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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Body and Soul

I think my body is starting to work against me... its getting oh so hard to work out this week. I started off on Monday with a very eager workout, which included 60 reps of 7 different exercises, mostly strength, and added on about 15 minutes of core and bum.... and now on day 4, I'm tired... and just want to sleep all day and all night... but damn work... and boot camp... is getting in the way of said dreamy sleep. And just when you think, ahhh, the weekend... Ive decided to book a personal training session for Saturday, at 11, which gives me minimal sleeping in time. Good thing I'm going for a manicure tomorrow, compliments of my very nice boyfriend.

Anyways... I managed to stop in Lush yesterday and replenish my soul with natural, fresh, enviro-conscious items... many items actually... and now my apartment and myself smell delicious.

and to finish for now... office move count down- t minus 5 days ( although I get to go move some stuff in tomorrow, but don't actually get to go there for real until next week)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ahhh, Wednesday. The middle and much loved day of the week, but not more loved than Friday, lets make that clear. First off... nothing exciting has happened since the shopping cart incident. I worked out Monday, and yesterday, and am going to the gym tonight... whats new...? The count down to my offive move can offically begin today. t minus 6 days. The only sad thing is, Cherry will not be able to go on this jounrey with me. The new office has a no cute dog policy... no matter how happy it may make the employee(s). Such is life. okay... thats all for now. ill be back in a bit though. todays post was a touch boring....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

oh....my...god... I am so bored!!! Someone, anyone, please oh please give me ways to remedy my boredom, whilest not leaving my dungeon/office...
I had very strange dreams last night... one in particular was not only strange, but also unpleasant. I don't suppose I care to share too much of the details but it involved two men, fighting and murder... which sounds like a bad plot line.... but I assure you it was much more interesting. Do you think dreams actually do have some sort of meaning? I honestly don't know what this dream could mean. While parts of it could be true at some point, other parts definitely could never be true. Thoughts, anyone, on dreams and their meanings? A perhaps not so reliable websites about the meaning of dreams has told me this: witnessing a murder in a dream indicates a deep-seated anger towards someone- this could be true, as I truly do hate the person who was committing the murder in my dream to dream you are in a fight indicates inner turmoil; some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself - true true. i am facing some sorts of conflict to dream that you are screaming symbolizes fear and anger to dream that you are shouting/yelling represents anger that needs to be expressed- very interesting.... well... my dream is telling me that basically I am angry... hmmm, well there is more to the dream which may indicate who, what and why I am angry... but like I said, Im not going to leak it all to you... Anyways... feel free to share some of your dreams or thoughts on dreaming xo

Monday, March 28, 2011

Horror Tale from a Sunday afternoon shopping trip... I went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, at Superstore on Calgary Trail. I'm pretty casual about where I leave my cart, where I also usually leave my purse. I always make sure to glance to make sure its still there... along with my purse. I parked my cart and stepped a few feet away to look at some yogurt. I glanced back a few times to check on it... and one of these times, it was gone. Actually gone. Someone had taken my cart, purse and all, while I had my back turned. I frantically looked around in the aisle where I was and the neighbouring ones... for mt cart or a suspicious person holding my purse. Nothing. I couldn't find it. I was freaking out. How stupid was I to leave my purse with my money and credit card in it! I tried calling my mom and boyfriend, to ask what to do, but neither answered. I wanted to cry, I was so upset. I couldn't believe someone actually stole my cart and my purse, in a matter of seconds, really, while I had my back turned. I paced up and down the aisle, frantically... and there it was, almost on the other side of the store...my cart! And my purse, with absolutely nothing taken from it. I just stood there for a few minutes, as the shock very slowly wore off. My heart was beating like mad and i was practically shaking. I was so terrified someone had taken my purse. I would have had no money, id, credit card, bank card, car keys... Meanwhile, there is a man pacing up and down the aisle, who obviously saw me find my cart. He comes up to me and says someone just took his cart!! I told him someone had also taken mine, and I had just found it, but nothing was missing. I told him to start looking all around the store, as I had found mine a good distance from my starting place. This then makes me think someone was doing this because they thought it was funny. Why else steal someones cart but not take anything from the purse in plain view? I tried to finish up my shopping but was too upset to concentrate so just paid and left. Who ever did that is a horrible human being. It is in no way funny and ruined a perfectly fine shopping trip; it left me shaken for the rest of the day. Never will I leave my purse, or cart, or anything unattended. I'm usually very trusting of people and human nature... but now I realize most people are just complete scum and total assholes.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday!! Thank God you are here! But you seem to be dragging on a little bit. Hurry up and get to 4:30! so I can leave the dreadful place and rejoice!

Honestly... who else dislikes there job? I'm sure a lot of you... but I'm also sure a lot of you get to interact with real human beings... or get to leave work for a few brief minute throughout the day... or have regular conversations with coworkers and employers... and also don't sit for 8 1/2 hours under disgusting fluorescent lighting...or are subjected to tedious, embarrassing tasks which make you feel less intelligent...or annoying... or anything negative... but I guess thats what I get paid for, right?

Well, what has the weekend got in store for me this time around, you wonder?
Bootcamp tonight, which will be good, cuase Im really sore from my workout last night. A date...although Im not sure what we are doing yet, as I have not been informed.
The Flea Market is tomorrow, so I have to get to the club early... ugh... not looking forward to spending even more time at this place... but I am looking forward to see how it all turns out!! And I hope people buy some bows and flowers!
And finally, Sunday... peaceful, relaxing sunday, which make consists of brunch, antiquing, movie watching, and errand running.

okay thats all for now... perhaps I will provide you with more entertainment for your monotamous work day later!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

*a few of my favorite things*

Well, its almost quit'en time... and what better way to wrap up the day then to cheer you ( and myself ) up with some of my favorite things?!

1. Cupcakes...of course!!

2. Puppies. squeee I love puppies so bad... and piglets

3. New makeup! what girl doesn't love new makeup
4. Pretty much anything from Lush

5. Shoes. oh how I love shoes!!!

6. Cuddles, bubble baths, baking and other warm, gooey things

7. Classic Cars

8. Las Vegas

9. Martinis

10. Social Distortion. I could listen to them forever

11. Sleeping in and days off... coveted days off, away from my dungeon

12.Betsey Johnson

13. Jersey Shore... oh yah, that's right, I love, love, love Jersey Shore. Its so funny!! Those people are real... and so unintelligent.
14. Hello Kitty... I am currently in love with Hello Kitty... just out of the blue, I decided I was in love...seriously google image search hello kitty stuff... like hello kitty hotel; hello kitty love hotel; bondage hello kitty; hello kitty land; hello kitty appliances;hello kitty anything and everything!!
15. Vintage Furniture... thus the new blog soon to come... I am suddenly also very in love with vintage furniture and house wares... well maybe not so suddenly, but just more deeply in love with it


Ehm, ehm. This Saturday at the oh so lovely Mead Hall... dead city is having a flea market!! a punk rawk flea market to boot!! And, why yes, I will be there selling too cute hair bows, flowers and jewelry. Ive got a pretty wicked display set up, so its worth it to come just to see that!! There's going to be about 15 vendors selling either handmade/homemade things, or else selling random things.... and band merch. Also! There will be live music from some rad local bands all night. Oh and did I mention its free to get in to!! Well, now you have no excuse! And cause it starts at 6 and goes until midnight, there's plenty of time both before and after whatever else it is you say you have to do! So come down and support local talent... and have a few drinks while your doing it.

Here's the facebook event page, if you want to check it out for yourself. Its going to be rad... seriously.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor passes away at the age of 79. A beauty icon from the beginning right until the end. She has starred in countless films, notably, Cleopatra, Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolf ?, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Suddenly, last Summer.Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times, to 7 different men; yes, she remarried one of them. She also had a strong passion for jewelry and eventually would design her own collection, call The Elizabeth Taylor Collection. She is known for owning some of the most expensive and extravagant jewels, many which were gifts.

Elizabeth also created a foundation for AIDS, called The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. By 1999 she had helped to raise approx $50 million.

She has won two Academy Awards for best Actress, as well she was awarded the Jean Herscholt Humanitarian Academy Award for her work fighting AIDS. Elizabeth Taylor was also appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

we are now half way through the work week! although it would be better if we were all the way through it... It didn't even feel like I had a weekend. I was back at the bar for a gig Friday night... and then back again Saturday to work... so I pretty much had one very tired day off, which I think it a total rip off.

speaking off rip offs... my girlfriends and I went to Devlins on Saturday because we bought one of those online daily deal things...for Devlins. But when we went to pay they said we couldn't use it, as the company, swarmjam, hadn't sent them a customer/voucher list yet. wtf?! I, of course, complained to swarmjam via a very warm email. After getting a few responses back, which didn't help at all... I finally had to straight out ask what they were going to do for me to make this situation better. Eventually someone called me and offered me a complimentary entree for Devlins...which is okay I guess, except I'm a vegetarian, and they cater mostly to carnivores. I was done arguing, so I accepted it. It was a nice enough gesture, I suppose, but a little late...


spring, thus far, has brought little with it. Its gloomy and snowy and chilly and all around depressing. summer, please do hurry, we miss you!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

could this day go any slower... maybe... but gawd, time is going to slow today.... in my dungeon of an office...because I still haven't moved to my nice new office, just blocks away from my house....at the end of each week, Im hopeful I will finally be getting to move... the one and only good thing about my job... and then my hopes are crushed with the words " No, you wont be moving yet"....

such is life... hopes and dreams are always getting built up...and then crushed... whats the point? why ever expect anything... then in case something good does happen it will be extra extraordinary...as you most definitely were not expecting it.

Well... nothing exciting to report.... i did just what I said I was going to do on the weekend... but was very tired while doing it...and a little let down by the toy and comic show... it was much smaller than I expected...

Also keep an eye out for my new blog...which will be all about vintage and antique furniture and household items, home decorating and other lovely vintage things...
Hopefully it will be more entertaining than this blog...which seems to be getting ramble-y...and tedious...and despairing...

much like working out... as after 7 months of the most working out Ive ever experienced in my life, I have yet to lose any weight whatsoever, in fact I truly feel like I'm getting bigger!!! Maybe I have body dis-morphia... but for real... I really don't think Im getting any smaller or tighter... only my arms have gotten toned...and muscle-y... but that's about it. Kinda discourages a gal, I might say... but alas, I have paid for boot camp...and actually like working out... just wish Id see some results...

Enough wallowing...
Come to the flea market at the mead hall this weekend. Ive made a ton of oh so cute hair bows, which you know you need! and some hair flowers... as it is suppose to be spring now... or sometime soon...and you wont have to worry about keeping warm with a hat...only accessorizing your hair with pretty flowers and bows.

ugh. tired. bored. help


Saturday, March 19, 2011

called in to work on a saturday. not impressed. that is all

Friday, March 18, 2011

hurrah. Friday. yet again....

gawd, i wish everyday could be Friday... or every third day... then it would always be the weekend.

boot camp- class was super full again. thus, i was annoyed, especially because I had to park so far away, so there is very, very limited parking space.

work- blah. that is all

-Ive been making hair bows like crazy in preparation for the flea market/craft sale/gig next Saturday at The Mead Hall
-I am babysitting cherry all week... shes my sunshine on a cloudy day
-this weekend looks to be promising, and go something like this: gig tonight; homemade waffles for breakfast antique sale tomorrow during the day; martinis with girlfriends in the evening; toy and comic show on Sunday; sleep. sleep. sleep
- went to the gym, sweat up a storm! and ran 3 miles.
- still dreaming of a dream job... or trying to think of one to dream about anyway... or a dream life. one day... maybe... if I'm lucky said unknown dreams will come true.

for now... it goes something like this. wake up. drive to work. work. work. work. more work. drive home. work out. eat dinner. shower. jersey shore. sleep.... or on the weekends.... sleep. sleep. work out. eat. take in a site or two. eat. watch shitty TV. wash my hair. maybe go out. but probably sleep.

life as I know it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank goodness the week is half way through. How sad it is to always be wishing time away... and so, again, I need to think of something more worth while to be doing with my time and days.

On another note, I had boot camp last night as usual. And a hard boot camp it was!! Although, I was somewhat annoyed by the amount of people at the class. Well, as far I was informed, only 14 people could sign up for a class... and there was definitely more than 14 people last night, in fact there was something like 21 people... in a not so very large space!! Well, as one tries to only focus on ones self, it does get a little hard when you cant move properly or execute your exercises properly due to the lack of equipment and over abundance of bodies in a small space.
Point in case: there was not enough mats for everyone to use; as the floor is hard and rather dirty, it makes it quite awkward and difficult to do the exercise. I was sharing a mat with my friend, however we both could not avoid touching the dirty floor and straining to keep our head/hair from touching the dirt as well. Further, another couple sharing a mat, placed their mat not so far from our own and this resulted in me and a clueless girl hitting each others arms/hands. As this girl seemed to not care or notice she was invading my personal space, she made no effort to adjust so as to not hit me. And so I made my partner getup so I could move the mat further away from said obnoxious girl, who by the way doesn't wear a sports bra, but rather a lacy purple bra... yet has to hold her chest when doing vigorous jumping/moving exercises... yes, some people are just daft I suppose.
So, yes the workout was good, but the atmosphere was annoying and bothersome.

anyways...back to my tedious, dull, unrewarding work.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

lets brainstorm!! but brainstorm what, you may ask? well... jobs!! fun, lovely jobs, one would get enjoyment out of... one such as me... who is still young enough to embark on new journeys in the job world... and who loathes each and every current day, at a job which is unrewarding,where one is unexpected, unfairly treated, and talked down to... the woes of life and jobs!

well, thus far I have:
- antique collector and dealer...well, seller, not so much a dealer...
-professional blogger... if I could figure out how to do it much better than said blog
- pet sitter... although I would need a large supplies of allergy medication... as, well, I am slightly allergic to cats and dogs.
- personal shopper... but how does one become a personal shopper, I'd like to know!

that's all i can think of right now... Im sure more will come to me...
suggestions, ideas, job offerings are all welcomed!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Ugh... Monday... we meet again...

Well, the good news is, Im not really tired today...although it seams to be kind of a waste as I have no boot camp or workout planned for today.... ho hum.

In other news... I made some cute new flowers this weekend to sell at The Dead City Flea Market at The Mead Hall next weekend, March 26


please do come check it out. I think its going to be quite fun.

well... not much else happened...
I had a personal training session, went to the farmers market, made pancakes, did laundry...the usual....

well, this week/weekend and next, will be filled with much fun and interesting occurrings...so watch out for those

Friday, March 11, 2011

After boot camp I went home to watch some films, not before filling up my truck with $1.12/litre gas which, I have to say, is shocking...

anyway... home I went... and my boyfriend came over and hmmm, what did he have with him? Why, he had flowers for me!! What a truly swell guy!! which makes me sad for girls, who never get flowers, or anything for that matter, from their "amazing" boyfriends, especially, if your like me, and you love flowers! For real, I use to buy myself flowers because my lying, pathetic, straight up piece of shit ex boyfriend, never bought me flowers... not once... in almost three years... yes, men like that really do exist and it is such a shame, as really they should all be exterminated so the world can be a better place and there will only be left those men who treat their girlfriends like a princess, which is really how it should be... although some men where just not raised right, or have an extreme self love which blinds them and allows them to think that they can do anything they want, no matter how horrible, and have no conscious or bad feelings about it. I pity the woman... or women rather, who end up with that piece of shit, poor excuse of a man.

Anyways.... I got a lovely surprise yesterday, which are now sitting in a vase in my kitchen, cheering up the whole place.

Oh yes, and today is Friday!!! Oh how I long for Friday each day which is not Friday. Work is tedious, unrewarding, not challenging, and a cause of much unneeded stress.... hopefully, one day, I can escape this wretched place, and go where unicorns frolic, chocolate and sweets don't make you fat, there is an abundance of puppies and kittens that never grow older, you can sleep in every day and wake up to waffles and strawberries, and it is sunny and warm everyday.


what dreams are made of

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crave Cupcakes!!

CRAVE cookies and cupcakes has opened in Edmonton!!
Crave is the yummiest of yummiest cupcake bakeries around... well, in Calgary... and now they have come to Edmonton. Seriously, the line up for this place has been out the door every time I've been!

Fuss you best watch out! Flirt is already 100 x better, and Crave, well, they beat just about everyone! They are bigger, yummier, and the same price!!


AND!! They have a deal on Living Social today!! A dozen cupcakes for $8!!!! Does it get any better?!

Do yourself a favor, and go to Crave, which is oh so conveniently located at: 7929 104 street, right beside Planet Organic.

Every gal, young and old, loves a cupcake. They are just so cute and perfect and scrumptious and girly!! I cant wait to get me some cupcakes! Which, I suppose does not mix so well with working out... but, really, I can't resist.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mid week update:

... I didn't work out on Monday, for the first time in weeks!!! So i went to the mall, and was rather disappointed, as the mall usually is disappointing...

Then off to boot camp last night... and Zumba!!! Yes, I tried Zumba... and not surprising, it was not my thing... first off, i didn't get a work out from it, didn't break a sweat at all or increase my heart rate...also I don't suppose Im so coordinated and thus will not be doing Zumba again; which I think is just some made up thing anyway, and has weird music accompany it...

Wednesday...thus far... I have done nothing... but sit at my desk and stare at my computer...how very exciting...

well, here's hoping things heat up a bit around here... or before I know it I will be permanently lodged in a boredom coma

Monday, March 7, 2011

i think i am going to start yet another blog... which will not be about me so much and therefore may be a little more exciting....
so keep an eye out for it... although I'm sure I will tell you once I create it so you can all read that one as well.

hope you all had a good weekend....

mine was such as I said it would be on Friday... yoga, gym, candy store, duchess, cuddles... kind of got to sleep in, and exactly one white wine spritzers...this gal needs to get out... and by out, I mean dancing!! Who wants to go dancing with me?!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet, sweet Friday!! finally!!!

This weekend I plan on doing many sweet things... literally!! Like going to the Coney Island candy shop tomorrow! and Duchess on Sunday!!!

http://eatingisthehardpart.blogspot.com/2009/05/coney-island-candy-edmonton-ab.html another blog, talking about Coney Island Candy

nom nom nom

also... cuddles, yoga, my first personal training session ever! sleeping in, second hand shopping, madonna mix, and maybe a wine spritzer or two!

have a happy weekend!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Went to the gym last night and.... ran 4 miles in 50 minutes!! I, to say the least, am quit pleased with myself!! And then I was very tired, but had to make dinner and watch American Idol....

and then drifted away into a deep and not long enough sleep, because well, it never really is long enough, cause I'm always still tired when I wake up....

anyway... My favorite American Idols are, for the boys- Scotty. And the girls... the girl who sang the foina apple song... I liked her... but dont remember her name.

Thank is all. Today is rather boring and needs to get going quicker....as I am slowly... oh so slowly dying of boredom, and really, its such a painful way to go... and lonely...

like I said... time to get going... back to The Golden Compass, a chilly office with a dreary dry walled encasing, with the occasion smear of bug guts and perhaps a nice juicy grapefruit. ahhh the life of an illegitimate secretary....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my last day of my one month of unlimited boot camp was last night... which makes it how many days...? I don't know... haha

I start my three months of boot camp tonight... but its only twice a week... so Ill have to get some more gym and yoga time in!! I think my chocolate addiction counter acts my working out... although I haven't been eating as much chocolate in the last while... so really I don't know how to explain the lack of losing weight... but at least my heart is healthy... right?

well, whats a gal to do? Listen to Madonna and eat couscous... I think so.

hmmm... well, I really do think its time to spice things up, as they have been getting a little drab lately... but this damn cold weather is holding me back a bit... how can one enjoy a nice refreshing cocktail on the patio, when the patio is covered in snow?! its impossible!

How about I share some links with you, so you can distract yourself from other important things you should be doing!

http://www.femmemetale.com/ very pretty jewelry, for guys and gals!

http://www.happytreefriends.com/ if you haven't watched these oh so adorable forest animals in their daily mis-adventures yet, boy are you missing out!

http://www.modcloth.com/ cute spring clothes?! yes please!

http://killer-cosmetics.com/ to die for vegan, mineral makeup!! tee hee

http://shop.barefootvenus.com/ this stuff is amazing!!! luscious, creamy, silky, oh so close to natural as it gets, lotions, potions and more

http://www.edmontonhumanesociety.com/ looking for a new friend and companion! look no more! oh so cute, real animals, to adopt!