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Friday, April 15, 2011

Snooki has joined boot camp... okay, its not actually Snooki but pretty close... Last night at boot camp, there she was. She was tanned ( like Snooki). She was wearing bling! For real, she had on a big, sparkly, blingin' necklace, and a thick bangle; I can only imagine how uncomfortable that would be. She was wearing fake eyelashes... And super tight clothes, so that her bum ate up her pants, and her boobs wear actually popping out of her top. She had dark brown hair, which was moderately big, considering we were just working out. Honestly, she was just like Snooki...except her kooch wasn't hanging out anywhere, and although I didn't hear her talk, I assume she doesn't have a horrible, whiny voice... at least I hope not... Sometimes boot camp can be entertaining... simply from the people who attend... but also can be very annoying because of the amount of people who come... Like yesterday for example... there were 17 or 18 people, which is too many for the small space its in. We had to run lines... how can you properly run lines when you have to avoid the people darting in your exact direction... and as such, I couldn't, instead I half assed it out of pure annoyance. Anyways... tfig!! I'm going to the gum with my girlfriend today so we teach other things and have a new, fresh workout... at Spa Lady! Then more fun on the weekend, with a photo shoot, a nice dinner, sleeping in, cuddles, and trying not to spend any money... good luck. xoxo

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