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Friday, April 29, 2011

Over The Top Swap

Thanks goodness, Friday is finally here! Now, only 8 more hours until I can begin enjoying my day and weekend.

Well, this weekend looks to be shaping up quite nicely

Saturday and Sunday is the Over The Top Swap, happening at Telus Field.
Its a city wide clothing swap! You bring them your unwanted, but still nice clothes and they give you tokens based on the quality, style and brand of the items you bring. The tokens come in bronze, silver and gold, which you then trade for clothes donated by others. I haven't been before, but I assume, all the items will either be zoned or tagged according to which token grade they are. You give the volunteer your token, they give you the item of clothing! Also there will be a bunch of local vendors selling handmade items, as well promoting local boutiques. I believe there is also a spa section, and you can get your hair and makeup did and have fancy photos taken. The event is two days, like I mentioned, with people bringing new clothes with them each day when they arrive, so its probably worth it to go both days. It does cost to get in though, and I have to admit, I think its a little expensive. Here's the link for the site:http://www.overthetopswap.com/site/
They also have a page on facebook, so feel free to search for that as well.

I'm sure you all have a few items in your closet you don't wear anymore or that still have the tags on them, so why not swap them for something else!

Other than that I'm just pumper to not have to go to work for two full days.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its a brand new day

I seem to be in a much better mood this morning...which means the workday will be slightly more tolerable.

Well, last night I was made to stay at work late, which highly frustrates me, as I, of course, had plans after work, as I usually do ( as to maximize my joyous time not working). Once home, I got geared up to go to the gym where I had a nice sweaty workout. Back home, I made some yummy veggie burgers ( homemade) and watched American idol with my lovely boyfriend ( I think James Durbin is going to win... that's my guess ). Then I got some oh so much needed snuggles, as my boyfriend had been out of town for a few days, leaving me with no cuddles.

I didn't get to bed early, which I was hoping to, but I didn't have any bad dreams last night, so had some what of a good sleep... however, too short, as always.

Remember how i told you my licenced had expired and I had to renew it... I got my new licence in the mail yesterday, with a new picture and all! As I think is usually the case, I don't fancy my picture too much... they make you not smile, which isn't very pleasant... and I didn't know I was going to be getting my picture taken and was too frustrated at that point to make any effort. And, they have added a new security feature, there's a hologram picture of me on the back! Surely, no one will steal my identity now!

Well, enjoy your Thursday, its only two more workdays until the glorious weekend.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do you know what today is?

I had forgot, until I saw someone post it on facebook... its Office Administrator Day... not that that means anything in my office... but one can dream of being appreciated and rewarded for hard or tedious work, being stressed most of the time, and being treated like an idiot...

So, Happy Office Administrator Day to all those who don't get appreciated or rewarded for a job well done... and to those who do, cause it doesn't hurt to get told twice how great you are at your job!
It is only 8:43 and I am already hating today. Since the 1hr and 43 mins Ive been awake... the day has not been a good one. First off, Im tired, yet again, despite getting 8 hours of sleep. I curled my hair this morning, and it has already fallen flat. I made oatmeal for breakfast, which I never ever find filling, which is leaving me still very hungry at the moment. I didn't have time to make anything for lunch, nor do I have money to waste on buying food, and so I have some strawberries and yogurt to get me through the day. I forgot to put on deodorant... which is very annoying. I have a blister on my heel which wont go away and continues to bother me. I had a very difficult time deciding what to wear and have declared that I hate everything I own, but am too poor to go shopping. My apartment got rather messy form this mornings proceedings, and so, I will have extra cleaning when I get home today. My office is freezing... still... and I don't know how to turn on the heat and no one else seems to care about my discomfort. And alas, I am at work, still lacking any sort of filing cabinets, shelves, drawers, anything that a normal office would have that would aid one in filing, sorting, organizing, and easily accessing things when asked for. And so begins my day...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have exactly 17 minutes until I finally get to leave work and see the outside for the first time in 8.5 hours... work steals my youth, vigor, and excitement for life. good job, work.

but to end the day on a lighter note:

Had you heard of the Heidi, the German cross eyed possum. She is so freakin cute! She so cute, I can't believe shes actually real. She lives in a zoo in Germany and is so popular she even has her own facebook page!

There are some videos of her on youtube, like the one below:


Honestly, she will make your heart melt.

to be an adult...

Day 2 of my work week... which means there is still 3 long days ahead... until the all coveted weekend. So much for my plan to love the work week like I love the weekend.Perhaps its because I often go 8.5 hours without seeing the outside... literally, sometimes I don't leave me office at all during the day and the lack of windows, keeps me form ever knowing whats going on outside. I'm also rather tired, I believe, due to odd/scary dreams disturbing my sleep.
Im also really itching to go on a vacation, yet I seem to have no one to accompany me, and I have a sneaking suspicion time off would be looked down on and perhaps not even granted.
Is this what it is actually like to be an adult? Dull, gloomy work days, no vacation time, not enough money, too many bills, constant tiredness, tedious everyday tasks which I could really do with out...yet they have to be done, and day dreaming... always day dreaming... but never actually living the dream?
It makes one wonder, whats the point? Really?
Now don't get me wrong, I have plenty of things in my life which bring me joy and happiness. Such us, buying new shoes, Cherry ( although Im not allowed to watch her anymore), the weekend, my boyfriend, not having lame, flaky friends, working out ( it naturally makes you happy...), fashion magazines ( to aid in my day dreaming), Lush ( which pretty much means bubble baths and silky, soft hair), 4:30 ( the end of my work day), cupcakes, cuddles, travelling ( which I haven't been doing much of lately), martini's and dressing up pretty.
Now if only I could eliminate working... then life would be a dream. I think I shall take up playing the lottery...

Monday, April 25, 2011

and so begins the cycle....

welcome back... Monday... Monday, which is not a holiday, but once was when I was in school... Monday, which I still thought was a holiday, until last Wednesday when I was sadly informed I did not get a glorious four day weekend. Despite the looming disappointment of having to go to work on Monday morning, I had an excellent weekend, which was very productive and enjoyable.

On Saturday night, I went to Vinyl with my girlfriends. It was horrible. The bar was carpeted!! wtf? And the crowd consisted of drunk 18 year olds, dressed either slutty, or like they were going grocery shopping ( ie. nasty jeans, flip flops, and a ratty tank top).The drinks were expensive as hell, and totally watered down; so much in fact, that I asked the bartender if he put an vodka in it, and rudely replied he would make us another one- the vodka came out of a pop dispenser...
Needless to say, I will not be returning.

Well, the work day is only 3 hours in... which leaves a grueling 5.5 hours to go. Good thing I baked cupcakes last night, which will provide me with at least five minutes of satisfaction between business hours.

Enjoy your fake holiday... easter Monday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Long weekends make me happy

Ahhh, Thursday, today you are as loved as Friday... as tomorrow is a holiday, which means a day off work! A much loved, coveted day off work, which will be filled with all the lovely things not involving work... like sleeping in, going for a long lunch, yoga, sunshine, happiness, maybe a little shopping... ahh yes, stat holidays, surely are the best!

I went to the gym last night, and decided I wanted to use the treadmill; I usually just run laps but figured I could push myself a little harder on a treadmill. And, fancy that, I was right. I ran 3 miles in 30 mins, as opposed to 3 miles in 45 mins on the track. Hurrah for me! So, this left me with some time to do some strength training... ie weight lighting.
When that was all done with I went home to watch American Idol. Honestly, I never watched it before this season, but Ive somehow gotten very into it. All mt favorites are still on: Scotty- swoon... James and Haley. Honestly, they are all so good. Its gonna get tough soon!!!

Also I decided I would wax my legs yesterday before working out. Its not as easy as they make it look at the salon... in fact in was much more painful, messy and less tactful. But, I did a fairly decent job! After I had enough with the wax, I went over my legs with a razor, just to make sure I got it all. Well!! I cut myself like 15 times!! Honestly, whenever I use a disposable razors I always cut myself...no matter how gentle I am! Does any one else have this issue? And then my legs where all red and sore, which is not such a pretty site.

Well, I suppose that's enough of my oh so exciting life for now. Perhaps Ill be back later with something exciting to share

Have a good Friday! opps, I mean, Thursday ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

work, why cant you be more like the weekend?

Rise and Shine little caterpillars! The work week is almost over!!
Ive began to think that its not such a good thing, going through every week in anticipation for the weekend. On Monday mornings, the thing I long for most is for it to be Saturday morning. Why cant one be excited for Monday morning? Or Tuesday morning...? Well, I suppose work may have something to do with that; when Id much rather be sleeping for a few more hours, and then fill my day with fun and joyous activities, which include interacting with other people, actually seeing the outside and enjoying the sunshine, perhaps encounters with puppies, leisurely strolls and meals... the things we all love, but have to cram into the two day weekend, which can end up being hectic, as we try to do everything we cant do during the other 5 days of the week.
I think its time to find a way to enjoy the work week, as much as actually possible, similar to the ways we enjoy the weekend- which of course will exclude sleeping in... unless you have a job that starts after noon.

For example, all this week Ive had very yummy breakfasts, which is something I usually only have time for on the weekends. Also, I think its important to take the time to dress nice and look nice, etc. I had a teacher tell me once, that if you dress nice and think you look good, then you will feel good too, but if you dress sloppy and not so nice, well, then your not going to feel your best- advice I have listened to since the day I heard it ( in grade 7 or something). Also, trying to be positive around negative people, or not taking things personally, can make your day seem brighter. Like when your boss is stressed out, maybe he takes it out on you, but its not personal. Or perhaps, your boss or coworkers have a slang, terminology, or just a general way of speaking unlike your own, which sometimes can feel negative,well, shrug it off, its how they speak to everyone.
Okay, but how do we make the day more fun and enjoyable, like it where the weekend? hmmm...maybe bring a really yummy lunch or treat for yourself; on your break go grab a cupcake and magazine; when you have spare time look up funny videos or cute pictures on animals ( that always make me feel good); get something done at work that's on your to do list and do it on your break or spare time- that means one less thing to do after work and I always get a sense of accomplishment when I cross something off my do to list; or day dream of a vacation you want to take, a room you want to redecorate or a recipe you want to try- and make notes of ideas you come up with.

Ill have to keep thinking about this topic. I sure would like to stop wishing time away and start enjoying everyday, even if it is a work day. Please comment with ideas you may have for making the work week feel like a weekend.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sunshine, cadillacs, hillbilly music...

Good Morning, all. Im an hour into my day... my work day... and Id much rather be 8 1/2 hours in, but such is life.
So its already mid April and its barely spring. Im getting a little tired of this chilly/windy/snowy weather. And Im sure Im not the only one.

Im awfully tired for some reason this morning... I went to bed at a timely hour. I often am still very tired when I go to bed 'early' ( which usually falls in the realm of 10-11). And so, it puzzles me why Im tired right now after getting at least 7 hours of sleep. Although I have been having bad and vivid dreams lately...would this do anything to make me more tired?

Anyway... my office has the air conditioning on and I don't know how to turn it off. I have a space heater beside me, which either makes me too warm, or if I turn away from it, very cold. Can a girl ever win? Probably not, as that would just make things too easy. For instance, my damn dress is being so static-y... why cant it just sit nicely and not misbehave? well, because that would be too easy. Oh the woes of a 25 year old girl.

Anyways...things seem to be looking up. What with summer, hopefully, on its way and dreams of cocktails, sunshine, road trips and vacations, how could one not get a little excited for things to come. It feels good not to have to worry about anyone... flaky 'friends', liars, backstabbers, scumbag boyfriends, or just scummy people in general. Instead, its just me and my boyfriend... oh, yah, and work....and genuine gal pals... cause really, what other kind of pals do you need?!

Have a great day! Oh and we are already half way through the work week...in case you weren't aware!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ben Sherman Ladies Jacket for Sale

I have a fabulous Ben Sherman jacket, that I just dont wear, and so, I am selling it. Its long, has a hood, a drawstring waist to adjust how tight or loose you would like it, and is a blue-ish grey colour. Its perfect for spring and would be oh so cute on you. Im asking $100, which is a fantasic price, if you ask me!
Welcome back everyone, Monday has arrived, much to quickly, to my dismay. But! I must say, I had a really good weekend! Now, I didn't go out dancing, or get wasted, or make a fool of myself. No, instead I worked out with a girlfriend, had a rad photo shoot, had a lovely dinner made for me, got two lovely new dresses from Rowena, went grocery shopping and did not have my cart stolen, cuddled and relaxed. It was extraordinary, but it was a really great weekend. And now back to the daily grind. But its a short week, thank goodness for holidays! Have a fantastic weekend, and hopefully it will stop snowing!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Snooki has joined boot camp... okay, its not actually Snooki but pretty close... Last night at boot camp, there she was. She was tanned ( like Snooki). She was wearing bling! For real, she had on a big, sparkly, blingin' necklace, and a thick bangle; I can only imagine how uncomfortable that would be. She was wearing fake eyelashes... And super tight clothes, so that her bum ate up her pants, and her boobs wear actually popping out of her top. She had dark brown hair, which was moderately big, considering we were just working out. Honestly, she was just like Snooki...except her kooch wasn't hanging out anywhere, and although I didn't hear her talk, I assume she doesn't have a horrible, whiny voice... at least I hope not... Sometimes boot camp can be entertaining... simply from the people who attend... but also can be very annoying because of the amount of people who come... Like yesterday for example... there were 17 or 18 people, which is too many for the small space its in. We had to run lines... how can you properly run lines when you have to avoid the people darting in your exact direction... and as such, I couldn't, instead I half assed it out of pure annoyance. Anyways... tfig!! I'm going to the gum with my girlfriend today so we teach other things and have a new, fresh workout... at Spa Lady! Then more fun on the weekend, with a photo shoot, a nice dinner, sleeping in, cuddles, and trying not to spend any money... good luck. xoxo

Rebecca Black - Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Im sorry... I had to! Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Driving Lessons are Expensive

Good Morning, good morning....

Well, yesterday was quite an interesting day...

After much dreaded work, I had a dentist appointment to go to... in Spruce Grove nonetheless. Well, as I was driving down whyte ave, i got pulled over!!! And guess why?! My drivers licence had expired! 3 months ago! And I had no idea. The not so sympathetic police man, gave me a lovely ticket... for $230!! At least he didn't tow my car... he just parked it on the street for me. So super quickly, as I still needed to get to the dentist, I went to the registry, and $84 renewed my licence. I made it in time for the dentist, thank goodness... its always embarrassing be late for dentist and doctor appointments for some reason, even though your the one whose always waiting for them every other time. I had got myself some health insurance a few months ago, but I guess its not the greatest, as I still had to pay $130. So, $444 later, I make my way back home, forgetting I was suppose to make a stop in Spruce Grove until I was almost home. Feeling a tad down, I had a nice bubble bath and did some laundry, but had to ration as, now being broke, could not wash everything this week. Some American Idol made me feel a bit better...but not any richer.

Now, one is suppose to receive a letter in the mail to remind them to renew their licence, and, it seems, I received no such letter... so I suggest checking the expiry date on your licence!

Well, kiddies, that was my Wednesday excitement.

In other news: gym Monday, boot camp outside Tuesday... which meant plenty of stairs, debacle Wednesday, boot camp and snow today, gym with my girlfriend tomorrow, rest and fun on the weekend

Oh yes, and my new blog!! Please do have a read!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vixen Von Vintage

Hey, cats and kittens!! Ive started up my new blog.... check it out!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Morning, Monday. Although it would be a much better morning if I were still sleeping. Its seems a gal like me, can never get enoguh sleep. For real. So, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to go bowling saturday night, so around 9 oclock we made our way to gateway lanes... or whatever its called now. It was like we were at a club! It was bizarre! There was loud clubby music playing, a smoke machine, club-esque people drinking and getting their bowl on!! it was weird. Anyway... there was a 2 and a half hour wait!!! We obviously left! But then we tried again on sunday, and there still was an hour wait. Who knew bowling was so freaking popular? I watched a really rad film last night. Made in Degenham. Its set in the late 1960's and is about the female machinists who worked in a Ford factory in the UK and their fight for equal pay. I highly recomend it. Otherwise, Im hoping this week will be considerably better than last week. My office is set up...kind of. Its just my desk... bare walls and no otehr furniture. But, both the phone and internet are working, and like I said, I have a complete desk now. I plan on going to the gym and/or bootcamp all week, so maybe that will give me some happy endorphines to combat the dread of work. ( Also, spell check is still not working! What ever did we do before spell check?) Have a good Monday! I know, Mondays are rarely good, expect when the work day is over, they become a little better. xo

Friday, April 8, 2011

why hello Friday!! I finally have interent in my new office, after some much annoying running around all week in order to get some work done, I can semi-settle in... the lack of furniture makes it slighly unwelcoming... In other news... well, there is no other news really... Ive been having very strange dreams the last few nights... and have been oh so tired despite getting many hours of sleep each night. I know, how about an American Idol update! Scotty, who is perhaps my favorite, is still in it. He sang an Elvis song on wednesday. swoon. Oh, and Paul!!! He sang Johnny Cash... and I could barely even recognize the song and soemtimes what he was even saying. He butchered it. But the judges loved it!!! It was so bad! Then theres James Durbin, who, I think, is now a little full of himself, but did very well on Wednesday. And Hailey is pretty good too.... Okay, enough of this random post... I just wanted to welcome Friday and the weekend. Perhaps I will post again later, a more cohesive post, when I find myself starring at the wall, begining to grow crazy with boredom. ps. spell check is not working for some reason... I apologize for all the spelling mistakes, I sure there are.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

well, well, I have finally moved to my new office, but the Internet is not hooked up yet, so I couldn't let you all know!! Its basically a mess right now... and boring... what with no Internet and all... but I have high hopes for my new little office... in other news... its getting to be nice out, which is always a wonderful thing!!! Still working out almost everyday, also with high hopes of losing some damn weight... which I think will never happen, as the world is against me and doesn't want me to be any thinner... after a few more month, we will see who has won that battle... My weekend consisted of bubble baths, yoga, personal training, sleeping in, a manicure, watching an American roller derby documentary and running a ton of errands One of which was going to the Reuse Centre, downtown. Its actually quite neat. Theres all this random stuff there that people donate; stuff for crafts, school supplies, books, board games, tins, boxes, scraps, everything... and you pay $5 to take whatever and as much as you want.... and you can donate a bunch of stuff too, things you might other wise throw out. Check it out for yourself: http://www.edmonton.ca/for_residents/garbage_recycling/reuse-centre.aspx Ill try to give you more updates this week... who knows when the interent will get sorted out happy spring! xoxo

Friday, April 1, 2011

work defined...

Oh, why hello, once again. One hour to go... I decided to look up the definition of work on urbandictionary.com so remember, these are no my personal definitions, just ones which I like or find amusing... or perhaps concur with... "A place people have to go everyday to get paid. Also known as "Hell" " " A world wide slave organization used to control modern man and prevent independent thought from occurring in any form...." "A thing that is so sucky is requires paying money for it to be done..." "Firey place of eternal torture" "A never ending cycle of paying someone else to do something they themselves are not willing to do" Thoughts and comments are always welcomed!! perhaps your definition of work xo
Why good morning Friday!!! And a bright and sunny Friday at that!! Too bad I'm already awake... and working... when Id much rather be snuggled up in bed with a certain Boston Terrier.... Well, weekend, what have you got in store for me this time around? Nothing too too exciting... which seems to be a theme around here lately. To start off... I'm going to get a manicure tonight. Which is actually exciting for me... perhaps not so much for you... as you look down at your nails with envy... Then perhaps dinner... and a bubble bath with my newly acquired Lush bath things... ie. berry bubbles, citrus bombs, sugary scrubs... you know the stuff! Maybe a film... maybe not... Im not really sure whats to happen after my lovely manicure... Saturday, I don't get to sleep in as much as I know Im going to want to... I have a personal training session, which I thought to book earlier than usual...even though 11 isn't really very early.... so that I would have the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted. But what usually happens when I work out in the morning on the weekend... I get oh so tired and just want to crawl back into bed! And well thats as far as Ive got... I have no real plans after that... which again, is not exciting... gahhh I need a vacation. Who wants to go with me? Vegas anyone?!! xo