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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Long weekends make me happy

Ahhh, Thursday, today you are as loved as Friday... as tomorrow is a holiday, which means a day off work! A much loved, coveted day off work, which will be filled with all the lovely things not involving work... like sleeping in, going for a long lunch, yoga, sunshine, happiness, maybe a little shopping... ahh yes, stat holidays, surely are the best!

I went to the gym last night, and decided I wanted to use the treadmill; I usually just run laps but figured I could push myself a little harder on a treadmill. And, fancy that, I was right. I ran 3 miles in 30 mins, as opposed to 3 miles in 45 mins on the track. Hurrah for me! So, this left me with some time to do some strength training... ie weight lighting.
When that was all done with I went home to watch American Idol. Honestly, I never watched it before this season, but Ive somehow gotten very into it. All mt favorites are still on: Scotty- swoon... James and Haley. Honestly, they are all so good. Its gonna get tough soon!!!

Also I decided I would wax my legs yesterday before working out. Its not as easy as they make it look at the salon... in fact in was much more painful, messy and less tactful. But, I did a fairly decent job! After I had enough with the wax, I went over my legs with a razor, just to make sure I got it all. Well!! I cut myself like 15 times!! Honestly, whenever I use a disposable razors I always cut myself...no matter how gentle I am! Does any one else have this issue? And then my legs where all red and sore, which is not such a pretty site.

Well, I suppose that's enough of my oh so exciting life for now. Perhaps Ill be back later with something exciting to share

Have a good Friday! opps, I mean, Thursday ;)

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