesday night...yes, I said "too much"... well after a bit of after movie talk, off home I went for a drunken slumber. And that brings us to today, Wednesday, slightly cloudy, slightly sunny, and expecting a 19 degree high...

Possibly, doing much needed laundry tonight, possibly going on a date, possibly going to see Hank iii...possibly doing many things...or no things, that's the thing about Wednesday, you just never know whats going to happen...unless of course, you already have you tickets to the sold out show Hank iii...but looming on the shelf behind me in my office, are three Hank iii tickets, and I simply do not know who they belong to!

Well, Ive got some high heels on, who I have not been given proper attention to lately, my favorite go-to dress, I had time enough this morning to straighten my hair, although was feeling too sick to put eyeliner on- it takes a lot of concentration and precision-Ive made a tasty salad, and am going to dwindle my day away in the back room of the dingy, dirty Mead Hall...seems like such a waste to me... but that's just the way it goes....
It also seems that my boss is stuck in the middle of nowhere...so I potentially may have to wait for my pay cheque until tomorrow...but then again, the day is young and like I said...who knows where Wednesday will take us?

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