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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

work, why cant you be more like the weekend?

Rise and Shine little caterpillars! The work week is almost over!!
Ive began to think that its not such a good thing, going through every week in anticipation for the weekend. On Monday mornings, the thing I long for most is for it to be Saturday morning. Why cant one be excited for Monday morning? Or Tuesday morning...? Well, I suppose work may have something to do with that; when Id much rather be sleeping for a few more hours, and then fill my day with fun and joyous activities, which include interacting with other people, actually seeing the outside and enjoying the sunshine, perhaps encounters with puppies, leisurely strolls and meals... the things we all love, but have to cram into the two day weekend, which can end up being hectic, as we try to do everything we cant do during the other 5 days of the week.
I think its time to find a way to enjoy the work week, as much as actually possible, similar to the ways we enjoy the weekend- which of course will exclude sleeping in... unless you have a job that starts after noon.

For example, all this week Ive had very yummy breakfasts, which is something I usually only have time for on the weekends. Also, I think its important to take the time to dress nice and look nice, etc. I had a teacher tell me once, that if you dress nice and think you look good, then you will feel good too, but if you dress sloppy and not so nice, well, then your not going to feel your best- advice I have listened to since the day I heard it ( in grade 7 or something). Also, trying to be positive around negative people, or not taking things personally, can make your day seem brighter. Like when your boss is stressed out, maybe he takes it out on you, but its not personal. Or perhaps, your boss or coworkers have a slang, terminology, or just a general way of speaking unlike your own, which sometimes can feel negative,well, shrug it off, its how they speak to everyone.
Okay, but how do we make the day more fun and enjoyable, like it where the weekend? hmmm...maybe bring a really yummy lunch or treat for yourself; on your break go grab a cupcake and magazine; when you have spare time look up funny videos or cute pictures on animals ( that always make me feel good); get something done at work that's on your to do list and do it on your break or spare time- that means one less thing to do after work and I always get a sense of accomplishment when I cross something off my do to list; or day dream of a vacation you want to take, a room you want to redecorate or a recipe you want to try- and make notes of ideas you come up with.

Ill have to keep thinking about this topic. I sure would like to stop wishing time away and start enjoying everyday, even if it is a work day. Please comment with ideas you may have for making the work week feel like a weekend.


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