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Monday, April 25, 2011

and so begins the cycle....

welcome back... Monday... Monday, which is not a holiday, but once was when I was in school... Monday, which I still thought was a holiday, until last Wednesday when I was sadly informed I did not get a glorious four day weekend. Despite the looming disappointment of having to go to work on Monday morning, I had an excellent weekend, which was very productive and enjoyable.

On Saturday night, I went to Vinyl with my girlfriends. It was horrible. The bar was carpeted!! wtf? And the crowd consisted of drunk 18 year olds, dressed either slutty, or like they were going grocery shopping ( ie. nasty jeans, flip flops, and a ratty tank top).The drinks were expensive as hell, and totally watered down; so much in fact, that I asked the bartender if he put an vodka in it, and rudely replied he would make us another one- the vodka came out of a pop dispenser...
Needless to say, I will not be returning.

Well, the work day is only 3 hours in... which leaves a grueling 5.5 hours to go. Good thing I baked cupcakes last night, which will provide me with at least five minutes of satisfaction between business hours.

Enjoy your fake holiday... easter Monday.

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