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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

well, well, I have finally moved to my new office, but the Internet is not hooked up yet, so I couldn't let you all know!! Its basically a mess right now... and boring... what with no Internet and all... but I have high hopes for my new little office... in other news... its getting to be nice out, which is always a wonderful thing!!! Still working out almost everyday, also with high hopes of losing some damn weight... which I think will never happen, as the world is against me and doesn't want me to be any thinner... after a few more month, we will see who has won that battle... My weekend consisted of bubble baths, yoga, personal training, sleeping in, a manicure, watching an American roller derby documentary and running a ton of errands One of which was going to the Reuse Centre, downtown. Its actually quite neat. Theres all this random stuff there that people donate; stuff for crafts, school supplies, books, board games, tins, boxes, scraps, everything... and you pay $5 to take whatever and as much as you want.... and you can donate a bunch of stuff too, things you might other wise throw out. Check it out for yourself: http://www.edmonton.ca/for_residents/garbage_recycling/reuse-centre.aspx Ill try to give you more updates this week... who knows when the interent will get sorted out happy spring! xoxo

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