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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crave Cupcakes!!

CRAVE cookies and cupcakes has opened in Edmonton!!
Crave is the yummiest of yummiest cupcake bakeries around... well, in Calgary... and now they have come to Edmonton. Seriously, the line up for this place has been out the door every time I've been!

Fuss you best watch out! Flirt is already 100 x better, and Crave, well, they beat just about everyone! They are bigger, yummier, and the same price!!


AND!! They have a deal on Living Social today!! A dozen cupcakes for $8!!!! Does it get any better?!

Do yourself a favor, and go to Crave, which is oh so conveniently located at: 7929 104 street, right beside Planet Organic.

Every gal, young and old, loves a cupcake. They are just so cute and perfect and scrumptious and girly!! I cant wait to get me some cupcakes! Which, I suppose does not mix so well with working out... but, really, I can't resist.

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