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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lush vs the Tar Sands

Lush Cosmetics, my absolute most favorite cosmetics company, is always standing up for people or animals who cant stand up for themselves, like the baby seals who are brutally murdered during the seal hunt, or sharks who are mercilessly killed for their fins...
Lush also buys products from third world countries, and tribes, communities and people who live in those countries. It buys fair trade, and is always donating money to charities, etc.

Lush is now standing up for planet Earth, and wants to make people aware of the Canadian Tar Sands, what they are and how bad they are for the planet- its people, wildlife, agriculture, water, etc.
Click on the link below to go to Lush Canada's website, and get informed about the Canadian Tar Sands.

Lush has created a limited edition bath bomb, wild rose country,in which all proceeds from each bomb sold will go to the Rain Forest Action Network in support of their anti tar sands campaign.

Lush has also taken further efforts to help out and to reduce their impact on the environment. One way they are doing this is by teaming up with Bull Frog Power, which provides 100% green electricity through wind and hydro power.

Further, Lush is joining forces with Forest Ethics in efforts to clean up the transportation system by encouraging transportation carriers to use and purchase tar sands free oil.

Lush is constantly campaigning for the environment, wild life, and fair trade. They continuously have projects like the Tar Sands campaign happening; and they most often create a limited edition product for their customers to buy and aid in their efforts.

Please head down to Lush, or at least check out their website, to learn more and purchase your limited edition Wild Rose Country Bath Bomb, to show your support for Lush in their fight against the Canadian Tar Sands


  1. I always buy their charity cream. It smells sooo yummy

  2. I know, Charity Pot is my favorite lotion. Its amazing! and it all goes to Charity, so hurry up, readers and get one today...! tee hee