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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Water for Elephants...and bull hooks too

Good Morning! Why, there are only two work days left after today... what a wonderful thought.

In other news, not only did I see the film, but I also read the novel.... Water for Elephants. I actually enjoyed both... even if it is a love,fantasy plot, made all the more romantic being set in the 1930's and with a circus. It broke my heart the way they treated the animals... and although standards have improved in the past 80 years... animals are still mistreated in the circus. They are still carted onto trains and subjected to very hot weather and not enough food and water. In fact, tigers still die of heart exhaustion, when the train is not on schedule and therefore doesn't stop to water them. Elephants are still taught to do the same tricks on balls, and can and do break there legs because of the strain and there fore are put down because the pain is just too much. When we will ever learn? And why cant we find enjoyment elsewhere... instead at the hands of animals forced to perform silly tricks for humans. The circus doesn't need to drag around exotic animals with it... animals who really belong in the jungle in Africa or elsewhere.

If you want to do some reading up on animal cruelty in the circus, here are some informative links. Perhaps next time the circus rolls into town you'll think twice about going. Once you discover how baby elephants are treated, by brute force and violence, to learn tricks to entertain, you wont ever want to go to the circus again... at least not one which has animals.


Well, I didn't plan to go on about circus animal cruelty...but it made me so sad how they treated poor Rosie ( in Water for Elephants). I think you should all read the book and perhaps see the film as well. Its quite sad, in many ways, but also a really good story.

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