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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

to be an adult...

Day 2 of my work week... which means there is still 3 long days ahead... until the all coveted weekend. So much for my plan to love the work week like I love the weekend.Perhaps its because I often go 8.5 hours without seeing the outside... literally, sometimes I don't leave me office at all during the day and the lack of windows, keeps me form ever knowing whats going on outside. I'm also rather tired, I believe, due to odd/scary dreams disturbing my sleep.
Im also really itching to go on a vacation, yet I seem to have no one to accompany me, and I have a sneaking suspicion time off would be looked down on and perhaps not even granted.
Is this what it is actually like to be an adult? Dull, gloomy work days, no vacation time, not enough money, too many bills, constant tiredness, tedious everyday tasks which I could really do with out...yet they have to be done, and day dreaming... always day dreaming... but never actually living the dream?
It makes one wonder, whats the point? Really?
Now don't get me wrong, I have plenty of things in my life which bring me joy and happiness. Such us, buying new shoes, Cherry ( although Im not allowed to watch her anymore), the weekend, my boyfriend, not having lame, flaky friends, working out ( it naturally makes you happy...), fashion magazines ( to aid in my day dreaming), Lush ( which pretty much means bubble baths and silky, soft hair), 4:30 ( the end of my work day), cupcakes, cuddles, travelling ( which I haven't been doing much of lately), martini's and dressing up pretty.
Now if only I could eliminate working... then life would be a dream. I think I shall take up playing the lottery...

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