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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dream Jobs....

Well, its Monday, yet again. The day least looked forwarded to by many, Im sure. Monday is made so horrible by the sole reason of having to return to work after two lovely days off. Although, I have a suspicion that not every person dislikes their job... so here are some jobs I think would be enjoyable to return to on Mondays, or would be pleasant all around:

1. Yoga Instructor
2. Professional Blogger
3. Writer at a Fashion Magazine
4. Personal Shopper
5. Buyer... for a clothing store, or some where like Lush
6. Model ( Although it would be hard at times, you get to wear pretty clothes and have your hair/makeup done for you)
7.Wife to a wealthy man... yah, yah, whatever, you know you'd love it too
8. Ballroom Dancer
10.Boutique Owner

I'm sure there are tons of other fun and pleasant jobs but that all I can think of at the moment. So, then, what are some jobs you think you be lovely to have?!

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