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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its a brand new day

I seem to be in a much better mood this morning...which means the workday will be slightly more tolerable.

Well, last night I was made to stay at work late, which highly frustrates me, as I, of course, had plans after work, as I usually do ( as to maximize my joyous time not working). Once home, I got geared up to go to the gym where I had a nice sweaty workout. Back home, I made some yummy veggie burgers ( homemade) and watched American idol with my lovely boyfriend ( I think James Durbin is going to win... that's my guess ). Then I got some oh so much needed snuggles, as my boyfriend had been out of town for a few days, leaving me with no cuddles.

I didn't get to bed early, which I was hoping to, but I didn't have any bad dreams last night, so had some what of a good sleep... however, too short, as always.

Remember how i told you my licenced had expired and I had to renew it... I got my new licence in the mail yesterday, with a new picture and all! As I think is usually the case, I don't fancy my picture too much... they make you not smile, which isn't very pleasant... and I didn't know I was going to be getting my picture taken and was too frustrated at that point to make any effort. And, they have added a new security feature, there's a hologram picture of me on the back! Surely, no one will steal my identity now!

Well, enjoy your Thursday, its only two more workdays until the glorious weekend.


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