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Friday, March 11, 2011

After boot camp I went home to watch some films, not before filling up my truck with $1.12/litre gas which, I have to say, is shocking...

anyway... home I went... and my boyfriend came over and hmmm, what did he have with him? Why, he had flowers for me!! What a truly swell guy!! which makes me sad for girls, who never get flowers, or anything for that matter, from their "amazing" boyfriends, especially, if your like me, and you love flowers! For real, I use to buy myself flowers because my lying, pathetic, straight up piece of shit ex boyfriend, never bought me flowers... not once... in almost three years... yes, men like that really do exist and it is such a shame, as really they should all be exterminated so the world can be a better place and there will only be left those men who treat their girlfriends like a princess, which is really how it should be... although some men where just not raised right, or have an extreme self love which blinds them and allows them to think that they can do anything they want, no matter how horrible, and have no conscious or bad feelings about it. I pity the woman... or women rather, who end up with that piece of shit, poor excuse of a man.

Anyways.... I got a lovely surprise yesterday, which are now sitting in a vase in my kitchen, cheering up the whole place.

Oh yes, and today is Friday!!! Oh how I long for Friday each day which is not Friday. Work is tedious, unrewarding, not challenging, and a cause of much unneeded stress.... hopefully, one day, I can escape this wretched place, and go where unicorns frolic, chocolate and sweets don't make you fat, there is an abundance of puppies and kittens that never grow older, you can sleep in every day and wake up to waffles and strawberries, and it is sunny and warm everyday.


what dreams are made of

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