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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And the winner is...

Yesterday was Election Day, and so here are the results, in case you were wondering:

Conservative won the majority vote :( They took 40%, the NDP took 31% and the Liberals took 19%

NDP won over 100 seats, which makes them the official opposition

Stephan Harper is the new conservative Prime Minister.

Jack Layton is the official opposition leader; he was also re-elected in the Toronto-Danforth riding. The NDP won most of its seats in Quebec with 58 and Ontario with 22.

Elizabeth May, of the green party, is the party's first ever elected Member of Parliament.

The majority vote in Alberta was conservative, no surprise there. They won 27 seats, while NDP won 1 and the liberal won zero. Alberta's Premier is Ed Stelmach.

Please do comment if Ive gotten any of this info wrong... and comment with your opinions, etc.

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