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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

we are now half way through the work week! although it would be better if we were all the way through it... It didn't even feel like I had a weekend. I was back at the bar for a gig Friday night... and then back again Saturday to work... so I pretty much had one very tired day off, which I think it a total rip off.

speaking off rip offs... my girlfriends and I went to Devlins on Saturday because we bought one of those online daily deal things...for Devlins. But when we went to pay they said we couldn't use it, as the company, swarmjam, hadn't sent them a customer/voucher list yet. wtf?! I, of course, complained to swarmjam via a very warm email. After getting a few responses back, which didn't help at all... I finally had to straight out ask what they were going to do for me to make this situation better. Eventually someone called me and offered me a complimentary entree for Devlins...which is okay I guess, except I'm a vegetarian, and they cater mostly to carnivores. I was done arguing, so I accepted it. It was a nice enough gesture, I suppose, but a little late...


spring, thus far, has brought little with it. Its gloomy and snowy and chilly and all around depressing. summer, please do hurry, we miss you!!

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