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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend, why are you only 2 days long?

The weekend has come and gone, and sadly, it is now Monday, yet again...

Friday night, I had a mini clothing swap, because, well, many of the ladies who said they were going to come, simply did not. Either way, it was still a good time, as we drank lovely drinks, had some delicious food, and snatched up each others unwanted clothes. At about 10...? Everyone had departed, including myself, and off to New City I went to see The Brains...although I'm not sure if I even did see them...I was already quite drunk when I got there, and the numerous shots, and other drinks, did not help, rather only made me worse for the wear...so much so, i really don't remember much. Although I do know I did much socializing, and left in a huff, somewhere around 2:30, when the guy I was with annoyed me...? interesting, interesting...
Needless to say I was not a pretty site the next morning, and actually thought I might die. The surprise of baby cherry in my living room, however, made things a bit better. I brought her to bed and we cuddled until early afternoon.
Well, as a rule, whenever I feel like shit, I make sure I dress nice, do my hair, makeup, etc. So on went my favorite summer dress, some Mary Jane heels, and off went cherry and I to enjoy the lovely sunny day. We stopped at Top Gear for a visit, and then to get some well deserved grape ice cream before heading home, where we jumped into bed for a little nap...

Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for another night out. By this time I had sorted out my annoyance with said boy, and he came over for some pre going out beers. Around 9:30, I slipped on my new TUK wedges, and off we went to see The Misfits, at the Starlight Room. Quite an enjoyable evening, despite not being able to drink very much due to my still looming hangover. I did, however, run into some new and old friends, and of course a few cute boys. Sometime around 1, perhaps, the Misfits ended, and we were too tired to stay any longer, so off we went home. My date dropped me off, and gave me a few very nice goodnight kisses before departing. And off to bed for me it was.
Sunday was slightly more enjoyable, as I was not dying of a hangover. Cherry came at 6am again, and this time straight to my bed for more cuddles. When we got up, we went for a stroll up to Whyte ave, to Rowena, to see what we could find... only a jumper this time, and off again for more ice cream....? Yes, I cant help it! It was just so nice out, and oh I do love ice cream so very much... and to make it even better, the same girl was working, and she actually said " Ah, your back again!", yes, yes, we are back...again....
Well it didn't stop me, and I enjoyed my chocolate peanut butter ice cream!
Then home we went to sit on the patio, and enjoy the nice weather. Cherry left around 9 and my lovely friend Lindsay came over around 8:30 for a much overdue visit, where we gossiped and caught up.
Overall, I had a quite enjoyable weekend, complete with a mini girl party, numerous bands, too much alcohol, sleeping in, cuddles, kisses and ice cream... well done indeed!

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