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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Driving Lessons are Expensive

Good Morning, good morning....

Well, yesterday was quite an interesting day...

After much dreaded work, I had a dentist appointment to go to... in Spruce Grove nonetheless. Well, as I was driving down whyte ave, i got pulled over!!! And guess why?! My drivers licence had expired! 3 months ago! And I had no idea. The not so sympathetic police man, gave me a lovely ticket... for $230!! At least he didn't tow my car... he just parked it on the street for me. So super quickly, as I still needed to get to the dentist, I went to the registry, and $84 renewed my licence. I made it in time for the dentist, thank goodness... its always embarrassing be late for dentist and doctor appointments for some reason, even though your the one whose always waiting for them every other time. I had got myself some health insurance a few months ago, but I guess its not the greatest, as I still had to pay $130. So, $444 later, I make my way back home, forgetting I was suppose to make a stop in Spruce Grove until I was almost home. Feeling a tad down, I had a nice bubble bath and did some laundry, but had to ration as, now being broke, could not wash everything this week. Some American Idol made me feel a bit better...but not any richer.

Now, one is suppose to receive a letter in the mail to remind them to renew their licence, and, it seems, I received no such letter... so I suggest checking the expiry date on your licence!

Well, kiddies, that was my Wednesday excitement.

In other news: gym Monday, boot camp outside Tuesday... which meant plenty of stairs, debacle Wednesday, boot camp and snow today, gym with my girlfriend tomorrow, rest and fun on the weekend

Oh yes, and my new blog!! Please do have a read!


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