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Friday, April 8, 2011

why hello Friday!! I finally have interent in my new office, after some much annoying running around all week in order to get some work done, I can semi-settle in... the lack of furniture makes it slighly unwelcoming... In other news... well, there is no other news really... Ive been having very strange dreams the last few nights... and have been oh so tired despite getting many hours of sleep each night. I know, how about an American Idol update! Scotty, who is perhaps my favorite, is still in it. He sang an Elvis song on wednesday. swoon. Oh, and Paul!!! He sang Johnny Cash... and I could barely even recognize the song and soemtimes what he was even saying. He butchered it. But the judges loved it!!! It was so bad! Then theres James Durbin, who, I think, is now a little full of himself, but did very well on Wednesday. And Hailey is pretty good too.... Okay, enough of this random post... I just wanted to welcome Friday and the weekend. Perhaps I will post again later, a more cohesive post, when I find myself starring at the wall, begining to grow crazy with boredom. ps. spell check is not working for some reason... I apologize for all the spelling mistakes, I sure there are.

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