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Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Morning, Monday. Although it would be a much better morning if I were still sleeping. Its seems a gal like me, can never get enoguh sleep. For real. So, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to go bowling saturday night, so around 9 oclock we made our way to gateway lanes... or whatever its called now. It was like we were at a club! It was bizarre! There was loud clubby music playing, a smoke machine, club-esque people drinking and getting their bowl on!! it was weird. Anyway... there was a 2 and a half hour wait!!! We obviously left! But then we tried again on sunday, and there still was an hour wait. Who knew bowling was so freaking popular? I watched a really rad film last night. Made in Degenham. Its set in the late 1960's and is about the female machinists who worked in a Ford factory in the UK and their fight for equal pay. I highly recomend it. Otherwise, Im hoping this week will be considerably better than last week. My office is set up...kind of. Its just my desk... bare walls and no otehr furniture. But, both the phone and internet are working, and like I said, I have a complete desk now. I plan on going to the gym and/or bootcamp all week, so maybe that will give me some happy endorphines to combat the dread of work. ( Also, spell check is still not working! What ever did we do before spell check?) Have a good Monday! I know, Mondays are rarely good, expect when the work day is over, they become a little better. xo

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