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Friday, April 29, 2011

Over The Top Swap

Thanks goodness, Friday is finally here! Now, only 8 more hours until I can begin enjoying my day and weekend.

Well, this weekend looks to be shaping up quite nicely

Saturday and Sunday is the Over The Top Swap, happening at Telus Field.
Its a city wide clothing swap! You bring them your unwanted, but still nice clothes and they give you tokens based on the quality, style and brand of the items you bring. The tokens come in bronze, silver and gold, which you then trade for clothes donated by others. I haven't been before, but I assume, all the items will either be zoned or tagged according to which token grade they are. You give the volunteer your token, they give you the item of clothing! Also there will be a bunch of local vendors selling handmade items, as well promoting local boutiques. I believe there is also a spa section, and you can get your hair and makeup did and have fancy photos taken. The event is two days, like I mentioned, with people bringing new clothes with them each day when they arrive, so its probably worth it to go both days. It does cost to get in though, and I have to admit, I think its a little expensive. Here's the link for the site:http://www.overthetopswap.com/site/
They also have a page on facebook, so feel free to search for that as well.

I'm sure you all have a few items in your closet you don't wear anymore or that still have the tags on them, so why not swap them for something else!

Other than that I'm just pumper to not have to go to work for two full days.

Have a great weekend!


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